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I can’t be the only person wondering, “Is everything more expensive?”

You might’ve had a hunch that your groceries were getting more expensive or that your paycheck wasn’t going as far as it used to.

Spoiler alert: the average cost of groceries has increased 23.49% on these 20 items year over year at Target. That’s enough to make your wallet and your Target-loving heart hurt.

This isn’t all doom and gloom, though. In fact, in the last year we’ve seen deals on every single one of these products. You just need to know how to coupon at Target.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be paying more for this year, though, check our compilation below.


1. Target’s eggs price is $1.79 per dozen, 80% higher than one year ago.

Spending 80% more on eggs was not part of my 2022 New Year’s resolution. This is the second-highest price increase we’ve seen at Target in the last year.


2. Target’s avocado price is $0.99, 98% higher than it was one year ago

Avocados win the award of the steepest price increase at Target in the last year. Keep in mind that prices may vary by region.


3. Target’s strawberry price is $3.19, 45% higher than one year ago

Produce can be one of the hardest things to coupon for. Avoid paying full price by waiting to shop until Target does their $1.99 sale on strawberries. In 2022, this will happen the last week of April.


4. Target’s Chobani oat milk price is $4.29, 13.19% higher than it was one year ago

Next up is oat milk. Chobani increased its prices by over 13% in the last year. In the past, we’ve seen Circle offers in the Target app that will help you save some coin.


5. Target’s Bubly price is $3.89, 5.42% higher than it was one year ago

Spending $0.30 more on Bubly isn’t the worst, but it also isn’t the best. We hardly ever see coupons for this brand, so you’ll have to shop the sale prices or consider purchasing at another grocery store like Kroger.


6. Target’s La Croix price is $3.99, 8.13% more than it was one year ago

La Croix costs are going up and I’m not thrilled about it. The goal is to pay $0.29 per can, but this increase will cost you $0.50 per can. Read how to save on La Croix if you’re looking for a better price.


7. Target’s Pepsi price is $5.79, 16.03% higher than it was one year ago

A few times a year we’ll see soda sales at Target. Wait to buy Pepsi until there’s a holiday weekend or a big sporting event. That’s typically when Target has Circle offers and sales.


8. Target’s White Claw Price is $17.99, 5.89% more than it was one year ago

Listen, I know its only $1 more, but this one still hurts. Don’t buy White Claw at Target unless you have an Ibotta rebate or a BYBE rebate offer.


9. Target’s Tide liquid laundry detergent price is $12.99, 8.34% more than a year ago

Paying more for detergent is not our style. If you want to avoid this price hike, check out how we save money on detergent. There are Tide coupons released once a month in the newspaper, and there’s almost always a weekly gift card promotion on laundry care items.


10. Target’s Tide Pods price is $12.99, 8.34% higher than it was one year ago

The price increase in Tide Pods will have you paying $0.31 per load, which is about five times more than what we want to spend.


11. Target’s Pampers diapers are $42.99, 7.50% more than they were one year ago

Buying diapers can be expensive, so the raise from $39.99 or $42.99 on Pampers was definitely noticeable. This could be your sign to start a diaper stock-up pile when there are gift card promotions that stack with high-value coupons and rebates.


12. Target’s Cetaphil face wash is $7.99, 29.08% more than it was one year ago

Luckily, we see Cetaphil deals every few months when there are gift card promotions on skin care and $2 – $5 newspaper coupons.


13. Target’s Dove Body Wash is $6.59, 11.88% more than it was one year ago

Paying almost 12% more for Dove this year is less than ideal. A great way to avoid this price increase is by shopping at Walgreens instead. Recently, we saw Dove body wash for $1.50 per bottle.


14. Target’s St. Ives price is $4.99, 8.4% higher than it was one year ago

There are five different varieties of St. Ives facial scrubs, and all of them are going to cost you more in 2022. Hold off on buying this brand until you see a high-value newspaper coupon combined with a gift card promotion.


15. Target’s Iam dog food price is $12.99, 18.20% higher than it was one year ago

I love my dog. I don’t love spending 18% more on Iams dog food.


16. Target’s Gillette antiperspirant price is $5.99, 9.11% higher than it was one year ago

You’ll need to start clipping coupons if you want to save on Gillette at Target. New coupons are released monthly in the Procter & Gamble newspaper insert.


17. Target’s Nivea Shave Gel price is $3.69, 5.73% higher than it was one year ago

Remember back in the old days of couponing when you could get Nivea for free? Skip buying this at Target unless you have an Ibotta rebate. An easier way to save on Nivea is by shopping Amazon’s subscriptions.


18. Target’s Softsoap price is $2.49, 31.75% higher than it was one year ago

I almost couldn’t believe the price jump on Softsoap. But sure enough, you’ll pay over 31% more at Target this year than you did last year.


19. Target’s Glade candle price is $3.49, 16.72% more than it was one year ago

This $0.50 increase on Glade almost went unnoticed. Almost.


20. Target’s Nexxus shampoo price is $14.99, 25.02% higher than it was a year ago

It was already odd that the conditioner cost more than the shampoo. Now, the 2022 shampoo price is almost as much as the 2021 conditioner price. Wait until there’s a BOGO 50% off sale on Nexxus, and keep an eye out for their $5 newspaper coupons.




Is Target Raising Prices? These 20 Items Might Cost You More