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It’s officially fall — and chances are, you’re in the market for some fresh pumpkins. But where to buy pumpkins that won’t overcharge you, you ask? Like increased food prices, pumpkin costs have gone up since 2021. While pumpkin prices vary by location, we visited retailers across the U.S. to see how much pumpkins are selling for this year so you can see how much you’ll have to pay for a pumpkin this year.

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The bad news? Depending on the store, expect to pay 35% – 85% more than last year. Even the major retailers that have them in stock now aren’t selling them consistently for the same price. For example, a Walmart in eastern Washington is selling a regular carving pumpkin for $5.68, while the same type was $4.98 at a Chicagoland Walmart.

Exactly when fresh pumpkins arrive in stores varies by region, too. For instance, in early September an Albertsons affiliate in Idaho already had carving pumpkins on display, while a Publix in Florida still didn’t have any pumpkins in stock as of the third week of September.

So how much do pumpkins cost? What’s a good price for a pumpkin? And where can you find the cheapest pumpkin on sale? Before you head to the stores (we took care of that for you) or a pumpkin patch, here are some tips to keep in mind.

TIP: Stores like Food 4 Less/Kroger won’t let you add pumpkins to their app pickup order, so plan to buy those in person. You’ll want to inspect the pumpkin yourself for bruises.


Make sure you know how much pumpkin you want.

Three side-by-side images of a young girl holding pumpkins that get progressively larger, the first one 12lbs, the second 17lbs, and the third 32lbs.

Here’s a good visual representation of pumpkin size/weight. Note the difference in circumference and overall thickness. Sizes will vary by store and region.

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Pumpkins are either priced per pound or one flat rate.

Pumpkins on a table display showing their price per pound.

Some pumpkins are priced per pound and others are a flat rate. If you’re not willing to lug a big pumpkin onto a produce scale, your safest bet is to shop somewhere the pumpkins are already priced per pound.

If you’re wondering where to buy pumpkins this year, here are the best pumpkin prices sorted from cheapest to most expensive (which differ by store based on where they’re sold by weight or for a flat rate):

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Trader Joe’s has the best gourd price at only $0.79 each but no regular pumpkins (only specialty).

A shelf of gourds for sale at Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe’s didn’t have as many options as the other stores, but there are more manageable sizes for carving and crafts. I didn’t observe any “regular” carving pumpkins, just the large “fall fantasy” pumpkins for $7.99. This type is essentially more decorative, misshapen, and a specialty find.

That said, this variety is cheaper than Home Depot’s specialty bunch for $10.98. But their flat-rate price for decorative gourds is among the best out there for smaller varieties.

  • Gourds: $0.79 each
  • Mini white pumpkins: $0.79 each
  • Tiger striped pumpkins: $1.49 each
  • Fall fantasy pumpkins: $7.99 each


Hy-Vee has the cheapest carving pumpkins price for $0.99 each.

multiple large sized pumpkins on the floor of hyvee

Now through Oct. 4, Hy-Vee has large carving pumpkins on sale for $0.99 when you use the Hy-Vee coupon. These pumpkins are regularly priced at $4.99. This is the best price on a full-sized pumpkins. Consider grabbing a few now while they’re on sale.

Hy-Vee grocery stores are located in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


The cheapest per pound carving pumpkins we found were at WinCo Foods for $0.25/lb.

A large box filled with pumpkins in the produce section at WinCo Foods with a price sign for 25 cents a pound..

If you don’t have a WinCo in your area — they’re in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington — you’re missing out.

The no-frills, bag-your-own-groceries warehouse store has the lowest prices we’ve seen on carving pumpkins at $0.25/lb. Even the per item cost is low compared to other retailers. If the average carving pumpkin is 12 pounds, you’d pay about $3 a pumpkin. Yay!

The pumpkins are pretty big, and there’s quite a selection of decorative gourds and smaller selections.

  • Carving pumpkins: $0.25/lb
  • Small pie pumpkins: $1.28/lb
  • Mini pumpkins: $1.68 each
  • Mini white pumpkins: $1.98 each
  • Ornamental gourds: $2.98/lb


Walmart wins for its regular flat-rate pumpkins cost ($4.98 each) but is higher than others on pie pumpkins ($2.98 each).

Large boxes filled with pumpkins along the outer wall of a Walmart with a sign that reads, "Everyday Low Price

Walmart is basically tied with Jewel/Albertsons’ lowest price on pie pumpkins, but Walmart has smaller ones, so it ends up being a cheaper price by 20% compared to Jewel.

