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If you haven’t shopped at Aldi yet for their unique Aldi Finds and low prices on groceries, then maybe these Aldi lookalikes of popular products will lure you in. From Dagne Dover bag alternatives and Bogg Bag-inspired handbags, Anthropologie-esque candles, an Always Pan alternative, and even a Le Creuset lookalike, Aldi alternatives can save you loads versus buying their brand-name counterparts. And some of these Aldi lookalikes are even made in the same factories as the higher-priced brands. Heck. Yes.

One rule for shopping these Aldi alternatives in-store? You have to be quick. These so-called Aldi Finds won’t get restocked. That means once you see them in your local store, you better snatch it right up. And if you’re not fully satisfied with your alternative purchase for any reason, Aldi’s hassle-free return policy lets you return anything, anytime.

To help get you started, we assembled everything you should know about Aldi alternatives, plus what products to look for this week.

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Aldi alternatives show up in the weekly ad, but they don’t get restocked.

Someone taking a This Weeks ALDI ad from the basket in the entrance of ALDI

A dupe refers to a product that’s made to look like a more expensive or well-known item but sold at a much lower price. Shopping for alternatives at retailers like Aldi can be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality or style. At Aldi, you’ll usually spot the alternatives in the Aldi Finds section of the Aldi weekly ad.

And if you’re not familiar with Aldi Finds, they’re the limited-edition products that Aldi only sells for a short period of time and in limited quantities. Many of these items are Aldi’s alternatives, and they won’t get restocked. So if you spot something you love that’s an Aldi Find, don’t wait too long to snag it!

TIP: Aldi Finds don’t include everyday essentials like toilet paper or laundry detergent, which Aldi considers “Regular Buys” and will always keep in stock.


Aldi Comparable Products we love this week:

1. Aldi Canvas Slip-Ons (Vans Classic Slip-On Shoe) $8.99:

Everyone has seen the iconic Vans slip-ons, and now Aldi is selling their own take on the shoes for less than 1/5 of the name brand’s price. The Aldi alternative is made of canvas, memory foam insole, and a flexible outsole for maximum comfort. The only catch? Aldi offers way fewer sizes than Vans does. Currently, they only carry Men’s 10–12 or Ladies’ 7–10.


2. Aldi Gear Travel Mug (YETI Rambler 30-Ounce) $6.99:

Just last week Aldi rolled out their Yeti Rambler mug lookalike in the smaller size. Now, they’re bringing out the big guns with this 30-ounce travel mug. Much like the Yeti Rambler that inspired the new Aldi gear, this mug features double-walled insulation and a durable stainless steel design. The only difference? The Aldi alternative is almost 85% cheaper.


3. Aldi Gear Backpack (Fjallraven Classic Kånken backpack) $9.99:

Get the look of the classic Fjallraven backpack without spending $90, by opting for this Aldi alternative. Despite being 1/10 of the price, the Aldi version has many of the same features as the Fjallraven. This includes a padded laptop sleeve, two side drink pockets, a spacious front pocket, and similar storage capacity.


4. Bee Happy Mag Tiles (Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 37pc Set) $14.99:

Inspire creativity with these magnetic building blocks at Aldi. While name-brand versions of the toy retail for $59.99, the Aldi alternative sells for a whopping 75% less. The kit comes with 40 brightly colored pieces that are made to last.


Prior Aldi alternatives we loved:

1. Crofton 40-ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler (Stanley Adventure Quencher) $9.99:

stanley quencher and aldi crofton tumbler price comparison graphic

This Aldi find has officially hit the shelves. If you’ve been wanting a Stanley cup but don’t want to spend $45, this lookalike is perfect. The Stanley-inspired tumbler has many of the features shoppers love about the OG; it holds 40 ounces, fits in a cupholder, and has a handle. All for just $9.99.


2. Crofton Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Mug with Lid (Yeti Rambler Alternative) $5.99:

The Yeti Rambler is another incredibly popular drinkware that has inspired several lookalikes. And now Aldi has thrown their hat (or rather, cup) into the ring with their take on a Yeti Rambler-esque mug. This (much cheaper!) version has an iconic square handle, a sleek design, and holds 16.3 ounces. Plus it comes in four colors. And did I mention it’s only around 1/5 of the OG’s price?


