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Move Over Target Dollar Spot: Walmart Has the Dollar Shop

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Walmart’s own Dollar Spot, called the Walmart Dollar Shop has recently begun springing up in stores, offering a bunch of different items from $1 – 5 apiece. This is a pretty obvious response to the Target Dollar Spot, but the whole Target vs. Walmart competition is nothing new.

The Dollar Shop isn’t available everywhere, but it will be. There are party supplies, drinkware, dog toys, and more for just a few bucks. Here’s what you should expect on your adventure to the Walmart Dollar Shop.

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1. Check Walmart Dollar Shop for seasonal items as cheap as a buck.

4th of July products held in front of a shelf

The thing that really stood out when I was checking out the Dollar Shop was the amount of seasonal items on display. I saw paper plates, table covers, string lights, treat bags, and banners ranging from $1 – 5.

Pretty ideal if you’re getting ready for your 4th of July party. Or Halloween party. Or… well, you get the idea.


2. And grab new water bottles and cups for a few dollars.

A water bottle and a drink cup at Walmart

Just like the competition, Walmart’s Dollar Shop has drinkware like water bottles, glasses, and plastic cups with straws for just $3.


3. Walmart Dollar Shop is a good place to stock up on socks for kids and adults.

Patriotic socks for $1 at Walmart.

The dollar area is one of my favorite places to stock up on socks. And as we all know, socks get lost constantly. Fill your cart with kids’ and adult socks for just a dollar a pair.

They’re usually seasonal themed, so check back whenever you’re feeling like rocking some festive socks.


4. Fill your cart with outdoorsy toys for the kids.

Kids summer toys at Walmart

Stop by Walmart Dollar Shop before overpaying for outdoor toys. Here are a few things I saw:

  • Frisbees for $1
  • Reusable water bombs for $5
  • Fish and net dive game for $5


5. You can also pick up dog toys and pet accessories for $3 – 5.

A woman with her arms filled with dog toys

Definitely don’t overpay for a dog toy your furry friend will rip to shreds in a few weeks. The Dollar Shop has a variety of dog plush and rope toys for just three dollars apiece, along with plastic treat storage for five bucks.



6. Peruse the Dollar Shop for random essentials.

Camping tools

Is the dollar section the first thing that comes to mind when you’re shopping for binoculars? Probably not. Is five bucks a good deal for binoculars? Absolutely. And that’s just one of the random things I saw at Dollar Shop.

Here are just a few of the other deals I saw:

  • Push pencils for $1
  • Rubber bracelets for $1
  • Rope for $1
  • Camouflage duct tape for $3
  • Safety lights for $3
  • Hand crank fans for $3


7. The only bummer? Don’t expect any electronics at Walmart Dollar Shop.

A shelf filled with products for $1 to $5

As far as I’ve seen, Walmart Dollar Shop doesn’t offer any electronics. On the other hand, Target Dollar Spot offers stuff like earbuds and multi-charging cables for five dollars each.

Dollar Shop is pretty new, though, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see electronics pop up on the shelf in the future.


8. Plus, be wary of items available for cheaper at Dollar Tree.

Mini shot glasses for $3 a pack at Walmart

While Walmart Dollar Shop has some good offerings, keep your savings eyes peeled. I saw identical mini red cups at Dollar Tree for two dollars cheaper.

Does your local Walmart have a Dollar Shop section? Did you pick anything up? Let the KCL community know in the comments below.



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