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If you’re an Aldi fan, you shop there because you know you’re going to find food for cheap, fun gifts, and #AldiFinds that only a true Aldi shopper can identify. But one of the worst things that can happen if you’re an Aldi regular is forgetting a quarter for your shopping cart rental. I know because it happened to me last week — and then my friend told me about an Aldi quarter holder.

If you’re as clueless as I was about these convenient little Aldi lifesavers known as Aldi coin keychains, let me explain.

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What is an Aldi quarter holder?

new aldi quarter holders in a aldi store

If you’re new to shopping at Aldi, renting your shopping cart may be a new concept for you. But that’s how Aldi does it. Upon arrival, you insert a quarter to remove your cart, and after you shop and return your cart, you get your quarter back. This is a grand idea until you show up to shop without your trusty quarter. That’s where the Aldi quarter holder comes in.

They’re tiny, quarter-sized pouches that attach to a keyring so you always have a quarter on you. It’s genius!


The most recent Aldi Quarter Keepers arrived at stores with the March 22 weekly ad.

a person holding up an aldi quarter holder

Another fun thing about Aldi is that they created their own Quarter Keeper. It’s a keychain that holds the quarter you use when you want to use a cart. Quarter Keepers are sold just two or three times each year at Aldi stores. They’ll usually list them in the Aldi Finds part of the sales ad, and sometimes they’re themed (like an Aldi shopping cart, the Aldi store logo, Aldi-branded grocery items, or even holiday-themed ones on occasion).

When they’re available, the Quarter Keepers are typically located near the checkout lanes. Here are some of the designs that dropped on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, with the Aldi Gear haul:

In-Store Deal
Assorted designs available March 22, 2023
Since these Aldi quarter holders are so convenient (and popular), it can be a pain to wait for Aldi to have them on sale — especially because they sell out FAST. And I mean like within less than a week. But people also make and sell them on Amazon and Etsy so you can buy one whenever you want!

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You can buy Aldi quarter holders year-round from Amazon and Etsy, but you’ll spend a bit more.

Three quarter holders next to produce

Yep, you can score an Aldi quarter holder anytime by shopping for handmade versions on Amazon or Etsy. They cost more than the $0.99 OG holders at Aldi, but you’re paying for someone’s craftsmanship and will have a more unique quarter holder than everyone else, so it’s a trade-off. You can also buy them in bulk if you need an easy gift idea for your Aldi-loving friends.





Shipping: Starts at $5.10
Shipping: Starts at $3.81
Shipping: Starts at $3
As low as $7.00
Shipping: Starts at $3.50
Shipping: Starts at $4.31
As low as $9.00
Shipping: Starts at $4.25
As low as $9.50

Make your own Aldi quarter holder with just a bit of felt, thread, and a key ring.

If you’ve got some basic craft skills, you can make your own Aldi quarter holder. Just get a bit of felt and trace a circle a bit larger than a quarter. Then cut another circle of felt the same size and cut a slit into it. Use thread (or even hot glue) to sew the two pieces together, and you can slide the quarter into this pocket through the slit you cut. For the final product, attach a keychain securely to the quarter holder.

The Aldi Quarter Holder: What It Is & Where To Buy