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It’s fall, and chances are you’re in the market for some pumpkins.

Since the best kind of Jack O’Lanterns come from bargain-priced pumpkins, you’re probably wondering: What’s a good price for a pumpkin? Who has the best prices on pumpkins? We’ve got all those answers and more:


Make sure you know how much pumpkin you want.

Here’s a good visual representation of pumpkin size/weight. Note the difference in circumference and overall thickness.


Pumpkins are either priced per pound or one flat rate.

Some pumpkins are priced per pound and others, a flat rate. We shopped around with a bathroom scale and normalized all pricing, using average weight of the pumpkins in the flat rate bins.

A 12 pound pumpkin selling for $5.00 costs $0.42 per pound. The only way for you to know that for sure is to use a produce scale to weigh the pumpkin. If you’re not willing to lug a big pumpkin onto a produce scale, your safest bet is to shop somewhere the pumpkins are already priced per pound.

Here are the best pumpkin prices, sorted from cheapest per pound to most expensive:


The cheapest pumpkins we found were at WinCo Foods: $0.18/lb

winco pumpkin price 18 cents a pound

If you don’t have a WinCo in your area — they’re in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington — you’re missing out.

The no-frills, bag-your-own-groceries warehouse store has the lowest prices we’ve seen anywhere on pumpkins, at $0.18/lb.

The pumpkins are pretty big — the smallest one we found was 18 lbs, and the largest was 33 lbs — but unlike some of the other stores in this group, you won’t have to get the biggest pumpkin to enjoy the best price-per-pound.


Pumpkins at Safeway/Albertsons are $0.23/lb

Albertsons shocked us by being the overall winner in terms of price per pound on pumpkins, edging out Walmart, Costco, and Kroger.

From big carving pumpkins to white pumpkins and decorative pumpkins, Albertsons had the best price per pound.

If you order a pumpkin online for grocery pickup, you’re rolling the dice; you could score the basement-low price of $0.23/lb if you get a 15-pounder, or pay more than the in-store price of $0.29/lb if you end up with a 10-pounder. Either way, it costs $3.48.

  • Carving pumpkins, 23 lbs avg (in store): $0.29/lb
  • Carving pumpkins, 10-15 lbs (online pickup order): $3.48 each ($0.23-$0.35/lb)
  • White pumpkins: $0.49/lb
  • Small/mini pumpkins, 4-5 lbs: $1.25 each or 4/$5, ($0.25-$0.31/lb)
  • Decorative pumpkins: $0.69/lb


Pumpkins at Walmart cost $0.24/lb

Walmart is basically tied with Albertsons for best price, and would probably run away with it if the pricing was a little easier to count on. The size and weight of Walmart pumpkins are all over the place, so depending on the size you get, you’re getting a killer deal, or a not-as-killer-but-still-above-average deal.

There’s also some discrepancy when it comes to Walmart’s pumpkin pricing. The display outside claims carving pumpkins cost $3.98 each, but at the register, they rang up for $4.28 each — the same amount listed for carving pumpkins on Walmart.com.

So, you might want to point out the display price to the cashier, but either way, they have an incredible price per pound on pumpkins.

  • Carving pumpkins, 19.8 lb avg (in store): $3.98 each ($0.13-$0.39/lb)
  • Carving pumpkins, 14-18 lb (pickup/delivery): $4.28 each ($0.24-$0.31/lb)


Pumpkins at Costco sell for a flat rate of $6.99, or $0.30/lb

Costco had the best selection of hefty pumpkins we saw, and had some pretty decent prices, but didn’t win the price per pound wars.

  • Jumbo pumpkins, 16-23 lbs avg: $6.99 each ($0.30-$0.42/lb)



Pumpkins at Trader Joe’s sell for $2.99, or $0.30/lb

Trader Joe’s didn’t look like a player a week ago, because the only pumpkins they had were decorative pumpkins and gourds, but they’ve since added orange pumpkins to their lineup, at a flat rate of $2.99.

The pumpkins range in size from 7-10 lbs, which makes them $0.30-$0.43/lb.

