I get all of these for FREE with coupons. Really!

Some of these deals come around more often than others, but when I can get something for free, I stock up to hold me over until the next time it’s free.

Wanna get this stuff free too? It’s easy to learn how to coupon, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind a stockpile of food and necessities provides. There are a few ways to find current freebies. You could browse the KCL site for freebie deals. Or you could check out each of these items individually by tapping the link on each header.

Be sure to download the KCL app and we’ll notify you about freebies!

TIP: Each of these has a “stock-up price” even though you can get them for free. Knowing each item’s stock-up price will help you recognize a good price when there’s not a coupon deal to get an item for free.


1. Body Wash

You can find coupon deals for free body wash at Target, drugstores (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens) and Walmart.

Stock-up price: $0.50


2. Antacids

There’s no reason to pay for antacid when you’re couponing.

Thanks to rebate apps, these are free at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.

Stock-up price: FREE


3. Bananas

Did you know you can get single bananas for free at stores like Target and Walmart when you use rebate apps?! Yep, it’s true.

Stock-up price: $0.29/lb



4. Mustard

You’ll find deals on mustard most often at grocery stores like Walmart, Safeway, Publix, and Kroger.

Stock-up price: $0.10


5. Toothpaste

Do. Not. Pay. For. Toothpaste. EVER.

We can’t emphasize this enough. Drugstores love to give toothpaste away to couponers for free.

Stock-up price: FREE


6. Mascara

Hit up drugstores for free mascara. CVS, in particular, is a gold mine.

Stock-up price: $1.50 each


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7. Disposable Razors

For real. These are often free at Target or Walgreens.

Stock-up price: $1.99


8. Facial cleanser

Target is your place for deals on face wash.

Stock-up price: $1.99


9. Floss

Don’t ever pay for floss, either! You can find it free at drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

Stock-up price: FREE



10. Shampoo

Pantene, TRESemme, and Suave are the big players, but you can find other brands like Garnier for free too. Coupon at Target to get these deals.

Stock-up price: $0.50/bottle


11. Greeting Cards

Coupon at CVS to get free greeting cards.

Stock-up price: 50% off


12. Shave Gel

Coupon at Target for the most frequent freebie deals on shaving cream.

Stock-up price: $1.50/can


13. Toothbrush

You can find free toothbrushes at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Stock-up price: FREE


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14. String Cheese singles

You’ll find free string cheese deals when you coupon at Walmart.

Stock-up price: $0.15 ea.


15. Deodorant

The most frequent deodorant deals are at the three drugstores and Kroger. We see Sure and Brut and Ban deals most often.

Stock-up price: $1.00 ea.


16. Mouthwash

Oral care again. With coupons, you’ll never need to pay for mouthwash. The most frequent mouthwash freebie deals are at Target and drugstores.

Stock-up price: $1.50/bottle



17. Candy

You can find freebie candy bar and Trolli deals at drugstores. Sometimes Walmart.

Stock-up price: $0.25


18. Gum/Mints

Hit up Kroger, Target or Walgreens for freebie deals on gum and mints.

Stock-up price: $0.50/pack


19. Contact Solution

Sometimes you can get contact solution free with coupons! CVS is the place to find those deals.

Stock-up price: $2.00


20. Vitamins

Shop drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid to find deals on freebie vitamins. We see these deals in the fall and early winter.

Stock-up price: $2.50

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