Saving at Family Dollar

Family Dollar Black Friday

You may not immediately think of Family Dollar when you think of Black Friday, but maybe you should. For one thing, you can use store coupons on top of Family Dollar Black Friday deals. This is rare; at most stores you can't. And then there are the Buy 1, Get 1 deals, which are kind of Family Dollar's jam on Black Friday. Intrigued yet? Learn more here.

Family Dollar Return Policy

Family Dollar is a great place to consistently score low-priced items, but sometimes you might end up buying stuff you no longer need. (Those low prices are known to be very persuasive — am I right?!) Don't worry, the Family Dollar return policy is forgiving and accepts returns with and without receipts. Know the limits in our breakdown of the Family Dollar return policy.

How To Coupon At Family Dollar

If Walgreens and the dollar store had a baby, it'd be called Family Dollar. It might feel like a dollar store, but the prices on drugstore brands say otherwise. Apply coupons and pair them with discounted items and boom! — now we're talkin.' Learn how to coupon at Family Dollar the smart and easy way with these tips.

Family Dollar is a discount store chain found in over 8,000 locations across the United States. They offer groceries, health and beauty products, household items, and more. Combine everyday low prices with manufacturer and store coupons for big savings!