If you’re not taking advantage of at least half of these PetSmart hacks to save a bundle on all your pet’s needs. . . I can’t even.

If you own a pet, take notes on these insider hacks to save hundreds every year:


1. Get access to sales, coupons, and special promotions as a PetPerks member.

You must be enrolled in PetSmart’s store loyalty program to take advantage of their sale prices. There are no points to be earned, but sign-up is free and gives you access to sales, coupons, promotions, and even a list of your purchases over the past 12 months.

You’ll randomly get partner offers and coupons too. I once got $5 off at Sizzler out of nowhere!


2. Get $5 off with PetSmart’s app.

Download the app and play the Treat Trail Game to earn coupons like $5 off a $25 purchase, or 10% off one item. Earn up to three coupons/month.

You’ll also receive push notifications for coupons or sales, but be sure to specify what type of pet you own so these offers match your pet’s needs.



3. PetSmart price matches with competitors like Petco. But only on regular-priced items.

Avoid making multiple trips by bringing proof of a competitor’s pricing. PetSmart also price matches their own website, so double-check for lower prices while you shop.

But remember, PetSmart won’t match prices for clearances, events, BOGOs, competitors’ online offers, Amazon, eBay or other auction/closeout sites.

They also won’t match their own website’s prices for liquidation events.


4. Make sure you’re happy with your price, because PetSmart won’t give you a price adjustment.

PetSmart has no price adjustment policy, meaning they don’t refund you the difference if an item you purchased goes on sale soon afterward.

If you’re dead set on a price adjustment, their customer service number is 888-839-9638. Try these Insider Tips for Calling Customer Service and Getting What You Want.


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5. Skip items with price tags ending in a 9 — they’re full price.

Regular-priced items always end with a 9.

But, if you have to pay full price, make sure you use those PetPerks coupons!



6. Price tags ending in a 7 are discounted. These are the lowest posted prices you’ll see!

PetSmart usually marks discounted items with a big red tag. But even if they don’t, know that a 7 at the end of the price is the tip-off for a sale!

Sometimes big red tags have minor discounts or post new low prices; those will end in 9 and are not fully discounted.

Look for that 7 at the end of a price, or check for items in the clearance bins to get the best deal.


7. Get free shipping and 5-20% off with PetSmart’s autoship program.

PetSmart offers free shipping on all orders over $49. They will also ship to your local store for free, regardless of the total.

But the best way to skip shipping fees and score even deeper discounts is by signing up for autoship.

You’ll get 20%-off your initial order, 5%-off future autoship orders, and free shipping.


8. Always double-check clearance shelves for heavy discounts up to 75% off.

PetSmart has great markdowns on damaged products, including products with messed-up packaging. With some smooth talking, you can sometimes negotiate an even higher discount on these goods.

Scour your store’s clearance sections for these unadvertised steals!


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9. Shop doorbusters and holidays for 50% off.

PetSmart is known for aggressive markdowns and promotional specials around the holidays.

Big shopping days like Black Friday and Memorial Day usually bring killer specials like doorbusters from 7am-12pm and at least 50%-off items like treats and toys!


10. Shop in-store to get the absolute best deals.

Autoship is solid for convenience and small discounts, but in-store is better if you have physical coupons or gift cards (I’ve seen some without a code to key in online, just a scannable barcode).

Especially since they’ll price match their website and competitor prices!

Plus, a trip to PetSmart with an excited puppy is pretty fun!


11. Shop Monday-Thursday after 4pm to avoid crowded stores.

Grooming services tend to be pretty booked during mornings and weekends, but it gets much slower in the evenings.

I’ve even scored discounted services on slow weeknights. Ask a groomer if you can get a deal if they’re not busy!


12. Shop online at 6am EST for the biggest selection in online sales.

For online sales with limited quantities, promotions typically begin at 6am EST.



13. Save an instant 10% with a discounted gift card from Raise or Gift Card Granny.

Before you pay, check Raise or Gift Card Granny for a discounted PetSmart gift card.

The average savings is around 10%, and you can use it like cash when you check out!


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14. Return Petco purchases at PetSmart for store credit.

If you don’t have a receipt, or if your purchase was more than 60 days ago, PetSmart will refund you with store credit.

