Yes, we all love YETI, but those prices, ouch! No worries, I’ve got some YETI knockoffs you’ll wish you’d known about sooner! So, before you go breaking the bank, check out these worthy YETI alternatives. Let’s get to it.

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1. Save up to 88% on YETI hard-cooler knockoffs from Ozark Trails, RTIC, Coleman, and Orca.

What’s the best part about buying an Ozark Trails cooler versus a YETI? You get an equally durable cooler for a fraction of the price. In other words, buy this YETI knockoff from Walmart, and you’ll be able to afford enough beer and hot dogs to fill it.


Whether you’re camping, fishing, or enjoying a backyard BBQ, this practical cooler from RTIC gives YETI a run for their money. Both brands are made the same way and have many identical features. I say go with the RTIC cooler and pocket the $100 you save.


While the Coleman 70-quart cooler is a bit shy of the 75-quart YETI cooler capacity, you can buy a total of eight Colemans for the price of ONE YETI. This tried and true hard cooler is sturdy and holds ice for up to five days in temps up to 90°F.

Go big or go home! You get more room with this ORCA from Tractor Supply and save 50 bucks over its YETI competitor.


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2. Score up to 86% in savings with YETI soft-cooler alternatives from REI and RTIC.

If you’re looking for a great soft-sided cooler without the YETI price tag, check out REI’s portable, insulated cooler. Its features are comparable to the YETI Hopper Flip for less than $100.


RTIC’s lightweight cooler comes pretty close to YETI’s Backflip cooler style. What’s the difference? In addition to enough space to hold an extra six-pack, the RTIC cooler costs $250 less than a YETI. The downside? You’re better off using ice packs in the RTIC cooler instead of ice, because the zipper isn’t waterproof.



3. Find YETI mug knockoffs at Amazon.

What’s better than two more ounces of java, an extra $11 in your pocket, and looking good while drinking from your ombre coffee mug? Nothing.


4. Grab YETI tumbler copycats from RTIC or Ozark Trails on the cheap.

Like the YETI tumbler, the 30-ounce tumbler from RTIC has a sweatproof exterior (so it won’t leave rings on your furniture), holds ice up to 24 hours, and is dishwasher safe. What’s YETI got that RTIC doesn’t? A magnetic slide lid. Not sure how I feel about paying an extra $21 to drink near a magnet. Pass.

Okay, so Walmart doesn’t carry a rainbow of Ozark Trail wine tumblers. But, the stainless steel version has an extra four-ounce capacity over the YETI for $19 less. That’s $4.75 an ounce, saved, which is way more expensive than the wine I pour in it.

If you must have colored tumblers, I found this set:


5. Look for 4+ star rated YETI water bottle knockoffs at Amazon and Walmart.

The Iron Flask on Amazon not only looks good but has racked up over 55,000 reviews with a 4.8-star rating. It’s vacuum insulated and double-walled, like the YETI, and comes with a larger capacity and three different style lids if you need to change it up.


Here’s another 4+ star rated knockoff. Compared to YETI’s largest water bottle, the similar Ozark Trails water bottle at Walmart comes in bigger and cheaper, saving you over $40.


11 YETI Knockoffs You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner