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With all the ways to get PetSmart coupons or discounted pet food thanks to PetSmart delivery, saving money at PetSmart is a (dog) walk in the park.

Gimme a little leash, and I’ll lead you through nearly two dozen of my favorite tips for shopping at PetSmart.

I’m talking about easy ways to get PetSmart coupons each month, what to buy from PetSmart Black Friday, how to make sense of the PetSmart return policy, and much more.

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1. PetSmart does price match competitors like Petco, but only on regular-priced items.

A person's hands, one holding a cellphone with the Petco website open to a product, and the other hand pushing a PetSmart shopping cart with that product in the basket.

Price match at PetSmart by bringing proof of a competitor’s pricing (like a screenshot or photo of a lower price from Petco or Chewy) in and showing it to an associate at checkout. PetSmart also price matches their own website, so double-check for lower prices while you shop.

But remember, PetSmart won’t match prices for clearances, events, BOGOs, competitors’ online offers, Amazon, eBay, or other auction/closeout sites.

They also won’t match their own website’s prices for liquidation events.

TIP: We’ve got an updated list of this week’s best Petco deals.

2. Get three PetSmart coupons each month by playing a game on the PetSmart app. Seriously.

A person's hands holding a cellphone with treat trail game coupon on the petsmart app in front of a PetSmart shopping cart.

It’s so easy to get PetSmart coupons, y’all. Just download the PetSmart app and play a game called Treat Trail. Every time you complete one of the game’s three difficulty levels, you get a coupon (you can win up to three coupons per month).

Most of the coupons I’ve received save 10% – 25% on all in-store purchases (except services and gift cards). The catch? They don’t work online.

In my experience, the coupons expire after about two weeks, but PetSmart lets you earn a new set of coupons each month.

TIP: Treat Trail is a matching game, so all you have to do is swipe your finger across identical icons. You’ll score more points if you match bigger threads of icons in one swipe.


3. Become a PetSmart Treats member — it’s the only way to access PetSmart’s sale prices.

A person's hand pointing at a PetSmart price tag for Nutrish Peak dog food.

PetSmart’s free loyalty program — PetSmart Treats — is the only way you can get sale prices on PetSmart items.

The good news is signing up for PetSmart Treats is super easy. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $49, as well as a $2.50 off coupon when you complete your PetSmart member profile.

But the cash-back program through PetSmart Treats is pretty weak. You get eight points per dollar spent at PetSmart or on PetSmart.com, and they only give you a $2.50 off coupon once you reach 1,000 points. That amounts to a measly 2% cash back!

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4. New dog? Get $100 – $150 worth of PetSmart coupons and freebies when you buy their $20 Puppy Starter Kit.

A person's hands holding up a PetSmart Puppy Guide in front of a PetSmart shopping cart.

If you’re bringing home a new dog (uh, congrats!), then PetSmart has you covered with their Puppy Starter Kit.

The kit includes freebies and coupons for savings on food and supplies, as well as a discount on your dog’s first grooming, training session, or stay at PetSmart’s Pets Hotel.

In 2021 and 2022, the savings were along the lines of $15 off one bag of premium puppy food, or even $15 off of your first training workshop.

Check out a full list of pet freebies here.

TIP: Even if you’re bringing home a full-grown dog, you can still buy the Puppy Starter Kit.


5. Save 30% and get free shipping when you place your first PetSmart autoship order.

macbook laptop sitting on a couch with the petsmart loyalty program on it

PetSmart offers free shipping on all orders over $49 if you’re a PetSmart Treats member, and they’ll ship to your local store for free, regardless of the total.

But the best way to skip shipping fees and get even deeper discounts is by signing up for repeat orders (just like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save).

You’ll get 35% off your initial order, 5% off future autoship orders, and free shipping on orders over $49.

TIP: If you’re trying to save money on pet food delivery, read our full breakdown here.


6. Get PetSmart same-day delivery when you place your online order before 3 p.m.

A Doordash delivery person standing on a front porch, setting a PetSmart bag onto a box of Tidy Cat kitty litter and holding a large DoorDash delivery bag with more pet products.

PetSmart has partnered with DoorDash to provide same-day delivery to anyone within the delivery range. Shipping is free, and you decide what to tip your Dasher (PetSmart defaults to a 15% tip).

PetSmart runs three delivery windows:

  • Orders placed by 9 a.m. will be delivered between noon and 3 p.m.
  • Orders placed between 9 a.m. and noon will be delivered between 3 – 6 p.m.
  • Orders placed between noon and 3 p.m. will be delivered between 6 – 8 p.m.



7. Your first exam from the PetSmart vet clinic is free.

A cellphone displaying the PetSmart website's page about Banfield Pet Hospital's free vet clinic exam being held in front of cat lying in a basket.

PetSmart has teamed up with Banfield Pet Hospital to offer customers a free vet visit and consultation for a cat or dog. Just fill out the form, print the coupon, and bring it in.

We’ve got more than a dozen more ways to get pet freebies that you’ll wanna check out.


8. PetSmart’s return policy allows you to return most pet items without a receipt.

A person's hands holding up a PetSmart bag and pulling a cat toy out of it in the parking lot in front of a PetSmart store.

If you don’t have a receipt or if your purchase was more than 60 days ago, the PetSmart return policy still lets you get a refund in the form of store credit.

