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Bath & Body Works Candle Day 2024: What to Expect From the Annual Event

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Bath & Body Works Candle Day is a big frickin' deal because it's the only sale of the year where you're guaranteed to pay $9.95 on every three-wick candle in-store and online. If it's in stock during the once-a-year December event, it's yours for under $10. And that beats anything you can get with even the best Bath & Body Works coupons. We predict the next Candle Day will be Dec. 6, 2024 (more on why below).

This is not to say the Bath & Body Works sale schedule isn't packed with other great deals — in fact you can often find seasonal candles for even less during the Semi-Annual Sale. But Candle Day is for those who want every 3-wick scent for at least 60% off, not just whatever is left over from a previous holiday collection.

So gather all the Bath & Body Works hacks and settle in, we're dissecting the nitty gritty of Candle Day. Text HACKS to 57299 for smart shopping tips and download The Krazy Coupon Lady app for the latest deals at your fingertips.

Bath & Body Works Candle Day is a once-a-year, lowest-price-of-the-year sale on 3-wick candles.

Most days you have to pay $26 apiece for a Bath & Body Works candle — so being able to pick one up for just $9.95 (a 62% discount!) is a massive bargain. The annual Bath & Body Works Candle Day has a cult following, complete with lines-out-the-door and hard core bring-your-own-wagon shoppers the morning the sale kicks off.

Candle Day (once a single day, now a 3-day event) is the best time of year to shop Bath & Body Works candles. Even Black Friday doesn’t compare (when candles sell for $12.95).

The $9.95 pricing is available to shoppers in-store and online (with promo code CANDLEDAY) — but Bath and Body Works is stingy with free shipping. This is why the brick and mortar locations still generate a crowd.

KCL predicts the next Bath & Body Works Candle Day will begin Dec. 6, 2024.


Bath & Body Works hasn’t officially announced the next date for their Candle Day Sale. But, after tracking this event for nine years, we here at KCL predict it’ll take place from Friday, Dec. 6 through Sunday, Dec. 8, 2024 (with the first day reserved for Bath & Body Works Rewards members only).

How do we make our prediction?

Candle Day has begun on the first Friday of December since 2020.

We've been tracking the sale since 2015, when it began in or around the first saturday as a single-day event. Here are all the Candle Day start dates for the past nine years:

  • Friday, Dec. 1, 2023 (sale was 3 days)

  • Friday, Dec. 2, 2022

  • Friday, Dec. 3, 2021

  • Friday, Dec. 4, 2020 (sale was 2 days)

  • Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019 (sale was 1 day)

  • Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018

  • Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

  • Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016

  • Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015

What candles will be on sale on Candle Day?


Every single three-wick candle in your local Bath & Body Works store or online at will be marked at $9.95 on Candle Day. This incudes everything from bestsellers like Champagne Toast to seasonal scents like 'Tis the Season.

What's the limit on Candle Day?

Bath & Body Works Candle Day has a limit of 24 candles per shopper — that goes if you're shopping in-store or online.

First, the limit makes sure nobody clears the store out before you get there. But second, and we think most importantly, how else would we ever know how many candles to get? Would we stop ourselves at two dozen? Three? Would we bring a second wagon?

Trust us, it's better this way.

There are more than 100 different candle scents to shop during the sale.

On any given day BBW has dozens of different scents to choose from. But they sell Candle Day exclusive scents during this sale; three-wicks you won't see at any other time of the year. These exclusive offerings bring the total number of different scents you have to choose from on Candle Day to over 100.

Is Candle Day in-store and online?


Mercifully, yes, the sale is both in-store and online. Because not everyone wants to battle crowds IRL.

In 2023, Bath & Body Works Rewards members had access to the sale on the first day, both online (starting at 6 a.m. ET) and in-store (with some stores opening as early as 5 a.m. local time).

Then the sale opened to non-members on the two days that followed. But you know inventory flies off the shelves quick on the first day, so it’s yet another reason to join this free loyalty program.

Tip: You read that correctly. Some Bath & Body Works stores open as early as 5 am. on Candle Day.

