Caring for pet companions is one of the true joys in life. Sometimes I think I take better care of my pets than I do of myself! Witnessing their trust in me, and their unconditional love, just makes me want to give them the world, moon, sun, stars and more. But there is still the budget to consider. Here, these loyalty clubs and rewards programs can highlight savings on the pet products we buy every day.

What about Petsmart and Petco?

If you haven’t yet signed up for either of these great programs, you will enjoy this informative KCL post about the perks and benefits of each.

For more information:

Each of the loyalty clubs presented here has been chosen for pet type diversity as well as savings. We hope you will find the perfect loyalty rewards program for your pet’s needs!

1. Fresh Step

Fresh Step has an awesome loyalty program for cat owners. You can join without making a purchase and proceed to earn rewards (in the form of “Paw Points”) right away. Plus, nab instant coupons and rebates on the website!

2. Pet Food Direct

Pet Food Direct is an online distributor for all things dog and cat, including food, toys, treats and more. There are also products for birds, fish and small animals (mammals and reptiles).

3. Purina

Purina is a brand name that is recognized worldwide. They also have a variety of rewards programs for some of their specialty products.

4. Fetch! Pet Card

Fetch! is a fast-growing national franchise of pet sitting, grooming, off-leash adventures and other pet care services. The company has received favorable press from USA Today, NBC, the Wall Street Journal and others.

5. Iams

Iams is a trusted name in pet food for cats and dogs. In addition to their customer loyalty program, Iams also does a great deal to help pets in need, including sponsoring adoption days and donating to pet care nonprofits.

6. Petland

Petland is a near-nationwide franchise of pet stores.

7. Kong

The Kong company is one of the most trusted names in cat and dog toys worldwide. If your dog or cat has never played with a Kong toy, they are in for a treat! (Our dachshunds love their Kongs!)

8. Hills Pet

Hills Pet is the umbrella company that makes Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Ideal Balance and other trusted names in dog and cat food. Our family’s dachshunds have eaten Science Diet for many years, and it has always been helpful to their health and well-being.

9. Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket is a chain of 130 stores across the U.S.A. and there’s also an online store. All types of pets are included.

10. Tetra

If you have fish or marine reptiles, you have probably used Tetra products. I have used them many times over the years, and I trust the brand implicitly.

11. Kaytee / Super Pet

If you have birds, small mammals or reptiles, you’re likely already a Kaytee / Super Pet customer. If you are a wild bird lover or a birdwatcher, Kaytee caters to you as well.


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