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Is Dollar Tree raising prices?

Yes, Dollar Tree is raising prices. As of 2022, everything you buy at Dollar Tree now starts at a base price of $1.25 instead of an even dollar.

Does Dollar Tree take coupons?

Yes, you can do couponing at Dollar Tree. There are a few catches, though. Dollar Tree doesn’t sell a whole lot of name-brand items. Then, they often sell items at off-sizes. This is important because a lot of manufacturer coupons will include size requirements. So, yeah, Dollar Tree couponing is possible. But your options are inherently limited.

Can you return things to Dollar Tree?

You can return almost anything to Dollar Tree whenever you want, and you don’t even need a receipt (though it is preferred.) There is a massive catch: The Dollar Tree return policy won’t let you return anything for a refund. You can only make returns via an exchange. The only items you can’t exchange are expired food products and seasonal products after they’ve been moved off the sales floor.

You can’t return orders. Ever. Even for an exchange.

What does Dollar Tree sell?

Dollar Tree sells items across over 167 different brands. Some recognizable Dollar Tree brands include Ajax, Betty Crocker, M&Ms, Sunny D, Tylenol, Aquafresh, Elmer’s, Friskies, Shopkins, Bounce, and Huggies.

Is Dollar Tree open on Black Friday?

Yes, Dollar Tree is open on Black Friday. Be sure to check out this year’s Dollar Tree Black Friday sales.

What are the best things to buy at Dollar Tree?

If you use coupons and can find the right size, there are some basic household necessities you can get for free or $0.25 at Dollar Tree, like toothpaste or dish soap.

Then there are items that you’d probably end up paying more than $1.25 for anywhere else, making Dollar Tree an inherent deal by nature of its low base pricing. Think of things like Dollar Tree organization products, school supplies, toys, Christmas decorations, and DIY Halloween decorations.

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