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63 Best Employee Discount Programs: Apple, Best Buy, Yeti & More

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Who’s got the best employee discounts? Luckily, many stores do! However, it seems employee discount programs are a bit of a mixed bag. Some industries really spoil their employees (oh heyyy hospitality industry!). And just based on their employee discounts, some industries act like you’re lucky to just have a job (ahem … grocery stores).

I’ve highlighted a ton of the best employee discount programs around and marked them with this key:

🤩 = Awesome discounts, like a 40% discount or more

🙁 = Just OK discounts, like 30% – 35% off or lower

Not that employee discounts (or any kind of discounts, for that matter) are ever “bad.” But some companies really level it up. Be sure to look into all the other discounts you might be eligible for, like senior discounts, student discounts, teacher discounts, and healthcare worker discounts.

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Employee Discount Programs for Tech

A customer talking to a Best Buy employee at checkout

1. 🙁 Amazon: Amazon Fulfillment — aka warehouse — employees get a 10% discount on Amazon products, up to $100 annually. So you’ll get 10% off the first $1,000 you spend as an employee.

2. 🤩 Apple: Apple offers employees a 25% discount in all four of their product categories every year. Categories include iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, and Apple Watch. Meaning, you can get a new item from each category at 25% off every year. Retail associates also get an additional 10% off anything in the store except gift cards.

3. 🤩 AT&T: The AT&T employee discount includes 50% off wireless products and services, including wireless internet.

4. 🤩 Best Buy: Best Buy’s employee discount isn’t very clear on their site; they just offer an “employee discount.” According to Glassdoor, though, they offer “cost + 5%” as a discount price for employees. This means if an item costs Best Buy $50, you’ll pay $52.50. They may charge $95 in the store for the same item, but you’ll only pay a portion higher than their cost. So this discount is actually pretty legit. It doesn’t apply to Apple products, gaming consoles, or high-ticket items, though. But we can teach you how to save money at Best Buy.

5. 🙁 Dell: Through Dell’s Technologies Employee Purchase Program, associates can get 17% off Dell computers.

6. 🤩 GoPro: Based on Glassdoor reviews, GoPro offers 50% off their products through the GoPro VIP Purchase Program. According to one review, you can even get 50% off up to three cameras each quarter.

7. 🤩 HP: HP provides their associates with discounts up to 40% off through the HP Employee Purchase Program.

8. 🙁 Lenovo: Based on Glassdoor reviews, Lenovo’s employee discount offers 15% off Lenovo products.

9. 🙁 Samsung: Based on reviews from Glassdoor, Samsung’s employee discount includes 20% – 30% off Samsung products.

10. 🤩 T-Mobile: According to Glassdoor, T-Mobile’s employee discount gives employees and their dependents 75% off monthly service plans; 20% off for nondependents; and 20% off accessories.

11. 🤩 Verizon: According to Glassdoor, the Verizon employee discount offers retail employees 50% off their Verizon service plan.



Employee Discounts at Retail Stores

A woman holding up an REI employee name tag that reads "Shay

12. 🤩 Adidas: According to Glassdoor, Adidas employees can get a 50% discount on everything in the store, even sale items, with the Adidas employee discount.

13. 🤩 Anthropologie: Through Anthropologie’s employee discount program, store associates get 25% off regular-priced home merch and 40% off all other regular-priced merch.

14. 🤩 Bath & Body Works: According to Glassdoor, the Bath & Body Works’ employee discount program gives new associates 40% off, with a special 50% discount once a month.

15. 🤩 Cabela’s: Employees get 45% off all store brands and 15% off everything else.

16. 🤩 Costco: Employees receive a free yearly Executive Membership to Costco, which also gives them 2% cash back on their purchases. But Costco employees get lots of other perks, too, like three additional free memberships to give away.

17. 🙁 CVS: The CVS employee discount provides a 20% discount on non-sale items and 30% off of CVS brand products, according to Glassdoor.

18. 🙁 Dick’s Sporting Goods: Employees receive 25% off everything in the store.

19. 🙁 Dillard’s: Dillard’s employee discount offers up to 25% off merchandise when you pay with your Dillard’s card, based on Glassdoor.

20. 🙁 Foot Locker: Based on Glassdoor reviews, Foot locker’s employee discount gives associates a 30% discount on all regular-priced, sale-priced, and clearance merchandise.

21. 🤩 Gap Inc: Gap and sister brands Old Navy and Banana Republic give their full- and part-time employees 50% off with Gap’s Employee Merchandise Discount Program. Athleta employees get 25% off.

22. 🙁 H&M: H&M employees get a 25% discount on all H&M brand items through their “best in class benefits” program.

23. 🤩 Journeys: Journeys‘ employee discount offers 40% off of merch at all Genesco companies, which includes Journeys, Journeys Kidz, and Underground by Journeys.

24. 🙁 Kohl’s: Reviews on Glassdoor show that Kohl’s offers 15% off all merchandise with the Kohl’s employee discount. Periodically, they offer 35% off to Kohl’s employees.

25. 🙁 Lowe’s: Lowe’s employee discount gives employees 10% off Lowe’s purchases.

26. 🤩 Lululemon: According to Glassdoor, Lululemon’s employee discount offers a whopping 50% – 60% off Lululemon products.

27. 🙁 Macy’s: According to Glassdoor and Macy’s website, Macy’s associate discount gives store employees a 20% discount on most merchandise purchased with a Macy’s card, plus a 10% discount on small electronics. There are also additional discounts during Extra Associate Discount events.

28. 🤩 Nike: Based on recent reviews on Glassdoor, Nike’s employee discount offers employees 50% off everything in store, plus 30% off at Nike Factory Outlets.