All of their pumpkins are priced at a flat rate. If you wait until the end of October, you may be able to get pie pumpkins for $1 each. In 2021, Walmart had a blowout $1 sale on these little gems.

Walmart’s pie pumpkins are 1.7 – 2.8 pounds, while carving pumpkins are 14 – 18 pounds. In the past, there have been some discrepancies when it came to Walmart’s pumpkin pricing. The display claimed one cost, but at the register, they rang up for another. So you might want to point out the display price to the cashier if you notice a difference.

  • Pie pumpkins: $2.98 each
  • Mini pumpkins (5-count bag): $3.48
  • Carving pumpkins: $4.98 each
  • Ornamental pumpkins: $6.98 each
  • White pumpkins: $6.98 each


Aldi’s large pumpkins still cost the same from 2021: $4.99 each.

A pumpkin from Aldi on the floor next to the price tag which reads, "$4.99

Just like in 2021, Aldi repeated their flat rate of $4.99 pumpkins. They’re pretty large (average 10 – 15 pounds) for that price, which boils down to $0.50 a pound.

Pumpkins at Aldi are in line with similar-sized ones at Target, Jewel, Walmart, and Kroger and closely priced.

Similarly to 2021’s Walmart pumpkin discount, The Krazy Coupon Lady spotted a deal in early October 2021 for pumpkins at Aldi to drop to $2.49. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll happen in 2022.

  • Carving pumpkins: $4.99 each

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Meijer’s regular pumpkins cost $4.99 each, which is one of the best prices out there.

Large boxes of pumpkins with a price tag of $4.99 outside of a Meijer

Meijer was quite impressive in both price and selection. The inventory was fully stocked (inside produce and outdoors in bins), and the prices were clearly labeled — all flat rates to make it easy. The great thing about pumpkins at Meijer is that they’re already on sale! Yep, the pie pumpkins are running for $2 for four, and small carving pumpkins are $4.99 (instead of $5.99). Pie pumpkins are smaller and rounder and are literally used for baking, so stock up.

  • Mini Jack pumpkins: $0.89 each
  • Casper pumpkins: $2.39 each
  • Pie pumpkins: $2.39 each
  • Tiger striped pumpkins: $2.39 each
  • Large jack-o’-lantern pumpkins: $4.99 each
  • Mini pumpkins (10-count bag): $6.99


Medium pumpkins at Kroger/Food 4 Less are $4.99 each (and only $2.50 each for pie pumpkins).

A large box full of pumpkins at Food 4 Less

My local Kroger-affiliated store (Food 4 Less) had a pretty limited selection of pumpkins, but they made up for it with a great deal. In the store, there was only one price for regular pumpkins — $4.99. But the Food 4 Less website listed them as $5.49. Perhaps there’s been a price change since I visited.

There was also a slight difference in price (and variety) from my local Kroger-affiliated store and those listed on the general Kroger website.

Food 4 Less lists the weight and price of their pumpkins as:

  • Mini pumpkins (up to 1 lb)
  • Medium pumpkins (up to 13 lb)
  • Large pumpkins (up to 19 lb)

Food 4 Less/Kroger prices (my local store compared to online prices):

  • Mini pumpkins: $0.69 each (not available in my store)
  • Pie pumpkins: two for $3 (listed as $2.50 each online)
  • Medium pumpkins: $4.99 – $5.49 each (listed them as $5 each online)
  • Large pumpkins: $4.99 – $5.49 each (listed as $5 each online)
  • White pumpkins: $5 each (not available in my store)
  • Fairytale pumpkins: $6.99 each (not available in my store)


Pumpkins at Menards are competitively priced for $5.61 for regular pumpkins but higher for other sizes.

A display of pumpkins at Menards with a sign showing their price to be $5.61

I wouldn’t normally think of Menards as a competitor in the pumpkin market, but the prices aren’t too shabby. Plus, using their mail-in rebates can save you 11%. Just save your receipt and mail it in with the certificate provided. You’ll receive a Menards credit check in the mail in about six to eight weeks.

Their Garden Center had an abundance of pumpkins in various sizes, but the pie pumpkins were on the pricey side (almost $1 more) compared to other retailers.

Menards’ flat rates are:

  • Pie pumpkins: $3.78 each
  • Mini pumpkins/gourds: $4.49 each
  • Regular pumpkins: $5.61 each
  • Autumn couleur pumpkins: $7.49 each
  • White pumpkins: $7.99 each
  • Extra-large pumpkins: $11.99 each


Shop at Jewel/Albertsons for $5.99 regular pumpkins and cheaper pie pumpkins ($0.79/lb = $3 each).

