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Everything You Need to Know About Bath & Body Works Laundry Detergent

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Bath and Body Works laundry detergent is still a relatively new-ish product for the retailer. The full line debuted in Sept. 2023 for all customers, after seeing success with a Bath & Body Works Rewards member shopping preview in Aug. 2023. Products include the aforementioned BBW detergent, plus compatible fragrance boosters of the same scents.

But here’s the rub — this stuff is not cheap. A single 32-ounce bottle of the detergent costs $19.95, and it’s the same price for an 18-ounce bottle of the fragrance boosters. Some serious Bath & Body Works savings hacks and BBW deals are necessary to bring that cost way down.  

Something to note: Not all stores carry the laundry line, it's mostly available online. That means you could end up paying $6.99 for shipping, unless you can find a Bath & Body Works free shipping promo.

Fortunately, the BBW sales schedule offers a little relief  — we’ve seen detergent and scent boosters marked down as low as $9.95 during the Semi-Annual Sale.

Here’s what to know about BBW laundry detergent and how to save. Text HACKS to 57299 for smart shopping tips and download The Krazy Coupon Lady app to make deal-finding that much easier.

Is Bath and Body Works making laundry detergent?

Yes — as of Sept. 2023 a full line of BBW laundry detergent and scent boosters became available online on the Bath & Body Works website. Members of the retailer's rewards program were eligible for a free Bath and Body Works laundry sample earlier that year in June 2023.

How much does Bath and Body Works laundry detergent cost?

bath and body works laundry detergent

Respectfully, the price for BBW laundry detergent is nothing short of outrageous. A 32-ounce bottle of the detergent is $19.95. The fragrance boosters, which come in an 18-ounce bottle, also retail for $19.95.

Each bottle of detergent can wash either 32 large laundry loads or 64 small ones. Still, that's $0.62 per large load and $0.31 per small load if you purchase the product at full price.

The 18-ounce fragrance booster bottle accommodates about 36 regular-size loads of laundry, or $0.55 per load.

That means you could be paying a total of $1.17 for each load of wash you do using both BBW laundry detergent and fragrance boosters. Yikes.

The laundry line is largely only available online, which means you have to pay for shipping.

On top of the $19.95 price tag on BBW laundry detergent, you can't find it in all of their stores. Only select locations carry it. That means if you want your closet to smell like Champagne Toast, you may need to order the detergent and fragrance boosters online. This presents an additional cost because free shipping is not a thing Bath & Body Works typically does. Unless there's a free shipping coupon, you're on the hook for an additional $6.99 in shipping fees.

Tips to Save on Bath and Body Works Laundry Detergent

Now that I'm fully done hemming and hawing about the $19.95 price tag attached to BBW laundry detergent, let's get into why you're really here: how to save on it.

Shop seasonal scents during the Semi-Annual Sale for just $9.95.

The absolute cheapest we have seen these detergents and scent boosters is $9.95 during the winter Semi-Annual sale. Now they didn't mark down the mainstay scents, like Sun-Drenched Linen or Mahogany Teakwood, but you could find the holiday fragrances like White Birch and Norwegian Pine for that cheap price.

Buy the laundry products during B3G3 Free promotions, like on Black Friday.

The Bath & Body Works Black Friday sale goes from good to great throughout the week. And when it hits the B3G3 free promotion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, that's really when you want to pounce on BBW laundry detergent. Yes, you'll have to essentially pony up $60 on three bottles of detergent or fragrance boosters, but then you'll get to choose three for free. This ultimately brings each bottle to $9.98 — just pennies more than we see during the Semi-Annual Sale (but you won't be limited to seasonal scents).

Stack Bath & Body Works coupons on top of sale prices in-store.

If you can get your hands on Bath & Body Works mail coupons, they usually include at least one percentage-off or dollar-off coupon that you can apply to the laundry collection. However, these coupons work better if you have a nearby BBW store that sells the laundry collection. This way you don't have to pay for shipping and you can potentially stack coupons on top of an in-store promotion price.

Note that even if there's also a free shipping code in play, you can't use that and your coupon online. Only one coupon per order on

Mix and match detergents and fragrances boosters during flash sales.

So this isn't the best price you can get on BBW laundry detergent, but occasionally the retailer runs 2/$30 Mix & Match promos. That brings the cost down to $15 — or 24.8% off.

Bath and Body Works Laundry Pricing: A Brief History

If you're curious about how the prices on the laundry collection have shifted around since its debut in Sept. 2023, here's a brief overview.

  • The regular-price of BBW laundry detergent has always been listed at $19.95 each.

  • During a member-exclusive preview in Aug. 2023, the detergent was available for $11.95 each — that's 40% off. At that price, and because it was brand new, product sold out in a single day.

  • The lowest price we've seen on the detergent is $9.95 on seasonal scents during the Winter 2023-24 Semi-Annual Sale.

  • During the Black Friday B3G3 Free sale period, you can get the detergent and fragrance boosters for $9.98 if you purchase six in one transaction.

  • A $15 promotional price during Mix & Match Laundry sales happens a few times a year.

Which Bath & Body Works scents can you get in the laundry line?


In May 2023 the retailer asked their rewards members to vote on which scents they wanted to see in detergent form. This resulted in the following becoming "hero" fragrances in the laundry line:

  • A Thousand Wishes: sweet, warm celebration

  • Cactus Blossom: sweet, crisp tropical oasis

  • Cozy Cashmere: woodsy, floral, and comforting

  • Pineapple Mango: oh-so fruity touch of the tropics

  • Fresh Sunshine: sweet, citrusy, and bright as the sun

  • Palo Santo: warm and woodsy fresh start

  • White Tea & Sage: earthy, freshly brewed cup of tea

  • Eucalyptus Mint: fresh herbal blend straight from the spa

  • Bergamot Waters: lazy river on a bright, breezy day

  • Sundrenched Linen: just-washed laundry on a summer day

  • Ocean: cool, refreshing dip in the deep blue sea

  • Lavender Vanilla: dreamy bedside bouquet

  • Mahogany Teakwood: warm flannel on a walk in the woods

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom: Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, and blushing sandalwood

Some seasonal scents pop up throughout the year.

Bath & Body Works offers new fragrances among all of their products each season, and the laundry line is no different. Here's what we've seen them deliver so far as limited-edition detergents:

Holiday 2023

  • Winter Candy Apple

  • Vanilla Bean Noel

  • Twisted Peppermint

  • White Birch

  • Fresh Snowfall

  • Norwegian Pine

Spring 2024

  • White Gardenia

  • Raspberry Rainbow

  • Vanilla Suede

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