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When you’re throwing a party or just trying to stay cool during those scorching summer days, ya gotta have plenty of ice on hand — and your fridge can only make so much. But buying bags of ice can get pretty pricey, right? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you where to buy ice near you without overpaying.

Convenience stores aren’t your only option, y’know. We’ve scoured supermarkets and some unexpected places, like fast-food chains, to find the best deals on bags of ice.

Sit back and find a beverage. Here’s everywhere you can get cheap ice near you. (And if you’re looking for more than just ice deals, we’ve collected all the food deals near you, too.)

NOTE: Availability and pricing will depend on your location, so make sure to call ahead and make sure that they’re selling bags of ice.


Where to Buy Ice at Fast-Food Restaurants

Did you know that most fast-food restaurants sell their ice to their customers? Some will even allow you to order it through their app or website.

The cheapest option that we’ve seen is from Arby’s, where they sell a 10-pound bag of ice for $1 or $0.10/lb. Here’s where you can purchase ice at fast-food restaurants:


$0.10/lb: Arby’s

If you have an Arby’s in your area, make them your go-to for ice. They have the cheapest all-around ice price we found — even beating Costco! At Arby’s, you can grab a 10-pound bag of ice for only $1 — or $0.10/lb. You’ll only be able to purchase this ice in person since there’s no online option through the app or website.

We’ve got plenty of Arby’s deals and coupons that you should use to save on your next order.


$0.14/lb: Burger King

Burger King sells 10-pound bags of ice for $1.39 each — or $0.14/lb. Burger King ice cannot be purchased through their app or website.

We know all the Burger King deals that will get you free Whoppers and more.


$0.15/lb: McDonald’s

You can purchase a 10-pound bag of ice from McDonald’s for $1.50 — $0.15/lb. This can be purchased through the McDonald’s app and in person.

This is just one of the several McDonald’s specials that can save you money.


$0.19/lb: Wendy’s

Wendy’s sells their 10-pound bags of ice for $1.89 ($0.19/lb). You can only get these in store; there’s no option to buy online via the Wendy’s app or website.

We’ve got all the Wendy’s menu deals that can get you discounted (and free) Frosties and more.


$0.32/lb: Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A doesn’t just sell sandwiches. You can get 5-pound bags of their ice for $1.59 (or $0.32/lb). You’ll be able to order this ice online through the Chick-fil-A app or website.

While you won’t be able to get any discounts on their ice, you can use the Chick-fil-A app to get free sandwiches and more.


$0.35/lb: Sonic Drive-In

At Sonic Drive-In, you can grab a 10-pound bag of ice for $3.50 or $0.35/lb. You can order a cup of ice online for $0.35 to $0.95, depending on the size, but you won’t be able to order a bag through the app or website.

Looking for a way to get discounted Sonic slushes? Check out the Sonic happy hour every day between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.


$1/lb: Dairy Queen

Getting your ice from Dairy Queen is one of the most expensive ways to get your bags of ice. You’ll be purchasing an 8-pound bag of ice for $8 (or $1/lb). You can only get DQ ice in person since there’s no online option.

There are so many chill ways to get Dairy Queen Blizzards for cheap.



Where to Buy Ice at Grocery Stores

Photo of an ice machine outside a grocery store, with a sign reflecting a "Mega Bag" price of $2.29.

Grocery stores will either have ice in a freezer outside the store or in the frozen section. You can purchase the cheapest bag of ice from Costco at $0.11/lb when you purchase a 16-pound bag for $1.79. Here’s how all the various grocery stores’ ice prices — generally speaking — shake out:


$0.11+/lb: Costco

  • 16-pound Bag: $1.79 ($0.11/lb)
  • 20-pound Bag: $2.49 ($0.12/lb)


$0.15/lb: Sam’s Club


$0.20/lb: Walmart


$0.20+/lb: Cub Foods


$0.20+/lb: Food Giant

  • 8-pound Bag: $1.89 ($0.24/lb)
  • 20-pound Bag: $3.99 ($0.20/lb)


$0.20+/lb: Target

$0.21/lb: BJ’s Whole Foods

$0.21/lb: Publix

  • 7-pound Bag: $1.50 ($0.21/lb)

$0.22+/lb: Kroger

$0.25/lb: Fred Meyer

$0.25+/lb: Giant Food

$0.30+/lb: Albertsons

$0.30/lb: H-E-B

$0.30+/lb: Safeway

$0.31+/lb: Food Lion

  • 7-pound Bag: $2.79 ($0.40/lb)
  • 16-pound Bag: $4.99 ($0.31/lb)

$0.33/lb: Giant Eagle

$0.33/lb: Harris Teeter

$0.34+/lb: Price Chopper

  • 5-pound Bag: $3.09 ($0.62/lb)
  • 16-pound Bag: $5.39 ($0.34/lb)

$0.37+/lb: Hy-Vee

$0.37/lb: ShopRite

$0.37+/lb: Wegmans

  • 7-pound Bag: $3.99 ($0.57/lb)
  • 16-pound Bag: $5.99 ($0.37/lb)

$0.80/lb: Whole Foods

  • 5-pound Bag: $3.99 ($0.80/lb)



Where to Buy Ice at Gas Stations

An ice machine located outside of a gas station

You’ll be able to find ice coolers outside most gas stations. Prices range from $0.23/lb to $1.10/lb, with the cheapest ice coming from Walgreens at $2.29 for a 10-pound bag of ice.

Here’s a list of gas stations that sell bags of ice:

$0.23/lb: Kwik Trip

  • 10-pound Bag: $2.29 ($0.23/lb)

$0.25+/lb: Family Express

  • 8-pound Bag: $2.39 ($0.30/lb)
  • 20-pound Bag: $4.99 ($0.25/lb)

$0.25/lb: Walgreens

$0.28/lb: BP

  • 16-pound Bag: $4.50 ($0.28/lb)

$0.28/lb: Chevron

  • 10-pound Bag: $2.79 ($0.28/lb)

$0.36+/lb: 7-Eleven

  • 7-pound Bag: $2.99 ($0.43/lb)
  • 16-pound Bag: $5.69 ($0.36/lb)

$0.36+/lb: Casey’s General Store

  • 5-pound Bag: $2.82 ($0.56/lb)
  • 16-pound Bag: $6.29 ($0.36/lb)

$0.41/lb: Circle K

  • 7-pound Bag: $2.86 ($0.41/lb)

$0.50/lb: Sheetz

  • 8-pound Bag: $3.99 ($0.50/lb)

$0.66/lb: Cumberland Farms

  • 5-pound Bag: $3.29 ($0.66/lb)

$0.71/lb: Wawa

$1.10/lb: ExxonMobil

  • 3-pound Bag: $3.29 ($1.10/lb)


Where to Buy Ice: The Overall Top 10 Best Deals

1. Arby’s 10-pound bag for $1: $0.10/lb
2. Costco 16-pound bag for $1.79: $0.11/lb
3. Burger King 10-pound bag for $1.39: $0.14/lb
4. (tie) McDonald’s 10-pound bag for $1.50: $0.15/lb
4. (tie) Sam’s Club 20-pound bag for $2.94: $0.15/lb
6. Wendy’s 10-pound bag for $1.89: $0.19/lb
7. (tie)Walmart 10-pound bag for $1.99: $0.20/lb
7. (tie) Target 10-pound bag for $1.99: $0.20/lb
7. (tie) Food Giant 20-pound bag for $3.99: $0.20/lb
7. (tie) Cub Foods 10-pound bag for $1.99: $0.20/lb


Where to Buy Ice: 40 of the Best Places Selling It Cheap