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Best Place to Buy LaCroix Flavors (Hint: It's Not Costco)

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If LaCroix (pronounced La-CROY) is a habit your family has picked up, we’ve got the info you need to save money on your addiction — like, where do you shop to get the best price and where do you find LaCroix coupons and deals and maybe even what is the best LaCroix flavor?

And since they’ve released three new flavors for summer 2021, you’ll really want to read on; you’ll become a LaCroix expert. . . a LaCroixpert.


There are four standard sizes of LaCroix multi-packs.

If you’re thinking “I always pay $3-something for LaCroix,” that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a deal.

LaCroix 6-packs sell at drugstores and convenience stores for around $3.50.
LaCroix 8-packs sell at big box stores like Target and Walmart for $3.00-$3.69.
LaCroix 12-packs sell at grocery stores like Albertsons and WinCo for $3.50-$5.79.
LaCroix 24-packs sell wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club for $7.50-$7.99.


. . . and there are 20 different La Croix flavors.

There are 17 core LaCroix flavors (and 3 more just got added. . . more on that in a sec), and while the company hasn’t released a list of best LaCroix flavors, when we sort by best-selling at, the new LimonCello LaCroix comes in first, Pamplemousse (grapefruit) is second, and Lime is third. The full set of core sparkling water flavors are:

  1. LaCroix LimonCello
  2. LaCroix Pastèque (watermelon)
  3. LaCroix Hi-Biscus
  4. LaCroix Key Lime
  5. LaCroix Tangerine
  6. LaCroix Apricot
  7. LaCroix Mango
  8. LaCroix Passionfruit
  9. LaCroix Coconut
  10. LaCroix Pamplemousse (grapefruit)
  11. LaCroix Peach-Pear
  12. LaCroix Berry
  13. LaCroix Razz-Cranberry
  14. LaCroix Orange
  15. LaCroix Lemon
  16. LaCroix Lime
  17. LaCroix Pure (no flavor)

Now, on to where the best place to buy LaCroix is, by price. Our buy price for LaCroix is $0.33 per can or less.


Three new summer flavors just joined the lineup.

Throughout spring 2021, LaCroix is rolling out three new summer-inspired flavors: Beach Plum, Black Razzberry, and Guava São Paulo.


LaCroix price is $0.29 per can at WinCo.

12-packs of LaCroix go on sale for $3.48 at WinCo, in store only.


LaCroix price is $0.30 per can at Whole Foods.

12-packs of LaCroix go on sale for $3.60 at Whole Foods. But watch out for their regular price, which can be $5.79 ($0.48/can) or more. Free pickup or delivery is available for Prime members.



LaCroix price is $0.30 per can at Sam’s Club.

24-packs of LaCroix are $7.12 at Sam’s Club.


LaCroix price is $0.31 per can at Albertsons.

12-packs of LaCroix are $3.67 at Albertsons.


LaCroix price is $0.33 per can at Costco.

24-packs of LaCroix are $7.89 at Costco. (They do have their own Kirkland version of LaCroix, 32 cans for $7.49, or $0.23/can.)



LaCroix price is $0.33 per can at Aldi.

24-packs of LaCroix are $7.99 at Aldi. During Fourth of July time, we’ve seen the price drop to $7.49.


LaCroix price is $0.38 per can at Walmart.

8-packs of LaCroix are $3.00 on rollback at Walmart.


LaCroix price is $0.42 per can at Kroger.

8-packs of LaCroix are $3.99 at Kroger, or $3.33 each when you buy three or more, or $0.42 per can. Check the Kroger app, or bookmark The Krazy Coupon Lady for LaCroix coupons.


LaCroix price is $0.42 per can at Rite Aid.

LaCroix 6-packs at Rite Aid are two for $5.00 or $0.42 per can. The best sale we see is BOGO free, which happens a few times per year. At BOGO free, cost per can drops to $0.29.



LaCroix price is $0.46 per can at Target.

You can get 8-packs of LaCroix for $3.69 at Target. I know. I’m surprised too. A 3/$10 sale is extremely common, but that $3.33 per 8-pack price is still pretty high — $0.42 per can. You really just need to stop buying LaCroix at Target.

If you must, please check your Target app or The Krazy Coupon Lady for LaCroix coupons.


LaCroix price is $0.58 per can at Walgreens.

Careful of the 6-pack. You might think $3.49 is an alright price, but at Walgreens, where you’re getting just six LaCroix cans per case, this price is garbage.


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