There are a few exceptions: you must have a PetSmart receipt from the last 60 days to return electronic merchandise, grooming tools, filters or pumps, and pet medication or vitamins valued over $10.


9. The best time to buy pet beds, toys, and treats is during PetSmart Black Friday.

A woman standing next to a PetSmart shopping cart, pulling a cat bed from a stack of them sitting on a shelf at PetSmart.

If you’re looking for pet beds, toys, and treats, then PetSmart’s Black Friday sale is the best time for you to buy. Here’s some of what I’ve seen:

Buy 1 Top Paw & Whisker City Pet Bed (reg. $19.99 – $29.99), $6.99 sale price
Free store pickup
Final Price: $6.99 – $10.50 (65% savings)

For the past three years (2020, 2021, and 2022), PetSmart has offered a buy three, get two free sale during Black Friday on dog and cat treats.

Buy 5 Dog or Cat Treats (reg. $0.79+)
Buy three, get two free
Free store pickup
Final Price: As low as $2.37 (40% savings when you buy five)



10. If you missed PetSmart Black Friday, shop the after-Christmas clearance sale — for pet toys as low as $0.70.

petsmart christmas clearance dog toys

I’ve seen Santa dog toys, holiday plush trees, and reindeer squeak toys for $0.70 (regularly $2.99), a 20-pack of tennis balls for $5 (regularly $19.99), and festive dog collars for $2.50 (regularly $9.99).

Some of the items were cheaper online, like the dog collars which were $2 through Jan. 23. But in my experience, the clearance section online is extremely slim.

And if you’re trying to plan out your post-Christmas clearance shopping, then you need to start with our guide to the best after-holiday sales.


11. When you see PetSmart price tags that say “Reduced to Clear,” that means the price won’t go any lower.

A person's hand taking a cat toy off of a wall of the reduced to clear clearance section at PetSmart

For a while, PetSmart signaled their lowest prices with price tags ending in “7,” but over the years I’ve found they aren’t super consistent with their “Reduced to Clear” prices.

It’s not a problem, though. All it means is now we simply have to look for big red tags that say “Reduced to Clear” at the top. When you see those tags, that means the price is as low as it’ll go.


12. PetSmart doesn’t do price adjustments — period.

A woman carrying bags, walking out of a PetSmart storefront.

PetSmart has no price adjustment policy, meaning they won’t refund you the difference if an item you purchased goes on sale soon afterward.

If you’re dead set on a price adjustment, their customer service number is 1-888-839-9638. Good luck.


13. Dogs and other pets are welcome inside PetSmart stores.

two dogs in a petsmart shopping cart

Your dog or pet is 100% welcome inside PetSmart; just remember to clean up if they suddenly get the urge to, ahem, claim aisle 5.

We’ve got a bigger list of pet-friendly stores you’ll wanna bookmark before you bring your furry companion.



14. Teachers can get a small class pet for free from PetSmart’s Pets in the Classroom program.

A person's hand reaching out to take a beta fish in a cup from the shelf at PetSmart.

PetSmart participates in an organization called Pets in the Classroom, which gives money to teachers for purchasing and maintaining a small pet in their classroom. It’s one of our favorite freebies for teachers.

Teachers can apply for a grant to fund a small pet in their classroom if:

  • You are a pre-K through ninth grade public or private school teacher in the United States or Canada.
  • You haven’t already applied for a Pets in the Classroom grant in the current school year.

If accepted, you’ll get to choose a pet, and your PetSmart costs can be entirely or partially reimbursed.

If you’ve already received a Pets in the Classroom grant, you can keep applying for an annual “Sustaining Grant,” which is $50 to help care for the pet.


15. Military members get a 10% off PetSmart grooming coupon for salon services every Tuesday.

A small American flag being held up by a military veteran in uniform.

There are lots of military discounts out there, including PetSmart’s 10% off grooming services every week for military members who can present their military ID at checkout.

As of April 2023, PetSmart only provides this military discount for grooming appointments on Tuesdays. Seniors also get this discount — just bring your photo ID to checkout.

Military members, first responders, and seniors also enjoy 10% off any overnight stay at a PetSmart hotel.

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16. The PetSmart employee discount is 15% off all items and services and 50% off select food brands.

A close-up of a PetSmart employee, showing her name tag that reads, "Jade".

The PetSmart employee discount isn’t much: 15% savings on all merchandise and services and 50% savings on the following pet products:

  • Only Natural Pet food
  • Simply Nourish food
  • Authority dry dog or cat food
  • Dentley’s dog treats
  • Exquisicat cat litter

Other PetSmart work perks include one free 6-week pet training group class, one free Doggie Day Camp session, and a 50% discount on bath services.

We’ve got the best employee discounts from national brands.


17. Save up to 15% with discounted PetSmart gift cards from Raise.com.

Two PetSmart gift cards being held up inside a PetSmart store, just inside the front door, with the PetSmart logo on the wall in the background.

Before you shop, check Raise.com for a discounted PetSmart gift card.

If you don’t know, Raise.com is a website that sells full-value gift cards at a discounted rate. Usually, the savings are between 1 – 5%, but with PetSmart’s gift cards I’ve seen savings as high as 10 – 15%.

If you see gift cards for sale any higher than 10% off, pull the trigger — they’ll sell out quickly.

Let me know if you have any other questions about shopping at PetSmart in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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