It’s that time of year again…back-to-school season will be here in a couple blinks!

And you’ve got to start early if you want to catch the good deals. Here’s what you should stock up on at the dollar store before the school supplies even hit the shelves at your local Target:


1. Construction paper

Grade school kids go through construction paper like it’s water, and we rarely see deals on it.

At Walmart, construction paper costs $4.49 for 200 pieces. But at the dollar store you can stock up on a 100 piece package for only $1.


2. Scissors

Every single classroom supply list has scissors. And you have to hope your child’s scissors don’t get lost. And just kiss your wallet goodbye if you have a left-handed child.

Yes, you can find good deals at other places, and even though we’ve seen scissors go for as little as $0.25 during back-to-school sales, it can be hard to stock up if you’re using coupons.



3. Poster board

Poster board might not be on the school supply list, but for presentations during the year it’s a must — and it’s expensive. At Target you’ll pay $2.99, but you can literally get any color for 2/$1.00 at the dollar store.



4. Pencil cases

The dollar store has some seriously cute pencil holders. I mean, look at this! Cases are another item we rarely see coupons for, and the cute ones can get pretty expensive.

You can get a basic one, yes for under $1, during the back-to-school season, but you can get a cute, trendy version at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 and make your child’s day!


5. Calculators

Even if you can find a coupon, calculators can be pretty pricy, running between $3.99-$12.99 for a basic model at Target.

If your child is prone to losing/breaking things, you can’t go wrong with stocking up on dollar store calculators for a buck.

Plus, at that price you can buy little brother or sister one of their own to “practice” on.


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6. Classroom decor

If you’re a teacher, there is no better place for classroom decor than the dollar store.

If you hit a party supply stores, you’ll easily spend $200 outfitting your classroom with decorations, calendars, reward stickers, posters, and educational aids.

The same trip to the dollar store will cost you $20-$40, and you can sometimes get the exact same products.


7. Food containers

Food containers get tossed with sack lunches all the time. Buying expensive glass Pyrex containers for lunches is asking for trouble.

Instead, stock up at the Dollar Tree, and buy their plastic containers for 4/$1. No, they’re not going to last through the school year, but you won’t be out $5.00 if your child accidentally throws them away either.

If you have a younger child, look for character-themed sandwich and snack containers for $1 each.



8. Journals

Cute notebooks and journals can be a pricey addition to school supplies, especially since they aren’t technically on the required supply list. They cost anywhere between $5-$10.

But there are some seriously cute options at the dollar store that shouldn’t be passed up, especially if you have a teenage student.

You can stock them up on journals to last through an entire year of teenage angst.


9. Clipboards

Clipboards are awesome for taking notes (or doing homework in bed!) and a must for back-to-school.

You can rarely use coupons for clipboards, and they can cost anywhere between $1.99 and $9.99, but at Dollar Tree you can get one for only a buck.


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9 School Supplies You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store