Gone are the days of waiting weeks on end for your pictures to print. CVS photo printing is one of these services we’ve all known about all along, but now it’s better than ever. For example, did you know that CVS offers same-day photo printing and pickup at select locations?

Read on to learn more about CVS photo printing hacks and how you can avoid paying full price for your photos ever again (but before you do, download the KCL app — it’s loaded with daily deals and saving opportunities!).


1. Download the CVS Pharmacy app and create an account online to upload your photos.

When you download the CVS app, you’ll be prompted to create an online account as well. This will give you access to the CVS ExtraCare rewards program, where you’ll find tons of CVS coupons and promo codes. It’s also where you can access CVS’s photo center services.


2. Upload photos from your phone or computer and pick them up for free.

We all love disposable film, but it takes so much longer, like seven to nine business days to develop. We’re living in the digital age, and CVS’s photo service now lets you upload your photos from anywhere and pick them up the same day — for free.

After you’ve created an account, you can upload your photos from:

  • Your computer
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Google Photos


3. Check for CVS photo coupons online, like 50% off of photo cards and more.

Check the Weekly Deals tab online for the scoop on the latest savings opportunities. In September 2020, I found a coupon for 50% off photo cards using code: CARD50.

CVS offers a lot of online- and app-only coupons, and this goes for photos as well. For instance, I also found a sale in September (right around Labor Day) for 50% off photo orders with code: PICTURE50.

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4. Sign up for CVS emails for exclusive coupons and deals.

When I signed up for CVS emails, I got three free ExtraCare bucks and an exclusive 15% off coupon for my next photo order using code: MYPROJECT15.


5. You can only use one promo code per item in the checkout.

Bummer, but that’s how it works. So, if I want to use PICTURE50 for 50% off my order total but also try to apply to MYPROJECT15 for that extra 15% off, only one would apply.

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6. Shop around holidays for the best deals on CVS photos.

CVS tends to offer great deals on their photo services around holidays. During Labor Day 2020, CVS ran deals like 40% off enlargements, collages, and wallet prints; 50% off photo orders; and 50% off 4×6 prints for orders of 50 photos or more.

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7. Take advantage of free same-day pickup and free ship to store.

Okay, so CVS has really upped their photo offerings. Now you can upload and pick up a range of photo items, like prints to calendars to wall art, on the same day. Other items take more time, so you’ll have to settle for free to-store shipping (it’ll take seven to nine business days).

There’s a lot to take in here, so I created a cool chart so you’ll know what items are available for same-day pickup and which ones aren’t:

8. Shop CVS custom calendars for cheaper prices than Walmart or Shutterfly.

Not gonna lie, photos can be expensive, and the same goes for CVS. Walmart is hard to beat, so it’s best to shop there for typical photo needs like 4×6 prints (Walmart’s go for $0.09/print versus CVS at $0.39/print — no brainer).

But, CVS does excel when it comes to their custom calendars. Their prices undercut both Walmart and Shutterfly (in case you’re wondering, Costco and Walgreens don’t sell custom calendars).


9. Shop CVS’s photo prints for the convenience factor if you’re not worried about paying more.

As you’ll see below, CVS offers several easy ways to upload your photos and get them in the same day. If you’re not worried about paying a little extra for your photos (and for the quality), then CVS is totally worthwhile.


10. Download Google Photos to quickly upload and print 4×6 photos.

Download the Google Photos app if you want to use this service. You can upload photos to your Google photos and connect it to your CVS account (you’ll see the opportunity to connect accounts when you click “Upload Photos” while logged in).

This service only lets you print 4×6 prints — not canvas prints, photo books, albums, or calendars. Still, it’s a great way to quickly print off a bulk order of photos.

And, if you find a promo like I did for 50% off photo orders, you can get each print for $0.14 a pop as opposed to the regularly price of $0.35.


11. Download the Kodak app and find a CVS with a Kodak kiosk near you.

CVS also works with Kodak, and you can find their kiosks in store. To use this service, download the Kodak Moments app and check online to see if your CVS has a Kodak kiosk.

If your CVS has a kiosk, you can instantly send photos to a Kodak kiosk from your phone and pick up your photos in the store.


12. Use the Kodak kiosk’s WiFi in store to transfer your photos.

You can only upload photos if you have WiFi, but you can also use Kodak’s free WiFi in the store if your connection is slow.



13. Look for coupons on passport photos to avoid paying full price.

Hello world traveler! If you’re still looking to fly internationally, you can print off 2×2 passport photos at CVS.

The photos will cost you $14.99, but you should always check online for a CVS passport coupon! Right now, you can get $2 off your total just by printing off the coupon and scanning it in store.


14. Store your photos on your online account for as long as you need.

Once you’ve uploaded photos to your CVS account, they’ll stay there unless you delete them. What’s so awesome about this service is that CVS offers unlimited online photo storage as long as you’re an “Active Member.” Basically, just access your account once every 180 days and make one purchase every year to keep Active Member status.


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