If there’s an empty spot in your local strip mall, you bet Spirit Halloween is going to temporarily occupy it. But their prices are not always the best. I looked into ways to get a Spirit Halloween coupon or discount, because my kids insist on going there every year.

Keep these tips in mind so your Halloween spending doesn’t turn into a horror show.

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1. Get a 20% off Spirit Halloween coupon when you sign up for emails.

The Spirit Halloween welcome email should arrive in your inbox within a day or two of signing up. I received mine about an hour after signing up. My first email included a 20% off coupon for one item and free shipping on orders over $75.

You’ll also receive Spirit Halloween coupons and discounts periodically — look for things like 20% off one item or even $10 off a $65 or more purchase, first access to sales, new arrivals, and more. To sign up, just scroll all the way to the bottom of SpiritHalloween.com and fill out your email in the bottom right corner.

Other coupons and promotions will be listed on the Spirit Halloween promo page.


2. Keep an eye out for paper coupons in the mail for up to 25% off.

In addition to the coupons you get in your email, you may get some in the mail too. Spirit Halloween normally distributes these right as the Halloween shopping season ramps up. These coupons can save you up to 25% on a single item.


3. You can’t stack Spirit Halloween coupons or discounts.

Only one Spirit Halloween coupon or Spirit Halloween discount per order. Boo.


4. Spirit Halloween clearance items are 30 – 50% off the regular price.

If you can get a clearance costume from the back wall and use a 20% off Spirit Halloween coupon, you can actually get a pretty good deal.

Spirit Halloween store clearance selection is thin, so shop as soon as you can!

If you’re looking for the best time (and places) to score Halloween clearance, then check out our complete guide to after-holiday clearance schedules.




5. Price tags ending in $0.99 are full price.

Before you get all excited and start hunting for all the $0.99 price tags, this is essentially all the merchandise in the store (except for the clearance wall). Boo. Again. Spirit Halloween discounts only come with clearance or a Spirit Halloween coupon or coupon code.


6. Price tags ending in $0.97 or $0.98 are clearance.

Do keep an eye out for prices ending in $0.97 or $0.98. These tags are usually yellow, but I’ve seen them white, too. For that reason, pay attention to the price tag amount, not the tag color at your Spirit Halloween store.


7. Don’t buy a costume from a Spirit Halloween store that you can find at Walmart or Target.

Spirit Halloween store is more expensive than Walmart and Target when it comes to costumes. So, if your child wants to be a more common character like Iron Man, Descendants, or Ariel, go with Walmart or Target.


Iron Man

Descendants Uma




8. Buy Hocus Pocus costumes at Spirit Halloween store — they’re the only official retailer.

Obsessed does not even come close to how most of us feel about Hocus Pocus. Welp, Spirit knows all about it, because they have the exclusive on Hocus Pocus costumes.

You can get them on Amazon, but they’re through Spirit Halloween stores, so do your price check on the best deal first. Chances are, you’ll get the best deal by using a Spirit Halloween coupon in store.

Buy early, because they’ll go fast and may not be restocked. Hocus Pocus costumes and costume accessories range from $5.99 all the way up to $129.99!


9. You only have 14 days to return or exchange unworn costumes.

Even then, Spirit Halloween store won’t refund any shipping fees you pay. You can’t return items you buy online in store, and during Halloween season, your returns have to be postmarked by Oct. 18.

TIP: Costumes run small, so size up!



10. Skip shopping online and go to the store to save money.

Unless you’re spending over $75 and have a coupon, you can count on paying for shipping when shopping online with Spirit Halloween. Plus, you can’t get a refund on them if you decide to return your items. It’s worth a trip into a Spirit Halloween store.

You can try your costume on in the fitting room and hopefully avoid returns altogether! Keep in mind, if you do return your costume, they have a strict return policy! You’ll get a full refund on unworn items if you return by Oct. 18, but after that, you can only exchange unworn items. If you wait until after Halloween, then your sale is final.

Make sure you have your Halloween costume ideas lined up and ready to go, because returns are a hassle!


11. Look for Spirit Halloween items with Amazon Prime shipping!

Selection on costumes and animatronics is low, but you can find a few Spirit Halloween store costumes like Miraculous Lady Bug, Hocus Pocus, and more on Amazon with Prime shipping.

Search Amazon for “Spirit Halloween” and then sort to show only the items with Prime shipping.

You can’t use any Spirit Halloween discounts on Amazon Prime, but your purchases are backed by the Prime return policy — which means you get 30 days and you don’t have to pay return shipping.

Psst…Amazon returns are ridiculously easy these days, so don’t stress if you don’t want what you bought!


12. After Oct.31, all sales become final.

Since the brick-and-mortar store disappears after Halloween, Spirit Halloween store doesn’t offer returns on items purchased after October 31st.


13. Watch Spirit Halloween store video tutorials to learn how to apply makeup and prosthetics.

Find out how to apply scary makeup or how to wear makeup and facial prosthetics together. It isn’t a Spirit Halloween coupon, but we’ll take the free tips, too! It’s a great way to get Halloween costume ideas, too, even if you decide to DIY.


14. Ask for a bulk discount if you’re ordering more than 20 costumes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a product in bulk, Spirit Halloween offers a bulk discount. Bulk discounts are offered on orders of 20 units or more of the same product. The bulk discount cannot be combined with any other coupon codes or promotions.

14 Spirit Halloween Tips to Save You Cash on Costumes