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Target Price Increase: These 12 Items Are Costing You More in 2023

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I can’t be the only person wondering, “Is everything more expensive?” If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a hunch that your groceries are getting more expensive and that your paycheck isn’t going as far as it used to. You’re not wrong. Spoiler alert: we’ve seen a Target price increase for a bunch of items this year, and you could be paying up to 38% more than last year on some things.

It’s all enough to make your wallet and your Target-loving heart hurt.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, in the last year we’ve seen deals on every single one of the products we list below. You just need to know the rules (and tricks) for how to coupon at Target so that you pay less than retail prices. And if you’re wondering what you’ll be paying more for this year, check out our list below.

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Note: The Target prices we quote here may vary per region and store. Prices for 2023 were pulled from Target stores in the Central Florida area.


Is Target raising prices this year?

Person standing in a toy aisle at target with a shopping cart

It’s true — Target raising prices is a real thing in 2023. But for the most part, grocery prices are rising at lots of stores due to inflation and other factors. And just like Walmart, Target isn’t immune to shoplifters who hurt their bottom line.

Even though we’ve seen a Target price increase for many grocery items, we can still hunt out some savings in the Target Dollar Spot. And we’re used to paying a little more just for the Target shopping experience (hello, ordering Starbucks with my Drive Up Return).


What price increases can you expect this year?

We’ll get into the specific Target price increases in a minute, but here’s the bird’s-eye view of what we’re seeing. The price of dog food and eggs has gone up by more than 30% since last year around this time. Diapers are about 29% more expensive when you look at the cost per diaper (this is a key calculation!), and premium face wash is right up there. Even a Pepsi 12-pack costs 24% more than last year.

As for the items that haven’t increased as much, some deodorant, body wash, and La Croix packs are holding steady at about a 5% increase. Most likely because the retailer knows these are popular items for a Target run.


12 Items That Have Seen a Target Price Increase:

1. This 7-pound bag of Iams dog food at Target is $17.99 — 38% higher than it was a year ago.

Someone shopping for dog food at Target

I love my dog. But I don’t love spending 38% more on Iams dog food versus last year.

  • May 2021: $10.99
  • April 2022: $12.99
  • April 2023: $17.99


2. Target’s Good & Gather eggs are around $2.39 per dozen — 34% higher than in 2022.


Spending 34% more on eggs was not part of my 2023 New Year’s resolutions. While the price of eggs has been fluctuating a lot lately, we’ve seen that Target egg prices are generally the lowest around.

  • April 2021: $0.99 per dozen
  • April 2022: $1.79 per dozen
  • April 2023: $2.39 per dozen


3. This 164-count box of Pampers diapers is $44.99 — which means you’re paying 29% more per diaper than last year.

Buying diapers can be expensive, so the increase from $42.99 to $44.99 for a smaller pack of Pampers diapers was definitely noticeable. We went from paying around $0.21 per diaper in 2022 to $0.27 per diaper in 2023.

  • July 2021: $39.99 for a 116-pack, size 4 — $0.34 per diaper
  • April 2022: $42.99 for a 204-pack, size 1 — $0.21 per diaper
  • April 2023: $44.99 for a 164-pack, size 1$0.27 per diaper

TIP: This could be your sign to start a diaper stock-up pile when you see Target gift card promotions you can stack with high-value coupons and rebates.


4. Target’s Cetaphil face wash is $8.79 — 29% more than it was last year.

hand holding cetaphil directly in front of a shelf

Here’s how much prices have gone up for an 8-ounce container of Cetaphil at Target:

  • May 2021: $6.19
  • January 2022: $7.99
  • April 2023: $8.79

Luckily we see Cetaphil deals every few months when there are gift card promotions on skincare items at Target, and we also find newspaper coupons for $2 – $5 off.


5. A 12-pack of Pepsi at Target is $7.19 — 24% higher than it was last year.


Yep, you’re paying 24% more for your 12-packs of Pepsi at Target this year. But a few times a year, we’ll see soda sales at Target like “Buy 3 for $15,” which gets you a 12-pack for less than it cost in 2022.

  • May 2021: $4.99
  • April 2022: $5.79
  • April 2023: $7.19

TIP: Wait to buy Pepsi until there’s a holiday weekend or a big sporting event on the horizon. That’s typically when Target will have the best Circle offers and sales for soda.



6. Nivea Shave Gel is $4.19 at Target — 14% more expensive than it was a year ago.

A can of Nivea Men sensitive cool shave gel held out in front of a shopping cart with another Nivea men sensitive cool shave cream.

Remember the old days of couponing when you could get Nivea for free? Skip buying Nivea at Target unless you have an Ibotta rebate, given these recent price jumps.

  • August 2021: $3.49
  • April 2022: $3.69
  • April 2023: $4.19

TIP: An easier way to save on Nivea is by signing up for an Amazon subscription.


7. A 52-ounce container of Chobani oat milk is $4.79 at Target — 12% higher than last year.

hand holding a carton of chobani oatmilk at target

Prices for the Chobani oat milk carton at Target have gone up by about 12% since 2022. To bring that price down, look for Circle offers in the Target app to save a little more.

  • June 2021: $3.79
  • April 2022: $4.29
  • April 2023: $4.79


8. Target’s 8-pack of Bubly costs $4.29 — 10% higher than it was in 2022.

A variety of bubly sitting in a store cart.

Spending $0.40 more on Bubly isn’t the worst. But it also isn’t the best. We hardly ever see coupons for this brand, so you’ll have to shop the sale prices or consider purchasing at another grocery store like Kroger.

  • March 2021: $3.69
  • April 2022: $3.89
  • April 2023: $4.29

Related: Check out our top Kroger hacks every shopper needs to know.


9. Nexxus shampoo at Target costs $16.39 — 9% higher than in 2022.


Wait until there’s a BOGO 50% off sale on Nexxus at Target, and keep an eye out for their $5 newspaper coupons.

  • March 2021: $11.99
  • April 2022: $14.99
  • April 2023: $16.39


10. Dove Body Wash is $6.99 at Target — 6% more per ounce than in 2022.

Bottles of Dove body wash on a shelf

The price for Dove body wash bumped up 6% over the last year at Target, and it’s now two ounces less.

  • June 2021: $5.99 for a 22-ounce bottle ($0.27 per ounce)
  • February 2022: $6.59 for a 22-ounce bottle ($0.30 per ounce)
  • April 2023: $6.99 for a 20-ounce bottle ($0.35 per ounce)

A great way to avoid this price increase is by shopping at Walgreens, where we’ve seen Dove body wash for as low as $1.50 per bottle (or $0.07 per ounce).



11. The La Croix 8-pack at Target is $4.19 — only 5% more than last year.

box of la croix on edge of target shopping cart

Like Bubly sparkling water, La Croix has also gone up at Target in the last year — by $0.20 to be exact. That means you’re looking at paying $0.52 per can.

  • May 2021: $3.69
  • April 2022: $3.99
  • April 2023: $4.19

With La Croix, the goal is always to pay $0.29 per can, so Target isn’t the optimal deal here. We can teach you how to save on La Croix if you’re looking for a better price.


12. Target’s Gillette Cool Wave antiperspirant is $6.29 — 5% higher than it was in 2022.

three bottles of deodorant standing upright on a clear, empty shelf

You’ll need to start clipping some Gillette coupons if you want to save on Gillette at Target.

  • March 2021: $5.49
  • April 2022: $5.99
  • April 2023: $6.29


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