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Bath & Body Works’ Candle Day sale is the single most exciting day of the year for many Bath & Body Works shoppers. Three-wick candle prices drop to their lowest annual price, beating out Black Friday sales and Semi-Annual Sale prices.

Here at KCL, we’ve been tracking the candle sale for over a decade, and below is everything you need to know about it.

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Ready to get into all things Candle Day? Let’s start with the most pressing question:


1. When is Bath and Body Works’ Candle Day 2021?

The next Candle Day sale is confirmed as beginning on December 3rd, 2021 and is set to last one day online and two days in store.

Candle Day always takes place in early December, which makes it the absolute perfect time to stock up on teacher and neighbor gifts for the holidays.

The secret to predicting the date for the 2021 Candle Day sale isn’t about the date itself, which has varied between the 1st and the 7th over the past six years. It’s about counting the number of days between Thanksgiving and the sale’s kickoff.

In the five years 2015-2019, all but one candle sale began on a Saturday, nine days after Thanksgiving. And when the sale was lengthened last year (more on that below), it began on a Friday, eight days after Thanksgiving, in order to have space to run through the weekend.

Based on that data, we predict 2022 Candle Day sale should begin on Friday, December 2, 2022, eight days after Thanksgiving.


2. The Candle Day sale lasts 2 days.

A candle held next to a Back and Body Works candle day sign

Candle Day has always been a one-day online & in-store event, until 2020 year when it was extended to a three-day sale for the first time ever.

Here’s how Candle Day 2021 goes: on day one of the sale, candle prices dropped both in stores and online. On day two, the candle sale continued in stores only.

We predict Candle Day 2022 will last for two days, December 2nd-3rd.


3. 3-Wick Candles cost $10.25 this year.

When KCL began tracking Bath & Body Works Candle Day back in 2012, the 3-wick candle price was consistently $8.00 every year. Two thousand fifteen was the first year we saw a fifty-cent price increase which continued every other year until 2020, when, likely related to the pandemic, Bath & Body Works chose to do a price hike two years in a row. And in 2021, we were surprised when the $9.95 didn’t hold and shoppers got a third-year-in-a-row price hike to $10.25.

With inflation on the rise, we expect the trend to continue and by 2022, we think we’ll see candle day prices at $10.50 or $10.99


4. How do Candle Day prices compare to the rest of the year?


Important question: Is Bath & Body Works’ Candle Day worth waiting for? While I can’t exactly answer for you, I can give you what you need to make an informed decision. And making it easy for you to be a smart shopper is my J-O-B.

Let’s start with the regular price. A 3-wick candle retails for $25.50.

Other candle sales include, in order from most frequent to least:

  • $10 off | Final Price: $15.50
  • Sale Price: $12.95
  • Buy One Get One Free | Final Price: $12.75
  • Sale Price: $11.95

Especially if you have a coupon to stack with any of the above, you might choose to buy some candles outside of the candle sale in December.

Or maybe it’s summer, and during the Semi-Annual Sale, candles hit $11.95 or $12.95. If I needed a candle, I’d go for it. But, especially if you like to stock up and use candles for gifting, there is just straight up, no better time to buy than on Candle Day.



5. Candle Day carries a limit of 18 candles per shopper.

Now hear me out on this one. I know that limits may generally seem bad, but I’m gonna argue the opposite is true in this case.

First, the limit makes sure nobody clears the store out before you get there. But second, and i think most importantly, how else would we ever know how many candles to get? Would we stop ourselves at two dozen? Three? Would we bring a second wagon?

Without a limit, you’d find me holding up the checkout line while to run back to grab just one more.

18 candles per person. It’s probably enough, no? If you really must have more, there’s no reason you couldn’t make two trips. Nothing in the brief fine print would preclude you from doing so.


6. What about coupons on Candle Day?

A woman holding bath and body works coupons next to a candle day sale sign

Bath & Body Works coupons don’t have any blackout dates, so if you’ve got a valid coupon, you can use it on Candle Day as long as you’re shopping in store.

Mailer coupons that overlap with the Candle Day do exist. Fill out this form online and select topic “mailing address add/update” to get on the list.

The Bath & Body Works Rewards program is being tested in select areas. If you’re eligible to join (or if you simply alter your zip code to one from the participating list), you receive a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. Coupon code is valid in store and online for those in participating areas. For the rest of us, it’s only valid online and as such, will not work on Candle Day.

Because of the 30-day from sign-up expiration date, don’t take the steps to get this coupon until the week before the next anticipated Candle Day date. If you already have an account, sign up your partner or your mom or the mail carrier or anyone willing to share that code with you once they receive it.


7. Shop Candle Day in store, not online.

A woman looking at candles at Bath and Body works

Candle Day online requires you use a digital coupon code to get the discounted price. Because you can only use one code per online order, stacking coupons online on Candle Day doesn’t work.

And that’s not the only reason I recommend you shop in store. It’s also because of the issues with Bath & Body Works free shipping, or lack thereof. Even the new store pickup option, which you can read about at the previous link, is likely to be paused on Candle Day, making it near impossible to avoid the $5.99 standard shipping fee on every Bath & Body Works online order, no matter how big.

The KCL team has noticed breadcrumbs — small signs that Bath & Body Works could be preparing to offer free no-rush shipping during the holidays for the first time in the company’s history. All of this and more in the previous Bath & Body Works Shipping article.


8. In-store price adjustments work in-stores since the candle sale is 2 days.

So you want to shop Candle Day early to get the best selection and avoid the crowd? Aren’t you smart?

Historically, we haven’t been able to pre-shop the Bath & Body Works Candle sale because as a one-day event, it was excluded, per the terms of the official price adjustment policy. (More on policies like this in our comprehensive Bath & Body Works Sales Hacks.) But, since the in-store sale surprised us last year with a second-day extension, theoretically, this year it could work.

You’d better believe I’ll be testing. Here’s my personal game plan:

The sale is predicted to land on December 3rd and last two days. That means I will shop anytime in the two weeks prior and buy candles, paying whatever they cost on that day without concern. I won’t even use a coupon. Then, during the Candle Day sale, I’ll go in right as the store opens, walk straight to the register (avoiding the hordes of shoppers shuffling and smelling every one of the 120+ candle scents), present my receipt to the cashier, and request a price adjustment.


9. And don’t forget to pre-buy a gift card at a discount to save a little bit more.

Save a few percentage points more when you shop ahead for a discounted Bath & Body Works gift card from Raise.com.

If you can buy a $100 gift card for $95, you save an extra 5% on top of Candle Day and bring your price down to 2019 levels ($9.50 per candle when you buy 10). I’m not afraid to work for that fifty cents per candle. Are you?. There’s no shame in this game.


10. Get text reminders from KCL for every Bath & Body Works sale.

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