The Dollar Tree return policy is pretty straightforward. We’ve all left the dollar store with bags and bags of goodies, but probably haven’t thought too much about returns at Dollar Tree.

I’ll tell you everything you gotta know about Dollar Tree returns, from food to seasonal items and beyond.

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1. You can’t return to Dollar Tree for a refund, only an exchange.

According to the Dollar Tree return policy, you can’t return anything for your money back. You can only exchange the item for something of the same value (which is pretty easy at Dollar Tree).


2. Returning Dollar Tree food can be interesting.

If you’re returning anything edible, you can exchange it for another food item easily. But, since food isn’t taxed in most places, you’ll have to pay the tax difference if you want to exchange your food for something else in the store.

It’s pretty rare, but some stores won’t let you return food at all.


3. You can’t return anything that’s been opened.

Not a big fan of those Dollar Tree earbuds after trying them out? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. Dollar Tree only accepts opened returns if something’s wrong with the product.


4. There’s no time limit on most Dollar Tree returns.

Unlike most stores, Dollar Tree will let you exchange anything without a direct limit. Unsurprisingly, though, you can’t return expired food at all. There’s one big exception though, as you’ll see below.


5. Trying to return something seasonal? Don’t wait too long.

If you’re second-guessing those Dollar Tree Easter baskets, don’t dawdle on returning them. Dollar Tree will only let you exchange while the seasonal items are still out on the floor.



6. Bring your receipt if you’ve got it, but they’re pretty lenient.

If you’re returning at Dollar Tree, they definitely prefer that you have your receipt. Is there some leniency there? Yes, depending on the employee. But, better safe than sorry.


7. You can’t return orders at all.

If you’re looking to grab Dollar Tree stuff in bulk, is the place to go. But, unless you didn’t get everything with your order, you can’t do any returns or exchanges.


That’s about it for the Dollar Tree return policy (pretty straightforward!).

7 Dollar Tree Return Policy Tips for Your Next Trip