DoorDash is the perfect app if you’re in a pinch for dinner (or any meal, really). It’s also more affordable than ever and ideal for fast, safe delivery if you’re trying to stay indoors.

If you’re unsure how to take advantage of DoorDash coupons, check out my tips below. You’ll learn great ways to save on your to-go orders, like getting DashPass free for two months and how to rack up on referrals for discounted prices.

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1. Have a partner or roomie? Get two months of free DoorDash delivery instead of one.

If you’re new to DoorDash — as in you’ve never downloaded the app or signed up for a DoorDash account — you’ll get $0 delivery fees (for orders over $10) for your first 30 days of orders.

DoorDash tracks new sign-ups by phone number, email, and credit card number, but not by physical address. So if you live with someone you tend to share dinner with, sign up with a new account and get DoorDash free delivery for a month and then ask your person to do the same for the following month.

There’s no coupon code — when you download the DoorDash app for the first time, you’ll automatically be enrolled in this perk.


2. Use discount codes to get DoorDash coupons on your order.

Always check cash-back websites to see if there’s a DoorDash coupon or code you can use to save money on your order.

Sometimes it’s a promo code you enter when you’re placing your DoorDash order, and sometimes you need to initiate your order through the cash-back website or app in order to get the savings.

Here are a few examples of offers we’ve seen. Offers rotate and vary, so keep a pulse on these sites to see what’s available when you’re ready to place a DoorDash order.


3. Buy digital DoorDash gift cards at Target using your RedCard and save 5%.

Sure, you can check discounted gift card sites like Raise to find gift card savings up to 2%. Or you can just use your Target RedCard to buy DoorDash gift cards and save 5%.

RedCard is connected to your checking account, so it doesn’t have to be a credit card, and it’s one of the best ways to save money shopping at Target.

Right now, $25, $50, and $100 DoorDash gift cards are available for email delivery, not a physical gift card. If for some reason you don’t receive your 5% discount when you pay with RedCard, chat with a Target customer service rep online — they can manually make the adjustment on their side.

And just in case you can’t get your hands on a RedCard right now, you can also purchase digital DoorDash gift cards through these vendors online:

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4. Get a Free One-Year DashPass Subscription with the Chase Visa.

If you’re a Chase Visa cardholder, you can get anywhere from three months to a year free DashPass subscription, depending on which card you have:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve and J.P.Morgan Reserve members get DashPass benefits for one year free.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred members get DashPass benefits for at least one year free and up to two years.
  • Chase Freedom and Slate members get three months of free DashPass benefits, and then nine months of DashPass for 50% off.

All you have to do is link the DoorDash app to one of these qualifying Chase Visas. Be warned, though: as soon as the subscription period is up, you’ll start getting the full $9.99 monthly fee billed to your card if you don’t cancel.



5. Follow DoorDash on Twitter to find out about deals and freebies.

Sometimes DoorDash restaurants offer freebies when you place an order. These are always for a limited time only (sometimes a week, sometimes just a few days), so be prepared to act fast.

In the past, we’ve seen promotions for $10 off orders of $20 or more, free pizza from Little Caesars (with DashPass), and free pints of ice cream on grocery orders of $20 or more.


6. Get a $10 DoorDash Coupon toward your next order when you refer friends.

Inside the DoorDash app, tap “Account” and you’ll see “Refer Friends, Get $10.”

Follow the link to send out invitations to your actual friends (no spamming websites with your code or DoorDash won’t pay you).

When your people place their first order of $15 or more through your code, you’ll get a $10 DoorDash coupon to use the next time you don’t feel like making dinner and they’ll get $5 off their next three orders ($15 total).


7. Order from “First order, $0 delivery fee” restaurants to get even more free delivery.

You’ll get free delivery on your first time ordering from each of these restaurants. As in — you can order one time from every restaurant on the list without paying for delivery.

My “First order, $0 delivery fee” list had 19 of my favorite restaurants like Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory, Panda Express, and more. Download the DoorDash app to see which restaurants offer free delivery in your area.


8. Order snacks and everyday items with $0 delivery fees from 7-Eleven.

DoorDash is offering $0 delivery fees for everyday items and snacks, like Tylenol to bottled water and Kit Kat bars, from 7-Eleven within 45 minutes of your order.

Why even bother leaving your couch when ordering is this convenient?


9. Get DashPass if you place at least two DoorDash orders a month.

DashPass is DoorDash’s subscription service — it’s only $9.99 per month to get free delivery or lower delivery fees for every month you’re a member. If a restaurant you’re looking at doesn’t offer free delivery with DashPass, it’s probably going to be $4 to $5 cheaper than it would be without DashPass.

And since the standard DoorDash delivery fee is $5.99 nationwide, ordering just twice a month would likely cover the cost of the subscription. So if you’re in this category, DashPass is a no-brainer for you.

You just need to spend at least $12 on your orders to get free delivery with DashPass. You can cancel it anytime and the first month is free with sign-up.

In comparison, Uber Eats Pass has a $15 minimum for free delivery. Check out this article to learn how to save money using Uber Eats.

TIP: To get the most out of DashPass, order from DashPass restaurants that don’t charge a delivery fee. Tap “DashPass” at the top of the DoorDash app to see what restaurant delivery fees would be with DashPass.

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10. Order from multiple stores without paying an additional free with DoubleDash.

DoorDash has added a new feature where you can order items from nearby stores, like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Wawa, after you place your restaurant order. Just look for the DoubleDash option on the map and add items to your order. There are no additional delivery fees or minimum order sizes.


11. If something is wrong with your DoorDash order, here’s what to do…

Sometimes things can go wrong. My recent order had about one missing item and I got a full refund. I’m not sure every complaint will score you a refund, but missing items, crappy food, and no delivery at all certainly will. Here’s how to submit a complaint:


1. Tap “Account” in the DoorDash app.

2. Tap “Delivery Support”


3. Select the order in question.


4. Tap “Help”


5. Choose your delivery issue to get refund.


12. Request a no-contact delivery.

If you want to request a no-contact delivery for health reasons, you can do so by adding it to your delivery instructions.

Here’s how:

1. Request a no-contact delivery in the “Delivery Instructions” section at checkout.

2. Text your Dasher, remind them of your request, and include a photo of your preferred drop-off location if possible.

3. Your Dasher will leave your item at the drop-off point and text you to let you know; you’ll also get a notification.

It’s quick and simple, so why not?


Your Ultimate Guide to DoorDash Coupons & How to Use Them