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ALDI may not accept coupons, but they sure know how to appeal to a thrifty shopper's heart. With their everyday low prices, it's no wonder why ALDI is quickly becoming one of America's favorite grocery stores. And now there's ALDI grocery delivery so you don't have to leave home.

Here are all the answers to your ALDI grocery delivery questions.

How much does ALDI grocery delivery cost?

ALDI partners with Instacart for grocery delivery, and charges $5.99 for 1-hour delivery and $3.99 for 2-hour delivery.

Customers also have the option of signing up for $99/year or $9.99/month subscription that eliminates delivery fees on orders of $35 or more.

Beyond that, Instacart charges 5% of the order subtotal for a service fee, plus an optional tip. And we found prices of products to be 10% higher than in ALDI stores.

Does ALDI have a grocery delivery subscription?

Yes, but it's through their grocery delivery provider Instacart. Instacart Express costs $99/year or $9.99/month, waiving delivery fees on orders of $35 or more and reducing service fees. There's also no upcharge during peak hours, and subscribers can shop multiple local stores on a single order.

How long does it take to have ALDI groceries delivered?

Customers choose a delivery window at checkout, which can be as soon as an hour after placing the order (although 1-hour-or-less deliveries cost more).

ALDI grocery orders can also be scheduled up to 7 days away.

Delivery times must be within your local ALDI's store hours.

Are ALDI grocery delivery prices different than in ALDI stores?

Yes — about 10-15% higher. ALDI says that in some areas, "Prices may be higher than in-store prices to cover the cost of personal shopping."

For example, the ALDI weekly ad in Batavia, IL advertises in-store prices of $0.99/lb for green grapes and $1.99 for a 3-pack of caramel apples. But shopping ALDI grocery delivery through Instacart shows the grapes at $1.09/lb and $2.19 for the caramel apples.

Instacart says that each store chain determines their prices on their platform, and when prices are higher online than in-store, the average markup is 15%.

How does tipping work with ALDI grocery delivery?

Tipping through Instacart is voluntary, although they urge customers to leave at least a 5% tip. On a $50 order, that's $2.50.

Customers may input or change the delivery tip in the checkout process, clicking the "Change" button next to "Delivery Tip" on the right side of the checkout page.

From there, customers may choose one of the precalculated options — 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% — or input their own custom amount.

How do I cancel an ALDI grocery delivery order?

You can cancel an ALDI grocery delivery order via Instacart as long as you cancel before the personal shopper starts shopping for you.

To cancel, log in to Instacart via the website or app, and then click your name/profile icon and select "Your Orders."

Find the order you wish to cancel, and then click/tap "Cancel order."

Are there substitutions with ALDI grocery delivery?

an instacart shopper peruses the produce at aldi

Yes. Instacart's standard practice is to replace out-of-stock items with similar products, but ALDI says Instacart Personal Shoppers will contact the customer to give them options.

But if they can't (or don't) get in touch, the Shoppers will just make their best guess.

How late can I make changes to my ALDI grocery delivery order?

You can edit your ALDI grocery delivery order via Instacart up until the Instacart Personal Shopper begins shopping for your items.

Pay attention to the scheduled delivery time and subtract a reasonable amount of time for the personal shopper to shop.

How long does it take for cancelled orders to be refunded?

Instacart places a hold on your payment card when you checkout, but doesn't charge you the full order amount until after the order, so canceling an order would just remove the hold.

There's nothing to be refunded.

Does ALDI deliver alcohol?

Yes, where permitted by state and local laws. ALDI offers a selection of wine and beer at Use that site to find out if your area offers ALDI alcohol delivery.

Customers ordering alcohol must be at least 21 years of age, are required to enter their date of birth at checkout and present a valid government ID at the time of delivery.

Does ALDI deliver prescriptions?

No. ALDI stores don't contain pharmacies.

How many ALDI stores have grocery delivery service?

ALDI says that more than 95% of their 2,000+ stores nationwide offer grocery delivery, serving more than 10,000 ZIP codes across the country.

Chances are, yours does.

What are ALDI's grocery delivery hours?

Check your local ALDI's stores hours; grocery delivery is only available within the local store's hours.

Does ALDI accept coupons with grocery delivery?

ALDI doesn't accept manufacturer coupons, but at, there's a "Coupons" section that features instant digital coupons.

Also, if you have an Instacart coupon code, you can use it to discount the delivery service. You'll want to pay attention to places like RetailMeNot; coupon codes for $5 or $10 off ALDI grocery delivery pop up from time to time.

Can customers return products purchased via ALDI grocery delivery?

Yes. Customers get a digital receipt from Instacart, and they can present that to their local ALDI in order to return products.

Keep in mind ALDI's general return policy, which is pretty relaxed. The "Twice as Nice Guarantee" lets customers replace a store brand product and get a refund.

Everything that doesn't apply for the "Twice as Nice Guarantee" may be returned for a refund or may be replaced in store.

Can I get a refund for issues with ALDI grocery delivery?

Yes. ALDI's grocery delivery provider, Instacart, allows refund requests for up to 7 days after delivery.

These requests are for delivery issues, such as missing, damaged or unusable items. Requests are processed swiftly, but may take up to 2 weeks to resolve.

Customers who are given a refund get it in the form of an Instacart credit.