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We humans have DoorDash to bring us goodies, but what about your cat or dog? Thankfully, there are a lot of different pet food delivery services — and they’re offering lots of discounts.

We’ll show you how to get 35 – 50% off your first month, and $10 off your first five orders from various retailers. Sometimes they’ll even throw in free shipping on all orders.

Below I’ve rounded up 10 pet food delivery offers you won’t want to miss.

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1. Amazon offers 40% off your first pet food delivery when you use Subscribe & Save.

A bag of Pedigree brand Puppy Growth & Protection dog food sitting on a hardwood floor next to an open Amazon Prime delivery box.

The best way to maximize savings on pet food delivery is to subscribe to your pet’s food from retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart.

Each of these stores offers you the ability to automate repeat orders on a schedule that works for you. But Amazon’s the best option, because only Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service promises 40% savings on your first order.

Every order after that will have a 5% discount applied, but if you subscribe to five or more different items, Amazon boosts that discount to 10%.

PRO TIP: If you’re looking to save on pet supplies from Amazon, be read our breakdown of the best deals from their first-ever Amazon Pet Day sale.


2. Chewy, Petco & PetSmart all offer 35% off your first pet food delivery order.

A dog standing in a living room looking down and sniffing an unopened delivery box from Chewy.

Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart all offer 35% off your first order, and 5% off all subsequent orders. Like with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service, each retailer allows you to set up repeat deliveries of pet food on a schedule you decide. Your 5% discount only applies to the products you subscribe to, rather than a blanket discount.

There are two main differences between the offerings from Petco, PetSmart, and Chewy. One is how much you have to spend to qualify for free shipping:

  • Petco gives free shipping on all orders over $35.
  • PetSmart gives free shipping on all orders over $49.
  • Chewy gives free shipping on orders over $50.

The other is that PetSmart and Petco cap your savings per order at $20 — Chewy does not.


3. BarkEats offers a 50% discount on your first month of pet food delivery.

A screenshot from the Bark Eats website's Meal Plan Quiz page. The quiz reads,

BarkEats, which only sells dog food, doesn’t offer brand-name puppy chow (think: Purina or Royal Canin). Instead, BarkEats sells their own house-made kibble. And out of all the dog or cat food brands that make their own kibble or catnip, BarkEats is the most affordable.

A big part of that is their first-month promo, where BarkEats takes 50% off your initial order. For large dogs, this means you’ll only pay $22.33 (reg. $44.66) for the first month. Here’s how it works:

  1. Answer some basic questions about your dog (name, birthday, size, allergies, etc).
  2. Choose a protein (my vet recommended choosing the same protein your pooch already eats).
  3. Review a meal plan that BarkEats chooses for your dog, and poof! You’re good to go.

By the time you’re paying full price, BarkEats dog food will run you about $1 – $1.10 per day. By comparison, a 34-lb bag of Purina Pro Plan kibble (reg. $60.99) comes out to about $0.75 per day when you subscribe and save with the retailers above.

PRO TIP: BarkEats gives discounts. . . 10% off for multi-pup households, 10% off for military members, and 15% off for military members who have multiple dogs.


4. Save $10 on your first five pet food delivery orders from PetFlow.com.

A screenshot from the PetFlow website showing a product page for Purina One Cat food.

Ten dollars off of your first five orders is a great deal, and if we were measuring affordability on just those first five pet food delivery orders, then PetFlow.com would rank above Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart.

But after that fifth order, you have to pay full price. While PetFlow’s regular pet food prices are comparable to what you’ll find from Chewy, Petco, and PetSmart, those competitors offer better long-term savings with their continuous 5% discount.

My recommendation? Use PetFlow.com solely during the promotional period. You can stop your subscription at any time. Once you run out of PetFlow’s $10 discounts, jump ship!


5. Skip Pet Food Express, whose discounts lag behind their pet food delivery competitors.

A cat sitting on a counter looking down into a bowl of food.

Even though Pet Food Express offers a 20% discount on your first order — and 5% off all subsequent subscription orders — I’m not impressed.

Not only is the initial discount 10 – 30% lower than what we’ve seen from other retailers, they have a significantly smaller selection of pet food. Skip this one and go for one of the retailers with deeper discounts.



6. Cat Person offers 10% off every pet food delivery order, yet it’s still one of the most expensive options.

A screenshot of the Cat Person website's Create A Meal Plan page showing their meal plan options.

Hey, I’m all for spoiling our pets. But if we’re looking at this purely from a value perspective, it’s tough to make the argument for Cat Person, an online cat supplies store that boasts high-quality protein in their house-made catnip.

Like BarkEats for dogs, to get this service you need to answer a quick questionnaire about your cat (and provide your email).

Unlike BarkEats, Cat Person’s subscription service is gonna cost you. My first order, which is supposed to last three weeks, would run me $23. After that, I’d receive four weeks’ worth of food for $91.28.

Once you’re paying full price, that comes out to $3.26 per day. By comparison, this 22-pound bag of Purina cat food from Chewy (reg. $37.49) would cost $24.37 for the first auto-ship order, and it’d last one cat several months.


7. The Farmer’s Dog offers 20% off your first pet food delivery order.

Three bags of The Farmer's Dog dog food, one beef, one turkey, and one chicken.

Like Cat Person, The Farmer’s Dog bills itself as a high-end pet food delivery service. Again, the affordability just isn’t there, even when you include the 20% discount you’ll receive on your first order.

Your first order with The Farmer’s Dog will last for two weeks, and for a dog that’s at least 50 pounds, your cost will be at least $73.65. At full price, you’ll pay at least $92 per week.

Small dogs don’t fare much better. Food for a little 8-pound pooch will still cost $29.08 for two weeks at the discounted rate, and $36.38 once you hit full price.


8. MyOllie offers 60% off your first pet food delivery.

A screenshot from the MyOllie website displaying the options for dog food recipes to order.

Sensing a theme? It’s the same story with MyOllie that we saw with Farmer’s Dog and Cat Person. High-quality dog food, but from an affordability standpoint there’s nothing exciting.

Fourteen days of meals for a 25-pound, active, healthy, adult dog from MyOllie would cost $33.60 for your first two weeks (that’s with the discount). At full-price, you’d pay $84 for six weeks’ worth of food.

I hope this helped you make sense of the various pet food delivery offerings. Any questions? Let me know below and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for reading.

10 Ways to Save Big on Pet Food Delivery