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Walmart Prices Going Up: 10 Items That May Cost You More in 2023

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Walmart‘s everyday low prices are no longer that low … but Walmart isn’t the only one affected by inflation price creeps. With the rising grocery prices over the last two years, it’s more important than ever to shop smart. Sales, coupons, and other money-saving hacks can help stretch your budget immensely. However, to get a better handle on which standard household needs and wants have really seen a price increase, I decided to research 10 items at Walmart. Then I compared prices from last year to those today to see if Walmart prices going up has any truth to it.

First, I discovered that this hypothetical shopping cart full of groceries would cost me, on average, 6.6% more in 2023 than it would have a year ago. To get specific, my cart would have cost me $45.58 in 2022 compared to $48.57 today, an increase of $2.99.

The regular prices of the products listed here increased between 4% and 29% over the last year. If you’re a Walmart shopper, keep reading to find out which products might be the biggest enemies of your wallet.

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Is Walmart raising prices in 2023?

Don’t blame the messenger here — blame inflation. Not even Walmart is immune to the price jumps we’re seeing across all product categories. And a recent uptick in shoplifting in certain cities is only making matters worse.

But since Walmart’s business model is all about having low prices (and Rollbacks), they’re really pushing back against suppliers wanting to raise their prices. After all, they don’t want Walmart prices going up to mean losing your business to competitors like Costco or BJ’s.

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What price increases can you anticipate this year?

We’re noticing big price jumps at Walmart for things like bar soap, bread, and milk this year. And while Walmart prices going up for brand names may happen, you’ll likely see Walmart double down on their store brands like Equate and Great Value to keep your business.


1. Tidy Cats Naturally Strong cat litter is $15.28 — 4% more than in 2022 (and 22% more than in 2021).

Someone taking a container of Tidy Cats litter from a shelf at Walmart

At $15.28, this 20-pound jug of Tidy Cats cat litter is 4% more expensive than it was one year ago at Walmart. Compared to the 2021 price, it’s gone up 22%.

  • 2021 price: $12.48
  • 2022 price: $14.68
  • Current price: $15.28

We usually see Tidy Cats coupons valued at around $2, so if you buy this brand, always look for a coupon before you shop!

TIP: Checking rebate apps like Ibotta is also a good idea, as they often have stacking offers that’ll help you save even more. Get started with our ultimate guide to rebate and cash-back apps.


2. Huggies wipes are now $2.27 — 5% more than in 2022 (and 28% more than in 2021).

Someone holding up Huggies wipes at Walmart

We’re seeing a 5% increase in the cost of the 64-count of Huggies baby wipes at Walmart compared to last year. And they’re up 28% over two years ago.

  • 2021 price: $1.78
  • 2022 price: $2.17
  • Current price: $2.27

Bottom line — always check for Huggies coupons before you shop, or switch to the Target or Walmart store brand to save even more.



3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal costs $3.48 — up 6% since 2022 (and up 17% since 2021).

Someone holding up a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

The 12-ounce box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is now 6% more expensive than last year and 17% more than two years ago.

  • 2021 price: $2.98
  • 2022 price: $3.28
  • Current price: $3.48

We can help you find cereal coupons for all sorts of brands.


4. Campbell’s soup went up to $1.26 — 7% more than in 2022 (and 34% more than in 2021).

Someone holding a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup in Walmart

Did you know soup is the best food to stockpile during a sale? We recommend you never pay more than $0.75 per can when you find them. But that’ll be a harder task now that Walmart increased their price of select Campbell’s soup by 7%. The price now is 34% more expensive than two years ago.

  • 2021 price: $0.94
  • 2022 price: $1.18
  • Current price: $1.26

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5. Great Value 60-count eggs are $11.06 — a 7% decrease since last year (but still 61% more than two years ago).

Boxes of Great Value eggs at Walmart

Eggs have actually gone down in price since April 2022 — in fact, this 60-count carton of large white eggs is down by $0.78. But when you compare the price to 2021, we’re still paying more.

  • 2021 price: $6.88
  • 2022 price: $11.84
  • Current price: $11.06

If you go all the way back to April 2019 when this same carton of eggs was $4.75, the price disparity is even more absurd, at a whopping 133%!

TIP: If you shop Walmart Grocery Pickup & Delivery, you can easily do your own price comparisons for the products you regularly buy. When you see something jump in price, it may be time to shop around.


6. Bella dog food trays went up to $0.96 — 9% more than in 2022 (and 30% more than in 2021).

Two trays of Purina Bella wet dog food in the basket of a Walmart shopping cart.

Since 2022 the price of these Bella wet dog food trays went up by $0.08, or 9%. And when we compare the current price to what we paid back in 2021, it’s gone up by a whopping 30%.

  • 2021 price: $0.74
  • 2022 price: $0.88
  • Current price: $0.96

Bella dog food coupons are usually pretty easy to come across, so always check The Krazy Coupon Lady coupon database before you head to the store.

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7. Almond Breeze’s new price is $3.36 — 13% more than in 2022 (and 31% more than in 2021).

carton of blue diamond almond breeze almondmilk held up in front of milk sign at walmart

In less than a year, the price of Almond Breeze non-dairy milk has gone up by 13%. And since 2021, we’re paying 31% more for it.

  • 2021 price: $2.56
  • 2022 price: $2.97
  • Current price: $3.36

Look for almond milk coupons to take these prices lower.

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8. Starbucks Iced Coffee is $5.98 — a 24% increase in one year (and 54% over the last two years).

Five Starbucks iced coffee bottles in a Walmart cart

Your Starbucks Iced Coffee costs you 24% more than it did in 2022. And 54% more than you paid in 2021!

  • 2021 price: $3.88
  • 2022 price: $4.84
  • Current price: $5.98

Check out the latest coffee coupons and deals.


9. This Sara Lee bread now costs $3.18 — that’s 29% more than in 2022 (and 61% more than in 2021).

Sara Lee bread in a cart at Walmart

The Sara Lee White Bread Made With Whole Grain broke the $3 barrier and is now $3.18 on (though I’ve seen it on sale for $2.82). The regular price marks a 29% increase over last year and a 61% increase over what we paid two years ago. Walmart prices going up is definitely a thing for bread.

  • 2021 price: $1.98
  • 2022 price: $2.47
  • Current price: $3.18

Check out these latest bread coupons.


10. A single bar of Dove soap is now $1.74 — that’s 37% more than in 2022 (and 64% more than in 2021).

dove white beauty bar in small box on top of other dove beauty bars at walmart

While pretty cheap at face value, a single bar of Dove original soap has actually gone up in price by a whopping 37% when you compare it to last year’s price. And it’s 64% more expensive than two years ago!

  • 2021 price: $1.06
  • 2022 price: $1.27
  • Current price: $1.74

Dove coupons will sometimes not list size exclusions, so always read the coupon fine print before shopping. You might be able to score the small version of that same product for very cheap — or even free.

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