That said, their price for decorative gourds is among the best out there.

  • White pumpkins, 8-10 lbs avg: $6.99 ($0.70-$0.87/lb)
  • Decorative (not-for-carving) pumpkins, 6-8 lbs avg: $6.99 (around $1/lb)
  • Small carving pumpkins, 3-4 lbs avg: $2.99-$3.99 ($0.74-$1.33/lb)
  • Assorted gourds, up to 2 lbs: $0.69 each


Pumpkins at Kroger/Fred Meyer cost $5.00 each, or $0.31/lb

Our local Kroger-affiliated store (Fred Meyer) had a pretty limited selection of pumpkins, but they made up for it with a great deal. The pumpkins, which weighed between 11 and 16 lbs on average, are being sold 2 for $10.

This puts them near the top as far as price per pound. Be advised: The price is in stores only.

  • Carving pumpkins, 14 lbs avg: $10 for 2 ($0.31-$0.45/lb)


Sorry, ALDI fans — pumpkins are $4.99 each, but the best you can get is $0.33/lb

Pumpkin at ALDI

ALDI shoppers are a vocal bunch, and while they seem to LOVE the $4.99 pumpkins available at their stores, these aren’t actually the best deal. Pumpkins at ALDI average 10-15 lbs, which put them in the bottom half of this list. (But don’t worry, there are lots of ways to save money at ALDI.)

  • Carving pumpkins, 10-15 lbs: $4.99 each ($0.50-$0.35/lb)


Pumpkins at Whole Foods are $6.99 and beautiful. . . but $0.40/lb

Whole Foods isn’t a particularly good place to get pumpkins, cost-wise; expect to pay like $0.50/pound on average, unless you luck out and score a particularly heavy small carving pumpkin (around 10 lbs).

  • White pumpkins, 8-10 lbs: $10 each ($1-$1.25/lb)
  • Large carving pumpkins, 16 lb avg: $6.99 each ($0.40-$0.48/lb)
  • Small carving pumpkins, 6-10 lb avg: $3.99 each ($0.39-$0.67/lb)


Large pumpkins at The Home Depot are $9.98, and a total ripoff at $0.50/lb

If you’re wanting to buy pumpkins for your home, avoid the home improvement stores. Their prices are sometimes triple what we’re seeing at grocery stores.

At Home Depot, they have a large assortment of sizes and weights, but you’re going to pay AT BEST $0.50/lb, but closer to the $0.80/lb price point.

  • Jumbo pumpkins, 16-30 lb avg: $14.98 each ($0.50-$0.94/lb)
  • Large pumpkins,10-15 lb avg: $9.98 each ($0.67-$1.00/lb)
  • Medium pumpkins, 7 lb avg: $5.98 each ($0.85/lb)


Pumpkins at Lowe’s are the actual worst, $7.98-$13.98, or $0.55/lb

At Lowe’s, you’re probably going to want to bring a scale. Their pumpkins are marked by stickers, indicating whether they’re a Large pumpkin ($7.98 each) or a Jumbo pumpkin ($13.98 each).

In some cases, we found some Large pumpkins that weighed more than some marked as Jumbo. Even if you score a heavy pumpkin for the cheaper Large price, you’re not going to get close to some of the better prices on this list — because the absolute best you can do is hope for a super heavy pumpkin to get $0.55/lb.

  • Jumbo pumpkins, 19 lb avg: $13.98 each ($0.63-$0.96/lb)
  • Large pumpkins, 13 lb avg: $7.98 each ($0.55-$1.00/lb)


Other stores selling pumpkins

Assuming that a regular carving pumpkin is around 12 lbs and a small pumpkin is around 7 lbs, here’s what we can gather from these other stores selling pumpkins:

  • HEB: Carving pumpkin, $4.10 each ($0.34/lb)
  • Hy-Vee: Carving pumpkin, $4.99-$5.99 each ($0.42-$0.50/lb)
  • Publix: Small pumpkins, $5.99 each ($0.86/lb)

Watch for pumpkins to show up at Target soon.



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