Pumpkins on display inside a Jewel store.

Albertsons‘ pie pumpkins price per pound beat WinCo’s by $0.49! In case you’re wondering, Jewel listed their pumpkin weights as:

  • Pie pumpkins: 4 – 5 lb
  • Small/regular pumpkins: 8 – 10 lb
  • Medium pumpkins: 10 – 15 lb

From big carving pumpkins (labeled as “regular pumpkins” at this store) to white pumpkins and decorative pumpkins, Albertsons had the second best price per pound.

  • Pie pumpkins: $0.79/lb
  • Casper white pumpkins: $2.49 each
  • White pumpkins: $4.99 each
  • Regular pumpkins: $5.99 each

For reference, given the approximate weight of pie pumpkins, you could pay $3 – $4 each.


Target is high for regular pumpkins ($5.99) but wins for their pie pumpkin cost ($2.99 each).

A pumpkin in a Target shopping cart parked next to a large box of more pumpkins and a sign that shows the price to be $5.99

My Chicagoland Target only had the flat rate jack-o’-lantern carving pumpkins on display in produce, but their website also lists pie pumpkins. Target’s pie pumpkin price is in line with Jewel and Walmart. Don’t forget to use your Target RedCard to save 5% when you shop online or in stores.

  • Pie pumpkins: $2.99 each
  • Carving pumpkins: $5.99 each


Whole Foods’ pumpkins are beautiful, but it will cost you $5.99 – $6.99 each.

A large box of carving pumpkins outside of a Whole Foods with a sign that reads, "Carving pumpkins $6.99

Whole Foods isn’t a particularly good place to get pumpkins, cost-wise. Prices and options differ drastically per store. A Whole Foods in Iowa is selling regular carving pumpkins for $5.99 each, while a store in Idaho is offering the same type for $6.99.

You’ll find some unique varieties like “fairytale” and “knucklehead,” depending on location. Aside from the mini pumpkins, all of them are flat-rate priced. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get a 10% discount when you check out at Whole Foods. Check out some other ways to save money at Whole Foods.

  • Organic mini pie pumpkins: $1.99/lb
  • Regular carving pumpkin: $5.99 – $6.99 each
  • Fairytale pumpkin: $6.99 each
  • Small carving pumpkins: $7.99 each
  • Large carving pumpkins: $7.99 each
  • Knucklehead pumpkin: $9.99 each
  • Fall pastel pumpkin: $9.99 each


The Home Depot regular pumpkins are among the highest at $6.98 each.

A large display of pumpkins outside of a Home Depot with a price sign of $6.98

If you want to buy pumpkins for your home, avoid the home improvement stores. Their prices are sometimes triple what we’re seeing at grocery stores. Even with the flat rates and large assortments of sizes, they’re just grossly overpriced.

The most atrocious observation is that if you buy pumpkins on the Home Depot‘s website, a medium fresh pumpkin is $36! At that rate, you’re paying up to $3 per pound.

We found these in the store:

  • Sugar pumpkins: $4.48 each
  • Casper/tiger pumpkins: $4.48 each
  • Medium pumpkins: $6.98 each
  • Specialty pumpkins: $10.98 each
  • White pumpkins: $10.98 each
  • Jumbo pumpkins: $14.98 each


Regular pumpkins at Lowe’s cost the most at $8 each — the ultimate rip-off.

A carving pumpkin on a display outside of Lowe's with a $8.98 price tag

At Lowe’s, all of the pumpkins are sold at a flat rate and come in four types — sugar, carving, white, and jumbo. I gotta say that each type had nearly identical sizes; no mishmash of big and small ones.

Stickers clearly mark Lowe’s pumpkins, but there’s a slight price difference per region. The Lowe’s in Idaho sold their medium carving pumpkins for $7.98, while a Chicagoland store upped the price to $8.98.

  • Sugar pumpkins: $4.48 each
  • Medium carving pumpkins: $7.98 – $8.98 each
  • Large white pumpkins: $9.98 – $10.98 each
  • Jumbo pumpkins: $14.98 each


Other stores selling pumpkins:

A large box of pumpkins for sale inside Publix

There are lots of other stores selling pumpkins, and most have more than one variety available. Here’s a snapshot of prices:

  • H-E=B: Various types, $2.50 – $10.28 each
  • Hy-Vee: Carving pumpkin, $4.99 each
  • Mariano’s: $5 – $6.99 each (medium, large, fairytale, knucklehead)
  • Publix: $6.99 – $14.99 each (carving and jumbo)
  • Fred Meyers: $2 for $12 (medium pumpkins)
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