It’s that time of year again… back-to-school season will be here in a couple blinks!

And you’ve got to start early if you want to catch the good deals. While some stay loyal to Walmart back to school and Target back to school, there’s still plenty of value in grabbing supplies from the dollar store. Here are all the Dollar Tree school supplies you should have on your shopping list.

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1. Go to Dollar Tree for colorful poster board.

If you’re shopping at Target or Walmart, you’ll pay anywhere from $0.33 – $0.48 for white poster board. So why go with Dollar Tree?

They’ve got ALL the colors for $0.69 – $0.79, where any fun colors will cost closer to a dollar and up with the competition.


2. Buy clipboards at Dollar Tree and save $0.50.

Clipboards are awesome for taking notes (or doing homework in bed!) and a must for back to school. The competition charges $1.50 and up, so I suggest sticking with Dollar Tree on this one.


3. Grab basic calculators for just a dollar.

Calculators can be pretty pricy if you don’t shop smart, running between $3.99 – $12.99 for a basic model at Target.

If your child is prone to losing/breaking things, you can’t go wrong with stocking up on dollar store calculators for a buck.

Basic Walmart calculators are $0.02 cheaper than Dollar Tree, but here’s the thing: the reviews are awful, mostly about their terrible buttons. Stick to Dollar Tree on this one.


4. Head to Dollar Tree for classroom decor and party supplies.

If you’re a teacher, there’s no better place for classroom decor than the dollar store. If you hit a party supply store, you’ll easily spend over $100 outfitting your classroom with decorations, calendars, reward stickers, posters, and educational aids.

The same trip to the dollar store will cost you $20 – $40, and you can sometimes get the exact same products.


5. Plan for a year of school lunches with food containers.

Food containers get tossed with sack lunches all the time. Buying expensive glass Pyrex containers for lunches is asking for trouble.

Instead, stock up at the Dollar Tree, and buy their three- and four-pack plastic containers for $1. No, they’re not going to last through the school year, but you won’t be out a few bucks if your child accidentally throws them away either.

If you have a younger child, look for character-themed sandwich and snack containers for $1 each.



6. Shop at Dollar Tree for journals, but not composition notebooks.

Dollar Tree offers some cute, colorful journals you won’t see elsewhere for just a buck. You can stock them up on journals to last through an entire year of teenage angst.

But if composition notebooks are on your kid’s school list, go with Walmart or Target instead, where they’re a fraction of the price.


7. Stock up on scissors from Dollar Tree.

Every single classroom supply list has scissors, and you have to hope your child’s scissors don’t get lost. And just kiss your wallet goodbye if you have a left-handed child.

I recommend picking up standard scissors at Dollar Tree, where they’re cheaper than the competition. Plus, Dollar Tree often carries universal scissors for right- and left-handed kids alike.


What school supplies did you grab during your last Dollar Tree shopping haul? Share it with the KCL community in the comments below!







7 School Supplies You Should Be Buying at Dollar Tree