I don’t care what anyone says, every decade I hit, I swear it’s better than the one before. Sure, stuff might sag more than it used to. But if I could trade my sag for the wisdom that experience has given me, it’d be a firm “nope.”

So to celebrate age and experience, here are 50 senior discounts for those of you who are 50 to 65+ years old (I mean, 50 isn’t even old!).

Discounts change from time to time, so always be sure to ask if a store offers a senior discount. If the discount requires an AARP membership and you’re 50+ but don’t have one, you can sign up here. Membership for five years is only $63! You can also do one year for $16 and 3 years for $43.

*Offer may vary depending on your location. Check locally to verify.

1. Buy a flight and get 10% off with Alaska Airlines. (62+)
Call 1-800-252-7522 to see if your flight qualifies for a senior discount.

2. Grocery shop with your 10% discount at Albertsons the first Wednesday of each month. (55+)

3. Get up to 30% off movie tickets at AMC Theatres.* (60+)

4. Call ahead to get a discounted flight with American Airlines. (65+)
Call 1-800-433-7300 to see if your flight qualifies.

5. Buy a train ticket with your 15% off discount through Amtrak. (62+)

6. Get 10%-15% off your meal at Applebee’s.* (60+)

7. Eat lunch at Arby’s and get 10% off your meal.* (55+)

8. Rent a car at Avis and pay 10%-25% less if you’re an AARP member. (50+)

9. Get 10% off your meal at A&W.* (55+)

10. Buy clothes at Banana Republic and get 10% off. (50+)



11. Enjoy your ice cream on the cheap with Ben & Jerry’s 10% discount.* (60+)

12. Get 10% or more off your hotel stay at Best Western with your AARP membership. (55+)

13. Get 10% off your meal at Boston Market.* (65+)

14. Save $65-$400 on British Airways flights when you book using your AARP membership. (50+)
Just sign in with your AARP membership through British Airways and follow the instructions.

15. Rent a car through Budget and get up to 30% off as an AARP member. (50+)

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16. Get 10% off your meal at Burger King.* (60+)

17. Score a free drink plus 10% off at Chick-fil-A.* (55+)

18. Get 10% off when you eat at Chili’s.* (55+)

19. Get a phone plan for under $25 per month at Consumer Cellular with your AARP card. (50+)

Monthly plans start at $10/month, no contract. Free activation, plus you can share a line with family and friends for only $10 per month more, per additional line.

20. Enjoy 10% off your meal or ice cream at Dairy Queen.* (60+)

21. Stay at a Days Inn and get up to 20% off your hotel room with an AARP membership. (60+)
Even if you don’t have an AARP membership, you can still get a senior discount by booking online or calling 1-800-225-3297.

22. Get 15% off your entire meal at Denny’s if you’re an AARP member. (50+)



23. Get 10% off at Dress Barn. (55+)

24. Score a free donut when you buy a coffee + get 10% off at Dunkin’ Donuts.* (55+)

25. Grab your morning bagel and coffee at Einstein Bros. Bagels and get 10% off.* (60+)

26. Get 10% off at Fred Meyer the first Tuesday of each month. (55+)

27. Order a ‘senior platter’ and get a 10% discount at Fuddruckers. (55+)
Fuddruckers doesn’t have an overall discount for seniors, but they do have discounted senior platters.

28. Travel on a Greyhound bus and you’ll save 5%. (62+)

29. Book a rental car through Hertz’s 50 Plus Car Rental Program and receive up to 25% off. (50+)

30. Save up to 50% on your room at Hyatt hotels. (62+)
Book online or call 1-800-323-7249.

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31. Get 15% off at Kohl’s. (60+)

32. Receive 30% off a pair of glasses at LensCrafters with your AARP card. (50+)
(Also learn how I’m getting 55% off my glasses at GlassesUSA.)

33. Save at least 15% on a hotel room at Marriott hotels. (62+)
You can book online or call 1-888-236-2427.

34. Shop at Michaels and get 10% off regular price and sale items. (55+)

35. Get a lifetime pass to all National Parks in the U.S. for $80. (62+)
Just fill out a Senior Pass application, and you’re on your way.

36. Eat at Outback Steakhouse and you’ll get 15% off (excluding alcohol) with your AARP Card. (50+)

37. Shop at Publix every Wednesday and you’ll receive 5% off. (60+)



38. Save up to 30% on movie tickets at Regal Cinemas.* (60+)

39. Use your wellness65+ card at Rite Aid on Wednesdays and get 20% off your purchase. (65+)

40. Get 10% off at Ross stores every Tuesday. (55+)

41. Save up to 15% at Sheraton hotels with an AARP membership. (50+)

42. Get a discounted Southwest Airlines flight through the SW Senior Fares program. (65+)
You can make reservations online for both domestic and international flights. You can also call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to book over the phone.

43. Eat lunch at Subway and get 10% off.* (60+)

44. Save up to 10% or 20% with AARP membership at Super 8 hotels. (50+)
If you have an AARP membership, you’ll save up to 20% at Super 8 hotels. Even if you aren’t an AARP member, you can still save up to 10% off! Book online or call 1-888-288-5081.

45. Get 10% off at TCBY.* (55+)

46. Shop at T.J. Maxx every Tuesday and get 10% off. (55+)

47. Call ahead to see if you qualify for a discounted flight with United Airlines. (65+)
United Airlines offers discounts for certain itineraries. Call their reservation line at 1-800-241-6522 to see if your flight qualifies.

48. Sign up for a cell phone plan through Verizon’s Nationwide 65 Plus Plan for only $29.99/mo. (65+)

49. Get 10% off at Wendy’s.* (60+)

50. Save up to 10% at Wyndham hotels. (60+)
Book online or call their reservation line at 1-800-407-9832.

Did I miss any? What’s your favorite senior discount? Please tell me in the “Comments.”


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