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Shopping at ALDI is like visiting a little European market in your neighborhood (if you’re lucky enough to have one!).

Not only do they offer products you can’t get at a store like Walmart, but the prices are reasonable and the quality is good.

Make sure you download the KCL app in order to learn about new ALDI deals too!

Here are my best tips for shopping at ALDI and all your ALDI questions answered:


1. Does ALDI take coupons?

a weekly ad held up next to an Aldi display

Nope, not even manufacturer coupons. But don’t stress, because ALDI prices are set very low. I’m going to show you!


2. ALDI restocks their shelves every day.

fully stocked shelves of tissue


3. Visit the ALDI Finds section on Wednesdays.

Aldi finds flyer in the window of Aldi

Every Tuesday evening, ALDI is busy discounting the items that’ll be featured in Wednesday’s ALDI Finds.

So, mark your calendar for Wednesday mornings if you want the best selection. ALDI Finds items sell out super fast, because they’re great deals.


4. “ALDI Savers” indicates a clearance item, and sale dates are listed on the tag.

ALDI Savers display

For example, this Countryside Creamery butter price tag shows a $0.10 discount and in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see a date range. That’s how you know when the sale is over.


5. Meat, produce, and eggs are the best deals at ALDI.

Meat in an ALDI shopping basket

Not to sound like a fangirl, but ALDI offers so many great prices on so many things that this category could be expanded and include other items too, like bread, dips (guacamole, hummus, etc.), but I’m trying to keep it simple for a comparison.

Here’s how prices in these categories stand up to Walmart’s prices:

Grass Fed New York Beef Strip Steak

ALDI: $9.99 per pound (boneless!)
Walmart: $15.97 per pound

Bacon-Wrapped Steak Filet

ALDI: $0.60 per ounce
Walmart: $0.68 per ounce

Ahi Tuna Steaks

ALDI: $0.43 per ounce
Walmart: $0.45 per ounce

Organic Chicken Breast

ALDI: $6.49 per pound
Whole Foods (Walmart doesn’t sell this): $7.99 per pound


ALDI: $1.29 per pint
Walmart: $3.98 per pint

Roma Tomatoes

ALDI: $0.59 per pound
Walmart: $0.98 per pound

Broccoli Crowns

ALDI: $1.59 per pound
Walmart: $1.77 per pound

Organic Cage Free Eggs

ALDI: $3.09 per dozen
Walmart: $3.48 per dozen



6. Is ALDI cheaper than Walmart? Yes! Take gluten-free food, for example.
Gluten free foods in an ALDI shopping cart

Gluten-free living ain’t cheap, but ALDI can offer a little reprieve to your grocery budget. Some categories (like bread) offer just slight savings, but when you shop ALDI for gluten-free stuff, you’re safe just buying all the things. It’s probably cheaper than Walmart.

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

ALDI: $0.29 per ounce
Walmart: $0.31 per ounce

Gluten-Free Tortillas/Wraps

ALDI: $0.38 per ounce
Walmart: $0.47 per ounce


7. Don’t buy anything at ALDI you could get super cheap elsewhere with coupons (diapers, laundry detergent, toothpaste, etc.).

Diapers on a shelf at Aldi

ALDI diapers aren’t the actual cheapest on the market (Walmart’s store brand Parent’s Choices beats them by a cent per diaper), and they’re known for leaks and rashes. If you’d like to exit the generic diaper world, find out how to get cheap diapers.

Tide Pods are cheaper at Walmart, no coupons necessary, and it’s a crime to pay more than a dollar for a tube of Crest.

