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Top Items You Should Always Get for Free With Coupons

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Couponers are known for getting cheap stuff. I like to be known for getting free stuff with my coupons.

There are certain items that you can bank on always being free…and sometimes even make money on (we call this a moneymaker). Some of these deals come around more often than others, but when I can get something for free, I stock up to hold me over until the next time it’s a freebie.

It’s easy to learn how to coupon, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind a stockpile of food and necessities provides. If you’re looking to score exclusively the freebies, we make that easy for you. Bookmark the freebie deals page on KCL, and download the KCL app to be notified as soon as there’s a hot freebie deal.


1. Get free toothpaste at drugstores.

A person's hand holding up two stacked boxes of Colgate Total brand toothpaste in front of a shelf at CVS.

Do. Not. Pay. For. Toothpaste. EVER.

We can’t emphasize this enough. Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens love to give toothpaste away to shoppers for free when they have coupons. You can count on getting brands like Colgate and Crest for free. Sometimes, you’ll even get a moneymaking deal on toothpaste.

In the deal example below, you’ll see Colgate toothpaste was on sale for $3.99 at CVS. When you purchased two, you’d receive $4 in ExtraBucks. You could have also used a $2/$6 Colgate purchase CVS store coupon and a $3/2 Colgate toothpaste CVS L2C coupon.

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2. Don’t forget the free toothbrushes and mouthwash at drugstores too.

A person's hand holding a bottle of Colgate Total mouthwash above a CVS shopping cart with more Colgate mouthwash, Colgate Optic White toothpaste, and Colgate toothbrushes in the basket.

While you’re getting free toothpaste, be sure to get free mouthwash too. Find free toothbrushes and mouthwash at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. Even better, normally when drugstores have free toothbrush deals going on, toothpaste and mouthwash deals are happening at the same time!

In the deal example below, you’ll see Colgate mouthwash and toothbrushes were on sale for $4.49 at CVS. When you purchased two, you received $5 in ExtraBucks. You could have also used a $2/1 Colgate toothbrush CVS store coupon and a $2/1 Colgate mouthwash CVS L2C coupon.

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3. Get free body wash after rebates.

Two bottles of Caress body wash sitting in the basket of a Target shopping cart.

Find coupon deals for free body wash at Target, drugstores (Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens), and Walmart. You can count on getting deals on Caress, Axe, Dove, and Suave.

To get free body wash, look for a rebate app offer or drugstore rewards. A rebate app gets you cash back or other reimbursements for receipts showing proof of purchase for an item or items. Drugstore rewards are either store cash or points that you earn for purchasing select items.

Here’s an example:

See body wash deals available now.


4. Score free antacid after rebates and digital coupons.

A person's hand holding up a bottle of Rolaids in front of a shelf in Walgreens.

There’s no reason to pay for antacids when you’re couponing.

Thanks to rebate apps and digital coupons, these are typically free at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dollar General, Target, and Walmart. Usually, you’ll get a small pack for free, but hey — free is free! Here’s an example:

See medicine deals available now.


5. Stack coupons and rebates for free sweetener.

A box of 100 packets of Splenda sitting on another box of Splenda on the shelf at Publix.

Sweeteners like Splenda and Equal are often free at Walmart when you stack a manufacturer coupon with a rebate.

I see the best deals at grocery stores or Walmart. Most of the time, the sweetener may not be on sale, but when you pair a coupon with a rebate, you’ll get it for free. And these aren’t small or travel-size packages. At one point, I had 10 packs of 100-count boxes of Splenda!

Here’s an example:


6. Get free bananas with cash-back app rebates.

A bunch of bananas hanging from a hook in the produce section with a Target shopping cart visible in the background.

Did you know you can get a single banana for free at stores like Target and Walmart when you use rebate apps?! Yep, it’s true. Rebate apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 will often offer an “any fruit” rebate for $0.25. Most single bananas by weight will be under $0.25 per lb., so free banana for you.

Check out this example:

See fruit deals available now.



7. Free makeup with coupons is the best makeup.

A person's hand holding up Maybelline makeup products with a coupon for $3 off at CVS.

Hit up drugstores for free makeup like mascara, makeup remover, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. CVS, in particular, is a gold mine. Most free makeup deals will involve a coupon and drugstore rewards promotion.

Here’s an example:

See makeup deals available now. Plus, check out the 7 beauty products you can always get for free at the drugstore.


8. Grab free name-brand disposable razors.

Packages of Schick Xtreme 3, Schick Xtreme 4, and Skintimate disposable razors sitting in the basket of a CVS cart.

For real. You can get free disposable razors from top brands like Gillette, Schick, and Venus. These are often free at Target, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens. Use a manufacturer coupon and rebate offer to get them for free.

Here’s an example:

See razor deals available now.


9. Snag free shaving cream to go with your razors.

A person's hand holding up a bottle of Gillette Foamy shaving cream in front of a shelf with more Gillette shaving cream at Walgreens.

Now that you have the free razors, get yourself free shaving cream too. Drugstores like Walgreens and CVS have easy deals to get shaving cream for free. Many times these stores will give you Walgreens Cash or CVS ExtraBucks for the full amount that you paid for the shaving cream.

Here’s an example:

See shaving cream deals available now.


10. Stay clean with free Neutrogena products.

Neutrogena facial cleansers stocked on the shelf at Target.

Neutrogena doesn’t always have to cost you money. In fact, you can count on getting free Neutrogena skin care items frequently from CVS, Walmart, or Target. Many times, they’re free with easy rebates from Ibotta or digital coupons from CVS.

Here’s an example:

See Neutrogena deals available now.



11. Always get free shampoo (and hair care products).

Three bottles of Pantene hair products sitting in the basket of a shopping cart at CVS.

Pantene, TRESemme, and Suave are the big players, but you can find other brands like Garnier for free too. Get these brands of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products for free at CVS and Walgreens. Not your preferred brand? They’re great for your guest bathroom or donations.

Check out this example:

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12. Stay fresh with free deodorant.

A person's hand holding up a stick of Sure deodorant and Brut Classic in front of a shelf in a CVS.

The most frequent deodorant deals are at the three drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid) and Kroger. We see Sure, Brut, and Ban deals most often. Deals at drugstores are typically super easy — just buy the product and get the same amount back in Walgreens Cash or CVS ExtraBucks.

Here’s an example:

See deodorant deals available now.


13. Free candy is always sweeter.

A person's hand holding up a bag of almond M&Ms in front of a candy shelf at Walgreens.

At one point, you’ll be able to find free candy at any store. Between Ibotta deals and drugstore promotions, you’re covered! It’s normally a free candy bar or small bag, but every once in a while, CVS will offer a free full bag of candy with a digital coupon. You’ll see deals on chocolate — like M&M’s, Snickers, or Hershey’s — and on gummies like Trolli gummy worms.

Here’s an example:

See candy deals available now.


14. Don’t skip your vitamins when they’re free.

A person's hand holding two bottles of Centrum vitamins over a shopping cart basket with another bottle sitting in it.

Shop drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid where you can find deals on freebie vitamins. Getting free vitamins normally requires stacking coupons and rebates. But it’s worth it! We see these deals in the fall and early winter due to everyone ramping up for their healthy kick in the new year. You’ll see deals on the store brands Centrum and Kori.

Here’s an example:

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