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25 Surprising Target Products That Are Sold at Dollar Tree — And We Price Compared Them!

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Buying lookalike Target products at Dollar Tree priced at just $1.25 can make anyone feel like they’re getting a steal. But if you aren’t comparing volume to price, quantity can be deceiving at Dollar Tree.

To see if these Dollar Tree versions of Target products are actually a good deal, we compared price tags and quantities of popular items sold at both retailers. And the price comparisons between these 25 Target products that are also sold at Dollar Tree might surprise you.

Keep in mind that none of these price comparisons between Dollar Tree and Target take the 5% RedCard discount into consideration. So if you’re making your purchase with a Target RedCard, your savings will be even deeper.

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1. Get Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies at Dollar Tree to save $0.30 per gummy.

Snag 30-ct Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies for just $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Getting that same number of vitamins would cost you $9.99 at Target.

You’ll spend $0.04/gummy at Dollar Tree or $0.33/gummy from Target. Save $0.30/gummy by getting them at Dollar Tree before inventory runs out.

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2. Save $10.24 on a sink mat from Dollar Tree compared to Target.

A 12″ x 11″ sink mat will cost you $11.49 from Target, but the same size sink mat will cost just $1.25 from Dollar Tree.

That’s a $10.24 savings when you shop at Dollar Tree!


3. Pay $3.75 less per vacuum storage bag when you buy them from Dollar Tree.

Get one large vacuum storage bag from Dollar Tree for $1.25, or a pack of five from Target for $20. That’s a $3.75/bag savings when you purchase them from Dollar Tree.


4. Get storage bins at Dollar Tree to save $5/basket.

If you don’t mind the look of Dollar Tree’s woven storage baskets, you can get these deep rectangular bins for $3 each. The same-size bins from Target start at $8.

That’s a $5/basket savings from Dollar Tree. A definite win for these lookalike Target products at Dollar Tree!


5. Find removable wall hooks for $0.66/hook at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree sells generic removable wall hooks for $0.66/hook that can hold up to 3 lbs.

Target sells similar removable Command wall hooks for $2.83/hook that hold up to 4 lbs. You’ll save $2.17/hook by purchasing them from Dollar Tree, but you won’t be able to hang as heavy of items.


6. Spend $0.51 less per ounce on Secret deodorant at Dollar Tree.

Sure, the Secret deodorant is sold in smaller 1.5-ounce sticks at Dollar Tree, but it still works out to $0.83/oz. Compare this to the $1.34 per ounce price you’ll pay for Secret deodorant at Target.

You’ll spend $0.51 less per ounce by purchasing Secret deodorant from Dollar Tree.


7. Stock up on makeup blenders for just $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

Cosmetic blenders are $1.25 from Dollar Tree, or $5 from Target.

Stock up the next time you’re at Dollar Tree for a whopping $3.75 less per blender!


8. Save $0.55 on silicone travel straws from Dollar Tree.

Silicone Travel Straws at Dollar Tree come with a little cleaning brush for just $1.25/each. Get a similar set from Target for $1.79/straw.

That’s a $0.55 savings per straw from Dollar Tree.


9. Spend $8.17 less on Crayola Neon Crayons from Dollar Tree.

Crayola Neon Crayons from Target are priced at $9.42 for an eight-count pack. The same-size pack from Dollar Tree is just $1.25. That’s a huge $8.17 savings from Dollar Tree!


10. Get inflatable swimming armbands for kids for $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

When you’re looking for inflatable armbands for kids to wear in the pool, pick up a couple of pairs for just $1.25 from Dollar Tree. Similar inflatable armbands for kids start at $12.49 from Target.

You could buy nine whole pairs from Dollar Tree before you reached the cost of just one pair from Target.


11. Save $1.02 per ounce for this Colgate Whitening Toothpaste at Dollar Tree.

Colgate Charcoal Whitening toothpaste from Target is $1.57/oz, but the same product is just $0.55/oz at Dollar Tree. Save $1.02/oz by getting your charcoal toothpaste from Dollar Tree.


12. Shop travel toothbrushes at Dollar Tree to save $0.74 per brush.

Get a travel toothbrush from Target for $1.99, or a travel toothbrush from Dollar Tree for $1.25. Save $0.74 per travel toothbrush when you stock up at Dollar Tree.


