You might want to head to your nearest Dollar Tree store soon, because it looks like some of the prices are changing — and maybe not for the better!


500 Dollar Tree stores will welcome $3 and $5 items.

Dollar tree has tested new $3 and $5 products, under the banner of Dollar Tree Plus!, since mid-2019, and apparently they’re happy enough to expand the experiment.

By spring 2021, Dollar Tree Plus! will grow from 100 to 500 stores — which represent a small fraction (3%) of the 15,000 total Dollar Tree stores.

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Dollar Tree Plus! products will expand the types of items Dollar Tree carries.

Look for Dollar Tree Plus! to expand selection in a number of product categories such as electronics, toys, health & beauty, party supplies, seasonal goods and more.

The store CEO has said that all items currently priced at $1.00 will remain so — for now anyway.

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You’ll still be able to use coupons at Dollar Tree — and maybe even higher value ones!

As it stands now, the Dollar Tree coupon policy isn’t changing, though. In-store Dollar Tree coupons aren’t really a thing since their prices are so low, but they’ve long accepted most manufacturer coupons!

Dollar Tree stores accept manufacturer coupons over a dollar, but they adjust the value down to the price of the item. This means you can get a freebie, but you can’t make any money on your purchase.

If they have higher-priced items then it’s likely they won’t adjust coupons for those items down to a dollar, but only down to the new price! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they update the official policy so there’s no confusion!

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No word yet on how this will affect shopping Dollar Tree online.

You can totally shop online at Dollar Tree, but you can’t use coupons. There’s a limited selection and you have to buy everything in bulk.

We aren’t sure yet if Dollar Tree Plus! items will be available online, but we’ll keep you updated! Hopefully Dollar Tree stores continue to be a frugal shopping destination and we won’t suddenly hear about Dollar Tree closing because of high prices!


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