30. 🤩 Nordstrom: According to Nordstrom’s site and Glassdoor, the Nordstrom employee discount provides a 33% discount for full-time employees. The discount jumps to 40% during holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, part-time employees can get a 20% discount.

31. 🤩 Petco: Employees get 40% off Petco store brand items and 20% off everything else.

32. 🙁 PetSmart: PetSmart offers their associates a 15% discount on merch and services through the PetSmart associate discount.

33. 🤩 REI: REI employees get 50% discounts on REI gear and apparel, plus 30% off vendor merch and 10% off sale items.

34. 🤩 Sephora: Sephora’s employee discount offers associates 40% off the Sephora Collection and 30% off all other brands.

35. 🙁 Target: Target’s employee discount offers 10% off of Target and purchases, plus employees get a 20% wellness discount, which covers fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, and “Simply Balanced” store brand products.

36. 🙁 Ulta: Based on reviews on Indeed, Ulta employees get 25% off all products with the Ulta employee discount.

37. 🤩 Urban Outfitters: Urban Outfitters has one of the more comprehensive employee discount programs we’ve seen, giving employees 40% off regular-priced merch, 25% off all regular-priced home/apartment merch, a $75 monthly subscription to Nuuly, and a 20% dining discount at select restaurants Sunday through Thursday.

38. 🤩 Vans: If you want to learn to skate (or look like a skater), you’re in luck: Vans offers employees 50% off full-price merch and 30% off sale items through the Vans employee discount.

39. 🙁 Walgreens: Walgreens’ employee discount provides 25% off Walgreens’ products and 15% off national brands.

40. 🙁 Walmart: Walmart’s employee discount offers employees a 10% associate discount on fresh fruits, vegetables, and regular-priced general merchandise. The Associate Discount Center also offers exclusive discounts on travel, phone services, entertainment, and more.

41. 🤩 Yeti: Based on Glassdoor, Yeti’s employee discount offers 60% off Yeti products.



Grocery Store Employee Discount Programs

A Whole Foods employee helping a customer

42. 🙁 Albertsons: Albertsons’ employee discount gives associates 10% off store brands and 5% off national brands.

43. 🙁 Kroger: Kroger’s employee discount is 10% off the Kroger family of brands.

44. 🙁 Natural Grocers: Employees can expect 30% off vitamins and body care.

45. 🙁 Sprouts: Employees receive 15% off, with special events throughout the year where you can get 30% off.

46. 🙁 Trader Joe’s: The Trader Joe’s employee discount provides their “Crew Members” with a 20% discount.

47. 🙁 Whole Foods: Whole Foods’ employee discount offers store “Team Members” a 20% in-store discount on any product. After six months of employment, the Team Member discount increases to 30%.


Hospitality Industry Employee Discounts

A Disney employee in a store

48. 🤩 Disney: Disney offers employee discounts that include 25% – 30% off merchandise, 25% off dine-in food, and free admission to most parks, according to Glassdoor.

49. 🤩 Hilton: Hilton’s “Go Hilton” employee discount is a travel program that offers employees rooms that start at $35 per night at Hilton properties. For real. Learn more about the Hilton employee discount.

50. 🤩 Hyatt: Based on Glassdoor reviews, Hyatt gives employees up to 12 free nights in Hyatt hotels after they work for the company for one year.

51. 🤩 Marriott: According to Indeed, the Marriott employee discount gives employees up to 50% off rooms.


Restaurants with Employee Discount Programs

A Domino's employee taking a pizza out of the oven.

52. 🤩 Arby’s: Based on reviews from Glassdoor, Arby’s gives their employees 50% off meals before, during, or after a shift with the Arby’s employee discount.

53. 🙁 Buffalo Wild Wings: Based on reviews from Glassdoor, employees get a 15% – 20% discount on meals with the Buffalo Wild Wings employee discount — but this perk doesn’t extend to friends or family.

54. 🤩 Chipotle: Chipotle employees get a free meal during their shift and 50% off after hours.

55. 🤩 Domino’s: Domino’s employee discount generally offers employees 50% off of pizza and bread or other items, depending on the store. Plus a free meal on your shift.

56. 🙁 The Cheesecake Factory: Hourly staff can get 25% off all dine-in food, nonalcoholic beverages, and whole cakes at The Cheesecake Factory.

57. 🙁 McDonald’s: Employees get a 10% discount on food.

58. 🤩 Olive Garden: Based on Glassdoor reviews, Olive Garden’s employee discount includes 50% off menu items and $0.99 soup and salad when you’re on shift. It’s 25% off when you’re not on shift.

59. 🙁 Panda Express: Panda Express employees get up to 20% off for themselves, friends, and family with Panda Express’s benefits program.

60. 🙁 Starbucks: Fun fact: Starbucks refers to their employees as “partners,” and partners get 30% off beverages, merch, and food, according to Starbucks’ partner assistance program. That discount isn’t too high, but Starbucks partners also walk home with a pound of free coffee a week.



Courier Industry Employee Discounts

A USPS Driver delivering packages to a person at their house

61. 🙁 FedEx: FedEx offers up to 30% off select FedEx Express domestic services, according to FedEx’s Employee Shipping Discount Program.

62. 🙁 UPS: Through the UPS employee discount incentives program, UPS employees can get discounts on shipping rates — up to 16%, based on the UPS Standard List Rate at the time of shipment.

63. 🤩 USPS: Through their USPS Employee Deals program, employees are offered a range of perks, from discounts on phone plans to gym memberships, HP products, and even pet insurance.

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