While food is a definite maker-or-breaker for the Thanksgiving vibe, don’t underestimate the power of really great themed decor.

You don’t have to spend a ton, either. You can make some pretty impressive stuff by taking a little trip to the dollar store. Check out these things every shopper should know about Dollar Tree.

I love these dollar store Thanksgiving ideas:


1. Make a Pilgrim hat crayon holder for your Thanksgiving table.

To make the hat, use an X-Acto knife to cut the bottom out of a black paper cup. Cut a buckle and hat brim out of cardstock and glue them in place. To get a perfect circle, use a small bowl or a roll of packing tape as a template.


2. Use a dollar store chalkboard and vinyl sticker to give your dinner guests a special place to write what they’re thankful for.

Before you apply your vinyl or write on your chalkboard, place a piece of chalk on its side and rub it in one direction over the entire board. Repeat this process in the other direction.

This preps the board so when you have to erase whatever words you write later on, they’ll erase completely.

At the end of your Thanksgiving celebration, send the chalkboards home with your guests, or hang on to them for future Thanksgivings.


3. Turn tree branches into expensive-looking faux fall foliage with Dollar Store leaves and hot glue.

Pier 1 Imports sells fall foliage for around $14 each. Make your own by pruning a few branches from an outside tree. Apply hot glue to the base of each leaf, and attach them to the end of each branch.



4. Make a treat your kids will gobble down by transforming pudding cups into colorful turkeys.


5. Play pumpkin Tic Tac Toe.

First paint dollar store styrofoam pumpkins with two different colors of chalk paint. Using a ruler, lay out strips of washi tape on the surface of your table in a grid pattern to create 9 even boxes.


6. Snack on ice cream cone cornucopias.

To make your cornucopia, drip a small amount of water inside the cone, being careful not to wet the sides. Place the tip of the cone in hot water for 30 seconds and then put it in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds.

Once the tip of the cone has softened, use a clean pencil to curl the cone tip.

Once the cone has hardened again, fill it with candy and use plastic wrap and a string to finish it off!



7. Transform ordinary dollar store spice jars into fall salt and pepper shakers.

Transfer fall-themed vinyl shapes to the outside of each shaker. Using painter’s tape, mask off the top to prevent any paint from getting inside.

Following the direction on your spray paint can, paint the surface of each shaker. Once they have fully dried, carefully remove the vinyl to reveal your design!

Fill each shaker with salt or pepper (or cinnamon and nutmeg for your favorite fall drinks).


8. Make a candy-stuffed turkey gift out of tissue paper, googly eyes and a foam beak.


9. Mark your wine glass with a simple acorn charm.

Use styrofoam acorns, Mod Podge, glitter, hot glue and floral wire.

Paint the styrofoam acorn with Mod Podge, then roll it in glitter. Once the acorn has dried, cut a piece of floral wire 2-3″ long.

Gently push the wire halfway through the styrofoam part of the acorn. Secure it in place with a dab of hot glue.

Gently wrap the wire with the acorn attached to the stem of your wine glass.



10. Make a table runner by hot gluing together fall leaf and pumpkin placemats.


11. Decorate your home by making a 15-minute fall wreath.

Use hot glue to secure the end of your burlap ribbon to a styrofoam wreath. Wrap the burlap until it covers the wreath and secure it again.

Use hot glue to attach styrofoam pumpkins and faux fall leaves to the burlap. It’s that simple!


12. Turn a Scrub Buddie into a pumpkin with leaves and a twig.


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12 Dollar Store Thanksgiving DIYs You're Sure to Gobble Up