3. Crofton 24-ounce Studded Tumbler (Starbucks Cup Lookalike) $5.99:

Starbucks cups are everywhere it seems. And now you can find a similarly textured cup at Aldi for so much cheaper. Instead of shelling out almost $25 for a studded tumbler, you can spend just $5.99 for a comparable product. Plus, it’s double-wall insulated, BPA-free, and comes in four colors.


4. Huntington Home Ultra Cozy Knit Throw (Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Blanket): $19.99

barefoot dreams dupe

We’ve all seen the crazy viral CozyChic Barefoot in the Wild Throw ($180, Barefoot Dreams) on social media. But what if I told you Aldi is dropping a store-brand alternative for $160 less? The generic has the same animal print pattern, neutral color palette, and incredible softness of the name-brand product.


5. Ambiano Portable Blender (BlendJet 2): $14.99

If you’ve ever wanted a BlendJet, but didn’t want to spend nearly $100, Aldi has a similar product on shelves now. This portable blender ($14.99, Aldi) is great for smoothies on the go, whether you’re thirsty on your commute or packing it for school lunch. Plus, it comes in four different colors for a bit of variety.


6. Easy Home Spin Mop Set (O-Cedar Spin Mop): $24.99

o cedar vs aldi dupe graphic

Aldi’s Easy Home Spin Mop Set came back in the Aldi Finds for the first week of July and cost $24.99. This mop and bucket set created quite a buzz on social media and was available in two colors: blue and gray. With its hands-free wringing feature, the bucket aids in cleaning the mop effortlessly. The mop also has a pivoting head that cleans under furniture and reaches into corners, making cleaning more comfortable. An additional mop head is included in the package.

Amazon has the comparable O-Cedar Spin Mop for about $40.


7. Crofton 40-oz. Vacuum-Insulated Bottle (Cheaper Alternative to Trending Water Bottles): $9.99

crofton bottle vs aldi dupe graphic

We love this water bottle that visually resembles trending water bottles like the $50 Hydro Flask or $23 Zulu, but only costs a fraction of the price. The Aldi bottle keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, promises no flavor transfer, and is sweat-proof. The Aldi alternative comes in four colors.


8. Crane Market Tote Bag (Madewell Lookalike): $12.99

crane tote bag vs aldi dupe graphic

Madewell’s sold-out Canvas Transport Tote retailed for $88 when it was in stock. And luckily, this comparable style is currently in stock at Aldi for just a fraction of the price. Both are made of a durable canvas with a spacious interior and multiple pockets lining the outside.


9. Serra Haul It All Tote Bag (Bogg Bag Lookalike): $22.99

bogg bag vs aldi dupe graphic

As part of the May 10 Aldi Finds ad, they have the new Serra Haul It All Tote Bag for just $22.99. You can choose from three colors: teal, coral, or powder blue. The bag measures 18.5″ x 14.6″ x 9.5″ — very similar to the dimensions of the Original Bogg Bag.

The Original Bogg Bag retails for $89.95 on the Bogg website.


10. Lily & Dan Children’s Clogs (Crocs Lookalike): $5.99

croc vs aldi dupe graphic

These Lily & Dan’s Children’s Clogs came out with the May 10 weekly ad. They resemble the well-known Crocs design, with similar features like a slip-on style, holes for ventilation, and durable material. They come in various colors and sizes, but cost 76% less than the Crocs clogs for kids.

You can get Kids’ Crocs for as low as $24.99.


11. Crane Men’s or Ladies’ Clogs (Crocs Lookalike): $7.99

croc vs aldi dupe graphic

Also highlighted in the May 10 Aldi ad are the Crane Men’s or Ladies’ Clogs. These shoes have a similar design to adult Crocs, with a slip-on style, breathable holes, and durable material. These clogs come in multiple colors and sizes for both men and women. The Aldi lookalike costs 77% less than the official Crocs shoe for adults.

You can get adult Crocs for as low as $34.99.


12. Serra Ladies Mules (Nine West Lookalike): $9.99

nine west vs aldi dupe graphic

As part of the March 1 Aldi Finds ad, they had Serra Ladies’ Mules for just $9.99. There were multiple styles available in the Aldi’s Finds aisle, while supplies last.

Amazon has comparable Nine West Mules for $27.43.


13. Bamboo Pendant Light (Wayfair & Ikea Look-Alike): $49.99

ikea light vs aldi dupe graphic

The Aldi Finds ad for Feb. 22 offered this Huntington Home Bamboo Light for just $49.99. You could choose between a plug-in or hardwire installation option.

