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With the whole world going subscription everything, and all the dogs being adopted during COVID-19, it’s not surprising to me that Petco is putting two and two together with Vital Care, a subscription pet care program that gives your dog or dogs a few unlimited grooming services and unlimited vet exams for a yearly fee. But can you really save almost $600 a year, as Petco claims?

Let’s just see about that:


Enroll in Vital Care and pay a $19 monthly fee, plus tax.

petco vital care homepage

Petco is advertising that Vital Care costs just $19 a month, or $228 a year. And you gotta pay taxes, which they determine based on where you live. Once you enroll in Vital Care, you’re automatically enrolled in Pal Rewards, their loyalty program.

You can enroll on Petco.com, sign up in the Petco app, or by texting VITAL to 79949.


Check out what you get for signing up for Vital Care and Pal Rewards.

Vital Care Benefits

  • Unlimited nail trims for your dog
  • Unlimited teeth brushing for your dog
  • Unlimited vet visits for your dog
  • $35 in Pal Rewards for up to two non-Petco vet visits a year ($70 a year in store credit)
  • $10 in Pal Rewards every month ($120 year in store credit)
  • Welcome gift

Pal Rewards Benefits

  • 5% cash back on all of your Petco purchases ($1 spent = 1 point)
  • Exclusive coupons and promos
  • Spend your rewards like cash at Petco


So really, if you just factor in the Pals Rewards ($120 year) and not the cash back, you’re only paying about $108 a year for Vital Care.


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Calculate the real value of Vital Care according to how much you’d use it.

Petco says without Vital Care it would cost you:

  • $10 each for two nail trims a month ($20 month/$240 year)
  • $12 a week for teeth-brushing ($624 year)
  • 2 vet exams per year

Total cost of these services: $814 per year

Total savings according to Petco: $586 per year

Here’s how much I personally would really spend on these same services:

  • $10 for nail trim, which I would do once a month ($120)
  • $10 for teeth brushing, again once a month. Probably book both things at the same time ($120)
  • $70 for two vet visits a year

Total cost of these services for me: $310 per year

Actual savings for me with Vital Care: $202 per year (because I factored in the $120 in Pal Rewards credit)


Don’t sign up if you don’t live near a Petco with a full service groomer.

Always a catch. If you don’t live near a Petco with a Petco Grooming Salon, or Onsite Veterinary Partner, (look for a Petco near you) then you won’t get the benefit of the grooming stuff or vet stuff, which is basically everything.



Don’t sign up for Vital Care if you don’t like commitment.

A treat being fed to a dog.

You have to commit for an entire year. It’s pretty ironclad. No backing out.



Dog Parents! Petco's Vital Care Saves You Hundreds on Vet Fees