The dollar store is a mecca for cheap DIY household organization!

Check out these ingenious ideas and be prepared to head to the closest dollar store for organization solutions for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and beyond!


1. Cut the bottoms of shoe organizer pockets to hold wrapping paper.


2. Keep toys in a pop-up hamper.


3. Store cords in eyeglass holders.


4. Keep power strips in order and out of the way.


5. Use plastic baskets in drawers.



6. Use S hooks to hang baskets in a closet.


7. Stow clothes in comforter bags.


8. Hang jewelry on expandable hooks.


9. Glue glasses to candle holders to make apothecary jars.

Use E-6000 glue to attach the glassware.


10. Or, glue plates to candle holders for a tiered organizer.


11. Keep your pantry in shape with plastic bins.


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12. Make movie-night snack trays with a shower caddy.



13. Use stacking bins under the sink.


14. Keep game pieces and cards together.


15. Display small toys in ice cube trays.


16. Or, use ice cube trays for small office and craft supplies.


17. Use a travel cup as a yarn holder.


18. Create a ribbon dispenser.


19. Tidy up bath toys in a mesh bag.

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20. Keep crayons together in a soap container.


21. Make a portable spice rack with a medicine case.

This is perfect for camping and BBQs!


22. Keep coupons, bills, and paper together with clothespins.


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22 Ingenious Dollar Store Organization Ideas