13. Spend $0.01 less per floss pick when you purchase them from Dollar Tree.

Get 160 Plackers Floss Picks for $4.29 from Target, or 60 Plackers Floss Picks from Dollar Tree for $1.25.

This means you’ll spend $0.03/pick at Target, or $0.02/pick from Dollar Tree.


14. Get 80-ct Lysol Wipes for $0.99 less at Dollar Tree compared to Target.

Spend $5 on 80-ct Lysol Disinfecting Wipes at Dollar Tree, which comes out to $0.06/wipe. You’ll pay $5.99 for the same 80-ct Lysol Disinfecting Wipe canister at Target, which is $0.07/wipe.

That’s $0.01/wipe savings when you make your purchase at Dollar Tree — I’m down for this.


15. Spend $0.04/oz less on Skinny Pop from Dollar Tree.

Snack on Skinny Pop Sweet & Salty Popcorn for $0.66/oz when you purchase it from Dollar Tree. You’ll spend $0.70/oz on the same popcorn from Target. That comes out to a $0.04/oz savings at Dollar Tree.


16. Get Olive Garden Dressing for $0.03/oz less at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree sells little packs of Olive Garden Dressing for $0.25/oz. But Target sells a whole bottle of the Olive Garden Italian Dressing that comes out to $0.28/oz.

Save $0.03/oz and keep each individual serving of dressing fresh by buying the small packs from Dollar Tree.


17. Get attractive notebooks from Dollar Tree for just $1.25.

Fifty-page spiral notebooks with attractive covers cost just $1.25 at Dollar Tree, or $0.03 per page. Similar notebooks from Target, like this spiral notebook decorated with spring florals, will cost you $12.99. The Target notebook has 80 pages, which means you’ll pay $0.16/page at Target.


18. Pay half the cost for Post-It Notes at Dollar Tree.

You can get 176 Post-It Notes from Dollar Tree for $1.25, which comes out to just $0.007/note. You’ll pay $3.19 for 200 Post-It Notes from Target, or $0.02/note.

That’s half the cost at Dollar Tree for the same sticky little notes. I’ll keep purchasing these Target products at Dollar Tree, thank you very much.


19. Buy twice the rubber hair elastics for less at Dollar Tree.

You can buy 500 rubber hair elastics from Dollar Tree for $1.25, which equals less than $0.01/elastic. Or purchase 300 rubber hair bands from Target for $4.99, or $0.02/elastic.

That’s about half the cost from Dollar Tree when you need to stock up.


And Now the Dollar Tree Items That Are Actually Cheaper at Target….

20. Pay less for Hawaiian Punch at Target, where drink mix packets are $0.06 cheaper.

Get an eight-count of Hawaiian Punch drink mix packets for $1.25 from Dollar Tree. The same eight-count of drink packets costs just $1.19 from Target, so this is one of the Target products at Dollar Tree that you should stick with Target for.


21. Find Always Daily Liners at Target for $0.01 cheaper per liner.

You can buy 20 Always Daily Liners from Dollar Tree for $1.25, which comes out to $0.06/liner. Or purchase a 162 pack from Target for $7.99, or $0.05/liner.

You’ll be getting 142 more from Target, and you’ll be spending $0.01/liner less while you’re at it.


22. Save $0.25/oz on Barbasol Shaving Cream from Target.

Barbasol Shaving Cream is $1.99 for the 10.5-ounce canister at Target. But a 5-ounce canister at Dollar Tree is still $1.25. So you’ll save $0.25/oz by purchasing the shaving cream at Target instead. Another case where Target products at Dollar Tree aren’t the best deal.


23. Save $0.26 per Magic Eraser when you buy them from Target instead of Dollar Tree.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are one of the brand-name items sold at Dollar Tree. You’ll spend $1.25 on one Magic Eraser from Dollar Tree. But at Target, you can get a six-pack for $5.99, or just $0.99/eraser.


24. Spend only $0.99 for a small Wet n’ Wild eye shadow brush at Target.

The exact same Wet n’ Wild Eye Shadow Brush is $0.99 at Target but $1.25 at Dollar Tree. This is one instance where Target products at Dollar Tree aren’t a good deal; you’ll save $0.26 per brush when you buy them from Target.


25. Save $0.31/oz on Pantene Pro-V Shampoo at Target.

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo is $0.43/oz at Target, or $0.74/oz at Dollar Tree. Save $0.31/oz by shopping Pantene Shampoo at Target


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