Store Brand Diapers

ALDI (Little Journeys): $0.18 per diaper
Walmart (Parent’s Choice): $0.17 per diaper

Tide Pods

ALDI: $0.28 per pod
Walmart: $0.22 per pod

Crest Toothpaste

ALDI: $0.55 per ounce
Target: $0.11 per ounce (see deal below)

Buy 1 Crest Complete Toothpaste, 4.6 ounces, $2.49 reg. price
$2 – Crest Toothpaste MFR single-use coupon, Target Circle Single-Use Manufacturer Coupon
$2/1 – Crest Toothpaste 3 ounce or larger from PG


8. ALDI delivery and grocery pickup will cost you at least 17% more than shopping in the store.

a bag being held up near an Aldi's sign

The in-store price of a particular item at the time a purchase is made, including for weighted items, may differ from what’s available through the Instacart platform. Additional fees apply to online orders. Check it out:

Burman’s Ketchup

$1.19 in store ($1.35 pickup)

Appleton Premium Bacon

$3.49 in store ($3.85 pickup)

Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice

$1.09 in store ($1.35 pickup)

Final Price: $5.77 in store ($6.55 pickup)

For just these three items you’ll pay an extra $.78. Order a trunk full of groceries for pickup, and you may increase your total by about 15 – 17%. Plus, you’ll pay a $1.99 fee ($5.99 per Instacart delivery!).

Learn more about ALDI delivery and ALDI curbside pickup.



9. ALDI shoppers know to buy the three-wick candles.

candles at Aldi

Three-wick candles like the ones Bath & Body Works sells are just $3.99 at ALDI. Even with a sweet Bath & Body Works coupon and sale, you won’t find candles for that low (they usually get as low as about $6 in very exciting situations).

Not only that, but they have a great scent throw. Fills my two-story home!


10. Trader Joe’s and ALDI aren’t owned by the same company, but they’re kind of like cousins.

al Aldi's bag next to a trader joes bag

Are you ready to go and set the interwebs straight on this account? I’ve seen so much talk about these two stores being identical except in name or being owned by the same company.

Two brothers, Theo and Karl Albrecht, opened a store called ALDI in Germany in the 1940s. Lots of stuff happened between brothers (as things often do), and one of the brothers, Theo, decided to bail and purchase a store founded in California by Joe Coulumbe, also known as Trader Joe’s.

Fast forward to now: Karl’s company owns ALDI; Theo’s family owns Trader Joe’s. The stores are cousins. And just like cousins, they don’t share a common parent as much as a common family heritage.

Products are not identical, business strategy isn’t the same. Just loosely related because they were owned by two separate brothers. There, now you can go set the internet straight on this point!


11. Use apps like Ibotta, Checkout51, and Fetch Rewards to earn more savings on ALDI deals.

Fetch Rewards app open on a cell phone with groceries laid out on a table below it.

Maybe you can’t use coupons, but you can use rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout51, and Fetch Rewards to earn cash back and rewards on produce and name brands like Chobani yogurt and Kevita Kombucha.

Make your purchases, and once you have a receipt, scan it with whatever app you’re using. (If the stars align and you can use all three apps with one receipt, that’s money!)


12. Don’t bother with the ALDI app — you won’t miss out on anything.

someone on the Aldi app in front of an Aldi sign

Use it, don’t use it. Doesn’t really matter. You won’t find any special reason to use the ALDI app outside of convenience if you prefer to look through ALDI Finds on your phone.

In fact, if you tap “Grocery Delivery & Curbside Pickup” in the app, it redirects you to your phone’s browser anyway.



13. ALDI Return Policy offers a refund and replacement of any store-branded product.

pumpkin ice cream on checkout belt in aldis

That’s right, they do both.

ALDI’s “Twice as Nice Guarantee” gives you a refund and a replacement for any ALDI-brand product you didn’t like. Exceptions include non-food items in the ALDI Finds section and alcohol.


14. Loan ALDI $0.25 while you use a shopping cart.

someone putting a quarter into an Aldi cart

ALDI cuts labor and theft costs by charging you $0.25 to release a cart and refunding the quarter when you return the cart to the corral. But if you don’t have a quarter, just walk inside and ask the cashier.


15. Bring your own bags.
pile of grocery bags

To keep prices low, ALDI charges $0.05 – $0.10 a bag, and they don’t have baggers; they scan your items and put them back in the cart.

Always bring reusable bags when shopping here — it’s free and environmentally friendly.

What are your best tips for shopping at ALDI? Best ALDI finds? Share in the comments.


15 Tips for Maximizing Your ALDI Shopping Trip