There’s a virtual queue online the first day of the candle sale.

On Candle Day, there is a virtual line you must “stand” in. When it’s your turn, you’ll automatically be redirected to the shopping website. If you accidentally close your browser or your phone goes to sleep, as long as you have cookies enabled on your device, it will still keep your place in line. Also, if you enter your email address when you go “in line,” you’ll receive an email link to your place in line that you can access from any device. But make sure you’re paying attention. You’ll have 10 minutes to enter the site when it’s your turn. If you miss it, you’ll have to start all over again.

Can you use coupons on Bath & Body Works Candle Day?


Yes. You. Can. In fact, we encourage you to use any available Bath & Body Works coupons on the first day of the sale, when inventory is at its best.

New Bath & Body Works Rewards members get a $10 off $30 Bath & Body Works coupon when they join. The coupon is delivered within 72 hours, and it expires 30 days after you receive it. Make sure you sign up for My Bath & Body Rewards at least three days before Candle Day in 2024.

TIP: You have to use any Bath & Body Works coupons in-store on Candle Day because you can’t stack one of these with the promo code coupon needed to get the candles for $9.95 each.

Secrets to Shopping Bath & Body Works Candle Day

Now you know the where and the when, but let's dig into everything else to know about Candle Day.

We expect Bath & Body Works three-wick candles to be $9.95 for a third year in a row.


When we first started tracking Bath & Body Works Candle Day back in 2012, the price for three-wick candles was $8 every year. Then, in 2015, prices started going up in $0.50 increments every other year until the pandemic.

In 2020, Bath & Body Works chose to do a price hike two years in a row. And in 2021, they hiked the price yet again, and three-wick candles jumped from $9.95 to $10.25.

Fortunately, in 2022, Candle Day prices went back down to $9.95, and that same price was back again in 2023. Fingers crossed for 2024.

How do Candle Day prices compare to the rest of the year?

Important question: is Bath & Body Works Candle Day worth waiting for?

Let’s start with the regular price. A three-wick candle regularly retails for $26.95 (though you can find some for $24.95).

During other sales throughout the year, I’ve seen the prices for three-wick candles drop to anywhere from $11.95 (rare) to $15.50 (occasionally). Now during the previous two Semi-Annual Sales, we did find a few candles marked down to $6.64, but these were the scents of holidays past (Christmas. Easter, etc).

But if you like to stock up on candles and use them for gifting, there’s just straight up no better time to buy than on Candle Day at the beginning of December.

There are two ways to get Bath & Body Works coupons to use on Candle Day.


Mailer coupons that overlap with Candle Day do occasionally exist. Fill out this form online and select “Mailing Address Add/Update” to get on the list.

If you're new to the Bath & Body Works Rewards program your welcome coupon will be for $10 off a $30 purchase. The coupon code is valid in-store and online. All new Rewards members will receive this offer, and details will be in your BBW Wallet within 72 hours of joining.

Because the coupon expires 30 days from when you sign up, don’t take the steps to get this coupon until the week before the next anticipated Candle Day date. If you already have an account, sign up your partner, or your mom, or the mail carrier, or anyone willing to share that code with you once they receive it.

Shop in store during Candle Day, not online.

Candle Day online requires you to use a digital coupon code to get the discounted price. Because you can only use one code per online order, stacking coupons online on Candle Day doesn’t work.

And that’s not the only reason I recommend you shop in store. It’s also because of the issues with Bath & Body Works free shipping — or lack thereof. The store pickup option is usually paused on Candle Day, making it nearly impossible to avoid the $6.99 standard shipping fee on every Bath & Body Works online order no matter how big.

Buy a discounted gift card to save a little bit more.

Save a few percentage points more when you shop ahead for a discounted Bath & Body Works gift card from

If you can buy a $100 gift card for $95, you save an extra 5% on top of Candle Day and bring your price down to 2019 levels ($9.50 per candle when you buy 10). I’m not afraid to work for that $0.50 per candle. Are you? There’s no shame in this game.

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