Traveling with pets can be expensive. And inconvenient. And if you leave your furry loved ones at home, who knows what kind of mischief they can get into?

But you’ve got options. Pet boarding isn’t as expensive as you think, and with this list of providers, you and your pet will get out of the house without running out of money.

Here’s who has the vacancy sign on for Fido:


1. Pet boarding with PetSmart Hotels is the cheapest at $16 per night.

In 2005, PetSmart started their PetSmart Hotel service where you can board your pet at PetSmart for as little as $16/night for dogs and $20/night for cats. They also have a daycare in case you don’t require overnight care.

Plus, if you’re in the military, a veteran, a first responder, or over 65 years old, you’ll receive a 10% discount with your ID. Here are the daily rates:

Any additional pet will only cost an extra $5 — which is pretty great since most competitors will charge you at least $20 per pet.


2. Pet boarding with averages at around $40 per night. is like Uber for pet care, connecting you with people in your area who can walk, feed, or board your pet.

Although the average boarder charges around $40/night per pet, you can cut down on the price with a $20 referral credit. When you give out your unique referral code and your friend uses the service (at least once), both of you get the $20 credit sent to your account.


3. You’ll pay $41 per night for pet boarding with is a pet boarding and walking service that is very similar to, but has a fixed rate of $26 per night, per pet, with a $15 drop-off and pickup fee. This means one night will cost you $41.

You can also get a $20 credit when you refer your friends and family via your unique referral code, and they use services at least once.


4. Your first night of pet boarding is free with Best Friends Pet Hotel.

Best Friends Pet Hotel has locations in CA, CO, CN, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, MA, MI, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, and TX.

For a standard dog suite, you’ll be paying $55/night or $65/night for an individual room. If you have a cat, you’ll be paying $22/night, and for other small animals, like rodents or reptiles, it’ll be $16/night.

Plus, they’ll give you your first night for free, unless you’re in Florida (sorry!).



5. Get a night of pet boarding for free at Camp Bow Wow.

The dogs-only boarding service Camp Bow Wow has locations in 40 states, and your dog’s first night is free. After that, the price is pretty steep at $60/night, but that includes 24/hr live webcams, medicine administration (if requested), and on-call counselors and first aid if needed.

If you’re a part of a multi-dog household, you’ll be charged $50 a night more per additional pet.

Premium services like playtime or one-on-one attention from a counselor cost an extra $15 fee each.


6. Pay as little as $39 per night with PetSuites.

PetSuites pet boarding costs $39 a night for dogs and $29 a night for cats, with rates increasing around $10 for increased playtimes for your pet and daily photos sent to you.

They also have a loyalty program that’ll get you a $5 coupon sent to your email when you spend $250 — 2% cashback.

PetSuites are only available in the Midwest and Eastern U.S.


7. Dogtopia charges $35 per night for pet boarding, but the price drops the longer you stay.

You’ll only be able to board dogs with Dogtopia, but it’ll only cost you $35 for your first few nights. After 5 days, the price will drop to $33 per day — a 5.7% discount.

If you have multiple dogs, you’ll get a 10% discount if you board 2 dogs and a 20% discount if you board 3 or more dogs. (That means your second dog costs $31.50/night, and your fourth dog costs $28/night. Four dogs?!)

You will have to pay a $17 evaluation fee per pet on your first visit before you can board.


8. Try pet boarding with your vet, kennel, or pet groomer.

Many local veterinarians, kennels, and pet groomers also offer pet boarding, but rates and services vary from business to business. But generally speaking, here’s what we’ve found:

  • Veterinary Offices: $25 – $35 per night for dogs or $10 – $25 for cats.
  • Kennels: $40 per night. Prices typically depend on the size of your pet.
  • Pet Groomers: $15 – $30 per night.
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