Generic Halloween decorations? BOO. I’m over it.

If you are too, try these ridiculously easy Dollar Tree Halloween DIY decorations.

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1. Create DIY creepy specimen jars with plastic toys and dish soap.

Could DIY Halloween decorations be any better? Use plain glass jars, colored dish soap, plastic eyeballs, plastic spiders and other creepy creatures for these Dollar Tree Halloween decorations.


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2. Make a bleeding candle with red melted candle wax or crayon.

You’ll just need some plain white pillar candles and red crayons. That’s it! DIY Halloween decorations are seriously the best.


3. Use a Sharpie to turn regular wine glasses into wicked goblets.

Use an oil-based Sharpie — unfortunately you can’t get them at Dollar Tree, and they’re about $6 on Amazon.

You may spend a little more on the Sharpie, but you can make a ton of Dollar Tree Halloween wine glasses with it!

You could even throw a party and DIY your costume, too!


4. Keep punch cool with a frozen hand.

Just freeze water in a plastic glove then use it to keep your punch cool. Everything from the gloves to the bowl can be bought at Dollar Tree, making these some cheap DIY Halloween decorations for your party.

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5. Use hot glue, spider rings and spray paint to make a sinister vase.

First, use a permanent marker to draft your web. Then trace over the lines with hot glue.

Spray on a couple of coats of flat black paint, then hot-glue plastic spiders (painted spider rings with the bands cut off work too!) onto your dried vase.

TIP: Applying a primer before the black paint will help the paint stick to the glass.

Everything but the spray paint will cost $1, making it a must for your Dollar Tree Halloween decorations.


6. Draw spooky faces on white candles with a permanent marker.

These little Dollar Tree DIY ghost candles can be as cute or as creepy as you like.


7. Make lollipop spiders with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Twist 4 pipe cleaners around the base of a lollipop, bending the ends to look like feet. Then just glue on googly eyes.

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8. Fill jars or vases with cotton balls, spider rings and glow sticks.

This is one of my favorite Dollar Tree DIY decorations! You can keep them for next year, too. Just replace the glow sticks!


9. Turn plastic skulls and plant saucers into a creepy candle holder.

You’ll need a couple of non-dollar-store items: multi-purpose super glue (like E6000) and black spray paint.

Glue the first skull to the base of an upside-down terra-cotta plant saucer. Then, add glue to the top of the first skull. Use masking tape to hold the second skull on top of the first as the glue dries. Repeat this step between gluing each piece.

Wait for the glue to set before attaching each new piece.

Allow all glue to dry (with masking tape attached) at least 24 hours before painting.

Spray, let dry, and you’re done! It isn’t a complete Dollar Tree Halloween decoration, but it’ll be a showstopper for sure!


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10. Mummify candle holders with gauze and googly eyes.

If you don’t want to make Dollar Tree DIY ghosts with a marker, then just wrap your candles with gauze for the mummy effect.


11. Turn string lights into ghosts with cheesecloth and ping-pong balls.

Drill or nail a hole in the ping-pong balls large enough to fit around the bulbs on string lights. Insert toothpicks into each ping-pong-ball hole, and use masking tape to secure the toothpicks.

Use a Sharpie to draw ghost faces on the balls.

Cover a box with wax paper, and stick each toothpick/ping-pong ball through so the balls are standing (make sure to leave about 2 inches between balls).

Create a solution of 2 parts Mod Podge and 1 part water. Soak 5×5-inch cheesecloth squares in the solution before draping over each ping-pong ball. Make sure to wring each cloth well before placing over the balls.

Take balled-up pieces of wax paper, and stick them under the cheesecloth to give your ghosts some shape.

When dry (about 24 hours), insert the lights into the balls, and you’re done!

These are some pretty time-consuming DIY Halloween decorations, but we think they’re worth it.


12. Transform toilet paper tubes into eerie candlesticks with hot glue.

Use hot-glue to create faux candle wax along the top of a toilet paper tube. Then add a thin line of hot glue to the top inside of the tube — this is where your LED tea light will sit.

When dry, spray-paint the roll.

These are perfect if you don’t want actual candles — and fire — at your party.


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