Dollar Tree prices aren’t really known for fluctuating because, y’know, everything’s a dollar.

But it looks like the discount retailer is raising prices. Between the new Dollar Tree Plus! concept and the chain’s increasing cost to do business, the simple $1 pricing structure might be on its way out.

What does this mean for couponing at Dollar Tree or for your next Dollar Tree haul? Read on.

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You’ll pay as much as $1.50 for some Dollar Tree items.

On Sept. 28, 2021, Dollar Tree said they’re testing higher prices in stores, thanks to a bunch of economic pressures: inflation, labor costs, and distribution challenges.

The Dollar Tree CEO hinted at three different price points — $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 — as part of the test at “select” Dollar Tree stores.


Dollar Tree Plus! brings $3 and $5 items to 600+ stores.

Via Reddit

Dollar tree has tested new $3 and $5 products, under the banner of Dollar Tree Plus!, since mid-2019, and apparently they’re happy enough to expand the experiment to a Dollar Tree near you.

Not only will they have 500 Dollar Tree Plus! stores by the end of 2021, but the Dollar Tree Plus! concept is making its way into regular Dollar Tree stores.

As of September 2021, Dollar Tree has 105 “combo” stores, with 400 more coming in 2022, and up to 3,000 in several years.


Dollar Tree Plus! products include electronics, beauty products, toys, and crafts.

Via Reddit

Dollar Tree Plus! has expanded a number of product categories such as electronics, toys, health & beauty, party supplies, seasonal goods, and more.

When I spoke to one of the Texas Dollar Trees that had Plus! items, they told me they currently had quite a mixture of items in stock, like shirts, hats, ornaments, plants, clocks, headphones, and watches.



Don’t worry, you can still coupon at Dollar Tree.

Even though you might see some higher prices, Dollar Tree coupon policy isn’t changing. In-store Dollar Tree coupons aren’t really a thing since their prices are so low, but they’ve long accepted most manufacturer coupons.

You can use coupons worth more than the product itself, but Dollar Tree will just adjust the amount down, so don’t expect any moneymakers.


You still can’t shop Dollar Tree Plus! online.

You can totally shop online at Dollar Tree, but you can’t use coupons. There’s a limited selection and you have to buy everything in bulk.

While it looks like Dollar Tree Plus! items aren’t available online yet, that doesn’t mean you’ll never see them online! Same with the $1.50 items. As soon as they finally decide to expand online, you’ll hear from me.


Dollar Tree Prices Have Gone Up?! What You Need to Know