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Walmart everyday low prices are no longer that low…

With grocery prices on the rise, I decided to go through KCL’s photo archives to find out how the 2021 prices of 20 items compare to the prices I found at my store today.


I discovered that this shopping cart full of groceries would cost me on average 27.17% more than it did one year ago. In 2021 this would have cost me $65.30 compared to $83.04 today.

The regular prices of the products listed here increased between 10.07% and 72.09%. If you’re a Walmart shopper, keep reading to find out who are the biggest enemies of your wallet.

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The small bottle of Tide is $5.44 now — 10.12% more than in 2021


If you’re “team Tide,” paying more than $2 for a bottle this size is a big no-no. In a little over a year, the price of the 37-ounce bottle of Tide went up 10.12% at Walmart, so never shop without using Tide coupons.

Walgreens and CVS are actually some of the best places to shop for Tide. By combining sale prices, coupons, and store promotions, we recently stocked up on Tide at CVS for just a little over $1.


Tidy Cats Naturally Strong cat litter is $12.48 — 17.63% more than a year ago


This 20-pound jug of Tidy Cats cat litter is over 17% more expensive than one year ago. We usually see Tidy Cats coupons valued at around $2, so if you buy this brand, always look for a coupon before you shop.

Checking rebate apps like Ibotta is also a good idea, as they often have stacking offers that’ll help you save even more. Get started by reading our ultimate guide to rebate and cash-back apps.


Bella dog food trays went up to $0.88 — 18.92% more than in 2021


In about six months the price of these Bella wet dog food trays went up by “only” $0.14. What seems like spare change is in fact a spike of almost 19%. Make sure Fido won’t run out of his favorite food with these tips on how to save on dog food.

Bella dog food coupons are usually readily available in a variety of face values, so always check the KCL coupon database before you head to the store.


Luvs diapers are $6.47 now — 30.18% more than in 2021


You’ve probably heard how expensive babies are. Well, in 2022 they’re even more expensive. Take for example this jumbo pack of Luvs diapers — although still cheaper than brands like Pampers and Huggies, the $6.47 price tag represents a 30.18% increase over last year’s price.

With a new baby on the way, every bit counts. Check out the best baby freebies for expecting parents.


Huggies wipes are $2.17 now — a 21.91% increase over 2021’s price


We saw an almost 22% increase on the 64-count of Huggies baby wipes this last year. Check for Huggies coupons here before you shop.


The single bar of Dove soap is $1.27 now — 19.81% more than last year


Dove coupons will sometimes not list size exclusions, so always read the coupon fine print before shopping, as you might be able to score the small version of that same product for very cheap or even free.


Dove Dry Spray deodorant is $7.48 — a 25.93% increase since 2021


If you’re brand loyal and love Dove deodorants, their dry sprays will cost you 25.93% more in 2022. You should be able to slash you cost by over 50% by stacking Dove coupons with rebates.


The small packs of Carefree pantiliners are $1.06 — 12.77% more than in 2021


The cheapest packs of Carefree liners will now cost you $1.06, a 12.77% increase compared to last year. In the past, we’ve seen Ibotta rebates for $1 cash back on any Carefree product, so you’d basically get paid to shop.

Stock up when a similar offer comes around and drops its price to just a few pennies. Get started by downloading the Ibotta app, then learn how Ibotta works here.


One gallon of Great Value Milk is $3.24 — 47.95% more than in 2021


Got milk? The price of one gallon of whole milk went up 47.95% in a little over one year. If milk coupons are rare, coupons for Walmart’s store brand, Great Value, are basically non-existent.

Learn how to coupon so you can cut costs on other products you regularly buy.


Almond Breeze’s new price is $2.97 — 16.02% more than in 2021


In less than a year the price of Almond Breeze non-dairy milk went up by over 16%. Look for almond milk coupons to find deals for this and other brands.


Yoplait variety packs now cost $4.36 — 17.20% more than in 2021


The variety packs of Yoplait yogurt cost $4.36 in April of 2022. Each pack comes with eight cups, so that’s about $0.55 per cup, compared to $0.47 in 2021.

Check out these Yoplait coupons we found for you.


Starbucks Iced Coffee is $4.84 — a 24.74% increase in one year


Summer is right around the corner, and your Starbucks Iced Coffee will you cost you almost 25% more this year. We have the best coffee coupons and deals for you.


Great Value 60-count eggs are $11.84 — a 72.09% increase in less than 3 months


Eggs spiked since February of 2022 — the 60-count carton of large white eggs went up 72.09% in less than three months.

If you go all the way back to April of 2019 when this same product was $4.75, the price disparity is even more absurd, at a whopping 149.26%.


This Sara Lee bread now costs $2.47 — that’s 24.75% more than in 2021


The Sara Lee White Bread Made With Whole Grain broke the $2 barrier and is now $2.47 at my store — a 24.75% increase. Check out these bread coupons we’ve compiled for you.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal costs $3.28 — up 10.07% since last year


The 12-ounce box of Cinnammon Toast Crunch is now over 10% more expensive. You’ll find cereal coupons for a variety of brands on TheKrazyCouponLady.com.


Buddig lunch meat is $0.80 now — 17.65% more than a year ago


Single-serve packs of Buddig lunch meat went up to $0.80. Look for coupons and Ibotta rebates that when stacked could bring your final price down to $0.49 or less.

The Krazy Coupon Stock-Up Price List has been updated for 2022 — go take a look.


Campbell’s soup went up to $1.18 — 25.53% more than in 2021


Did you know soup is the best food to stockpile? We recommend you don’t pay more than $0.75 per can. That’ll be a harder task now that Walmart increased the price of select Campbell’s soup by over 25%.

Check out this article and learn how to stockpile for less.


Birds Eye frozen veggies cost $1.23 — 23% more than a year ago


The convenience of frozen veggies will cost you 23% more when you shop at Walmart in 2022. The bag of Birds Eye Mixed Veggies jumped from $1 to $1.23 in the last year.


Medium Hass avocados now cost $1.28 — a 64.10% increase in one year


A medium-sized avocado is about 64% more expensive than a year ago. Although avocado coupons are rare, they do exist and are usually for $0.50 off three.


Bananas now cost $0.58 per pound — an 11.54% increase in less than one year


One of the most popular fruits in the world, bananas, now cost $0.58 per pound at my Walmart (produce prices may vary by region). Even with an 11.54% increase over last year’s price, bananas are, without a doubt, the cheapest fruit you’ll find at any grocery store.

Learn how to save on produce with these tips we’ve put together for you.

Walmart Prices on the Rise: These Products Will Cost You More in 2022