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The announcement about Dollar Tree raising prices to $1.25 sent many loyal customers spiraling in 2021. After all, “Dollar” is in the name of the store, not “Dollar Twenty-Five.” It was the first time in 35 years the chain increased the cost of their diverse offerings. The initial response from shoppers was lukewarm, and that’s putting it nicely.

Yet here we are nearly a year after that announcement. It turns out, Dollar Tree raising prices hasn’t dramatically impacted our ability to score a great deal at the store. There are still plenty of hacks in play to get the most bang for your buck (or your buck-25).

If you want to know what this price increase means for couponing at Dollar Tree and what else the company has in the works, we’re here to explain.

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Is Dollar Tree raising prices permanently?

Dollar Tree new price point $1.25

Yes, the new $1.25 price point is permanent.

Dollar Tree started rolling out the $1.25 base price at their stores in late 2021, with all stores converted to the new price tag during the early part of 2022.

However, the chain was already testing the waters with higher price points well before this change. They introduced their Dollar Tree Plus! concept, with standalones and sections in certain stores that have a bevy of items priced at $3 and $5.

The company’s head honchos didn’t make this decision on a whim or even just to combat inflation. Company execs say Dollar Tree raising prices is meant to reduce volatility — so they can keep growing the company with remodels, new Dollar Tree Plus! concept stores, and additional products.

In late September 2021, you may have noticed they started testing higher prices in stores, experimenting with three different price points — $1, $1.25, and $1.50 — before settling on that sweet spot in the middle. Throughout the test, they found that their customers were open to a slight bump in prices.



Don’t worry, you can still coupon at Dollar Tree.

hands holding coupons and cellphone in front of shopping basket

Despite the higher prices, the Dollar Tree coupon policy hasn’t changed. In-store Dollar Tree coupons aren’t really a thing since their prices are so low, but they’ve long accepted most manufacturer coupons.

You can use coupons worth more than the product itself, but Dollar Tree will just adjust the amount down, so don’t expect any moneymakers.

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Is Dollar Tree Plus! worth it?

Electronics products on the shelf at Dollar Tree Plus!

As we mentioned, Dollar Tree Plus! is bringing $3 and $5 items to stores. These items include electronics, beauty products, toys, and crafts.

Certain locations started testing the new items under the banner of Dollar Tree Plus! in mid-2019. It was a successful enough launch for the company to expand the experiment to even more stores.

Not only did they add 500 Dollar Tree Plus! stores in 2021, but the Dollar Tree Plus! concept is making its way into regular locations, too.

Dollar Tree expects to have more than 500 “combo” stores by the end of 2022 (meaning Dollar Tree Plus! sections in regular stores), with up to 3,000 in the works over the next several years.

Dollar Tree Raised Their Prices to $1.25 — but Expect More $5 Items in 2023