Wayfair offers a comparable light for $81.99, while Ikea has one for $89.99.


14. Covered Stoneware Baking Dish (Le Creuset Lookalike): $14.99

le creuset vs aldi dupe graphic

As of Feb. 22, Aldi had the Crofton Covered Stoneware Baking Dish for only $14.99 as part of their weekly Aldi Finds. Perfect for taking dishes straight from the oven to the table, this baking dish came in three colors — beige, blue, and lavender. It’s oven-safe (up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit) and easy to clean.

People often compare this baking dish to the pricier Le Creuset Heritage Square Casserole Dish, which costs $115.

Related: Want a true Le Creset? Here’s how to save on Le Creuset.


15. Crofton Awesome Pan (Always Pan Lookalike): $28.99

always pan vs aldi dupe graphic

The Crofton Awesome Pan came out with the Nov. 30 Aldi Finds flyer, and people considered it an alternative for the famous Always Pan.

Priced at $28.99, this Aldi alternative came in at a whopping $116 less than the original version’s list price ($145). Even when the original goes on sale for $99, the Aldi version is still $70 cheaper. The Aldi version came in three colors: matte black, white, and lavender.


16. Fresh Face Cloth (The Original MakeUp Eraser Lookalike): $4.99

makeup remover vs aldi dupe graphic

Back in August 2022, Aldi Finds included an alternative of The Original MakeUp Eraser. This Huntington Home Fresh Face Cloth costs $4.99 for a set of five cloths, making it a great deal compared to The Original Makeup Eraser‘s $20 price for one cloth.


17. Huntington Home Paradise Cliff Candle (Anthropologie Lookalike): $8.99

capri blue vs aldi dupe graphic

If you haven’t heard yet, the Capri Blue Volcano candle has a huge cult following. But at $34, it’s a bit too expensive for my liking. Luckily, in January 2023 Aldi Finds had an alternative for this pricey candle.

The Huntington Home Paradise Cliff Candle has that same enchanting and tropical scent that you know and love from the pricier one but at a much more affordable price ($8.99).



18. Lacura Eye Shadow Palette (Urban Decay Lookalike): $5.99

urban decay vs aldi dupe graphic

Aldi has released four different Lacura Eyeshadow Palettes, all of which are known as look-alikes for Urban Decay. These Lacura palettes were most recently at Aldi in December 2022:

These palette alternatives are super affordable at only $5.99, and they’re cruelty-free. Don’t get me wrong, Urban Decay also follows the same cruelty-free promise, but their palette prices are around $54 each. Plus, in Europe, where Aldi (and their sister brands) are originally from, they’ve received the Leaping Bunny cruelty-free award, so you know animals weren’t used for testing.


19. Lacura They’re Brilliant Mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex Lookalike): $3.99

too faced mascara vs aldi dupe graphic

For those who love the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara — but don’t love its high price — Aldi Finds has an alternative! At only $3.99 for a 0.28-ounce tube, The Lacura They’re Brilliant Mascara is a steal. Compare it with Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, which costs a whopping $28 for the exact same size.

Aldi even offers this mascara in both original and waterproof formulas, so you can take your pick.


20. Sherpa Pumpkin Pillow (Pottery Barn Lookalike): $14.99

pottery barn vs aldi dupe graphic

In August 2022, Aldi Finds had white and brown sherpa pumpkin-shaped pillows for just $14.99. Compare it to Pottery Barn’s similar pillows, which sold for over $35 each.


21. Serra Neoprene Bag (Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Lookalike): $20

serra neoprene bag vs aldi dupe graphic

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this Dagne Dover lookalike at Aldi. It comes in three colors: black, green, or blush. The Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag costs a whopping $245 for its largest size, which measures 20.5″ L x 10″ W x 10.5″ H. Compare that to the Aldi Serra Neoprene Duffle, which costs $20. It’s longer and measures out to 23.23″ L x 11.02″ W x 12.99″ H.

Sure, the Dagne Dover option comes in five more colors than the Aldi Serra bag, but you’d save $225 with the cheaper alternative. Side note: the smallest version of the Dagne Dover bag costs $125, and it measures less than half of the Aldi Serra bag at 9″ L x 4.75″ W x 6.25″ H.

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