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Inspired Bogg Bags & Accessory Pouches Officially Dropped at Aldi

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Aldi is back at it for another year with the release of an inspired "Bogg Bag." They call it the Crane Haul It All Tote — and we call it the super affordable alternative to the popular Bogg Bag. With a similar look at a much lower price, this tote bag is a great bargain if you’re hunting for a durable bag you can use at the pool, beach, or even the grocery store.

And the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe officially dropped in stores on May 22 (but some stores got it on May 19).

Priced at just $22.99, the Aldi Crane Haul It All Tote could save you nearly 75% off the original Bogg Bag price (regularly $90). Since this Aldi dupe is being released with the “Aldi Finds,” quantities are limited. A new add to the 2024 drop is the Crane Haul It All Pouch set for $4.99. Here’s what to know.

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The Aldi Crane Haul It All Tote is $67 cheaper than the trendy lookalike — this one's priced at $22.99.

The price of the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe compared to the real thing.

The Crane Haul It All Tote Bag ($22.99) arrives in Aldi stores on May 22 (or May 19 in some states), along with all the rest of the new weekly Aldi Finds. They're also releasing the Haul It All Pouch sets ($4.99). The 2024 colors include teal, periwinkle, pink, and orange.

The bag measures 18.5″ x 14.6″ x 9.5″, which is very similar to the dimensions of the Original Bogg Bag.

In 2023, Aldi offered a very similar looking tote bag but under the brand "Serra." You could choose from three colors: teal, coral, or powder blue.

Why opt for the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe vs. a regular Bogg bag?

aldi bogg bag dupes in various colors next to original bogg bags

So, what’s the big deal about the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe? In short, it’s the price. You’d pay $90 for an Original Bogg Bag that comes in 35 colors, versus $22.99 for the Aldi knockoff that comes in four colors. Buying the Aldi Tote Bag will save you $67.01 — that’s a savings of about 75%.

Size-wise, the Aldi Tote Bag is almost identical to the Original Bogg Bag, with plenty of room to stash your stuff. I used the measurements of both bags to calculate the total cubic feet of storage, and I found that the Aldi Tote Bag has 1.48 cubic feet of space, while the Original Bogg Bag has 1.57 cubic feet of space. Not that big of a difference at all, so I’ll take the cheaper option any day.

Grab the Crane Haul It All Pouch Set for $4.99 — compared to $13.

The price of the Aldi Bogg Bag pouch dupe compared to the real thing.

If you're grabbing the Aldi tote bag or even have a true Bogg Bag, you can buy the Crane Haul It All Pouch Sets for $4.99. It comes with two different size pouches and comes in three color/pattern options: orange, teal design, and a summer print.

You can grab decorative inserts from Bogg directly for $13.

Once stores run out of the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe, they won't get restocked.

three stacked crane bogg bag look-alike totes on aldi store shelf

Here’s the thing about the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe: it’s an Aldi Find, which means it’s only around for a limited time — and in limited quantities.

These special products come out with the weekly sale ad and often sell out fast since they’re not restocked. To make sure you don’t miss out, get to your local Aldi as soon as it opens on the day the new ad comes out (for most states, it was Wednesday, May 10).

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Not able to get the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe? Check out the Simple Modern Gateway Tote Bag for $59.99.


Simple Modern is known for taking the latest pricey trends and making a cheaper version — sometimes a better version! You can get the Simple Modern Gateway Tote Bag at Target or Amazon for $59.99. This one is considered the large bag and measures 18.5"L x 11"W x 11.75"H.

If you're shopping on Amazon, you can choose from three different sizes. The XL is closest to the original Bogg Bag size and is priced at $74.99.

Remember these tips for shopping Aldi Finds:

aldi finds sneak peek flyer near exit doors at aldi store

When you’re on the hunt for Aldi Finds like the Aldi Bogg Bag dupe, you’ve got to act fast to avoid missing out on these limited-edition products.

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your Aldi shopping experience:

  1. Keep tabs on the weekly sale ad: Aldi drops new Aldi Finds every week, so regularly checking the ad (and the sneak peek for the next week) will keep you in the loop about upcoming deals and products.

  2. Be an early bird: You’ll want to shop early in the week (and early in the day) to get a better shot at finding Aldi Finds products in stock.

  3. Stay flexible with color choices: You might have your heart set on a specific color, but being open to other options increases your chances of getting an Aldi Tote Bag before they’re all gone.

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