Same goes for identical products from competitors like Petco. Just take the item to PetSmart, and they’ll give you a store credit or exchange the item.

There are a few exceptions: You must have a PetSmart receipt from the last 60 days to return electronic merchandise, grooming tools, filters or pumps, and pet medication or vitamins valued over $10.


15. Upload your receipt to Ibotta to get cash back on qualifying items.

Current Ibotta rebates include:

  • $1 cash back on Farmer’s Medley dog treats
  • $0.75 cash back on Beggin’ Black Label dog snacks
  • $0.75 cash back on Beggin’ Skinny Strips dog snacks
  • $0.75 cash back on Beneful Break-N-Bites dog treats


16. Earn 3-4% cash back on your PetSmart purchases using Ebates.

Whenever you shop online, make sure it’s through a portal like Ebates.

Once the extension is installed in your browser, you’ll see how much you can get back (usually 3-4%) while doing your online shopping.


17. Get four points for every $1 you spend with Choice Privileges Rewards.

PetSmart is in the Choice Privileges Rewards family (yes, like the hotels).

If you’re enrolled in the CP loyalty program, sign in to your account and shop PetSmart online through their portal to get four points per $1 on your purchases.

You’ll get the best bang for your buck when you redeem for hotel stays!

(Psst! Check out my article about the 9 Free Hotel Loyalty Programs You Should Sign Up For to start earning and redeeming points like a pro!)



18. PetSmart has been known for “cutting off” couponers who “use too many coupons.”

Yes, they totally take coupons! But the cashier won’t give you money back, even if your coupons exceed the value of your purchase.

They also reserve the right to reduce the value of a coupon and limit the number of coupons per person at the cashier’s discretion and don’t accept competitor coupons for services.

My advice? If someone makes a comment about the number of coupons you’re using, kindly explain that you’re trying to be a great pet parent on a responsible budget.

If you can find a regular cashier who always works a certain shift and never complains about coupons, try to shop around that same time every week.


19. The best things to buy at PetSmart are food, dog bags, and kitty litter.

PetSmart has the widest selection of pet food I’ve ever seen!

From budget options to fancy brands for animals with special dietary needs, they have it all.

And if you ask to price match, or use coupons, you know you’re scoring the best price in town.


20. Skip generic pet toys and accessories.

Here’s a good way to shoot yourself in the foot trying to save money: buy super cheap pet accessories that won’t even last a day.

I’ve tried my luck with some toys and a leash that only cost a few dollars, only to have them ruined within 24-hours.

Instead, scout sales and use coupons to score a great deal on high-quality accessories.


21. Don’t bother following PetSmart on social media if you’re looking for sale alerts.

Instead, keep an eye on your inbox and PetSmart app notifications to keep up on the best sales.

If you’re into sweepstakes or contests, Twitter is where it’s at.


22. Text DEALS to 84848 to get coupons and deal alerts sent right to your phone.

PetSmart says their text club offers exclusive deals, but as far as I can tell, the deals in their emails and app are the same.

Declutter your email inbox by opting for texts.



23. Military members can get 10% off grooming services.

PetSmart offers 10% off grooming services every week for their Military Monday promo.


24. Teachers can get a free class pet.

PetSmart also participates in an organization called Pets in the Classroom.

Teachers can apply for a grant to fund a small pet in their classroom. If accepted, your PetSmart costs can be entirely or partially reimbursed.

Plus, they’ll send you additional coupons.


25. Don’t get a job at PetSmart for the employee discount — it’s only 15%!

No shade for any PetSmart employees — it can be a great job if you love animals!

I just wouldn’t recommend getting a job there for the discount, because 15% is pretty low.

Plus, you can’t use the employee discount with coupons, price overrides, gift cards, or any damaged merchandise that has already been discounted.

15% off is way less than you’ll save with coupons and our pro tips!


26. Aim for at least 40% savings every time you shop.

With so many sales, coupons, and rebate offers, saving 40% is totally doable.

Stock up on toys, treats, shampoos, and other accessories only when they’re on sale. Rely more heavily on couponing for your food and litter products if you have a special brand.


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26 PetSmart Hacks You Won't Want to Shop Without!