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Family Dollar Stores Recall: Check Your Medicine Cabinet Now

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Family Dollar stores are going through another series of product recalls, and this is a big one. On Oct. 5, the store issued a voluntary recall for hundreds of their products, mostly drugs and medical devices, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released their own announcement a few days later.

The problem? Apparently Family Dollar stored many of their products at the wrong temperature. Now, while nobody has reported falling ill from these products, everybody’s still urging customers to stop using them, and to bring them to a Family Dollar store for a refund.

This kind of thing happened back in September 2022, when Family Dollar had to recall lots of toothpaste they’d sold due to storing the products at the wrong temperature.

So, what products are included in this recall? How do the refunds work? Is Dollar Tree involved? Find out all about the latest Family Dollar stores recall:


Hundreds of products have been recalled from Family Dollar stores.

You’re gonna want to look at the FDA’s complete list of products included in the recall, if you shopped at any Family Dollar store in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming.

There are lots of products caught up in the recall — more than 300. Here’s a brief look at all the brands and products that have been recalled. If you have any items on the list, immediately stop using them:

  • Alka Seltzer: Plus Day Night Gel
  • Aleve: Arthritis Gelcaps, PM Caplets, caplet 24ct, caplet 50ct
  • Always: Fem Wipes Fresh and Clean 32ct
  • Arc: Teeth Whitening Pen 0.06 fl oz
  • Bayer: Back Body Extra Strength Caplets, Aspirin 325mg tablet 24ct, Low Dose tablet 32ct, Low Dose 81mg tablet 120ct, 81mg chewable tablet 36ct
  • BC: Lemonade Max Strength Powder, Arthritis Pain Fast Pain Relief 24ct
  • Bell: Ear Wax Remover Kit
  • Benadryl: D Child Allergy Sinus Grape
  • Bengay: Ultra Strength Cream
  • Boogie: Saline Mist Unscented
  • Boudreaux’s: Butt Paste Max Strength
  • Carmex: Daily Care Cherry SPF 15, Lip Balm Tube, Minis Lip Balm Tubes .18oz 4pk
  • Clear Eyes: Max Redness Relief
  • Clearblue: Smart Countdown Pregnancy Test
  • Colgate: Various toothpastes and mouth rinses
  • Coricidin: HBP Cold Flu tablet 10ct
  • Crest: Various toothpastes and mouth rinses
  • DayQuil: Liquicaps, Kids Honey 8 fl oz
  • Dentemp: One Step
  • Family Care: Eye Drops Advanced
  • First Response: Pregnancy Test
  • Fleet: Enema, Glycerin suppositories 50 ct
  • Fixodent: Original Cream Travel
  • FW Medics Choice: Eye Drops Max Redness 0.5fl oz
  • Gericare: Milk of Magnesia Cherry 12 fl oz, Milk of Magnesia Mint 12fl oz
  • Goody’s: Cool Orange powder 4ct
  • Goodys: Hangover Berry Citrus, Cool Orange powder 4ct
  • Guardian: Various antacids
  • Hylands: Cold N Cough Kids, Cold N Cough Kids Nighttime
  • Imodium: Multi Symptom caplet 12ct
  • Jet Alert: tablet 30 ct
  • Johnsons: Baby First Touch Gift Set 4pc
  • Medic’s Choice: Contact Lens Solution 12floz
  • Monistat: 7 Cream
  • Motrin: Infant Drops Berry
  • Natureplex: Triple Antibiotic Plus Cream, Enema 4.5fl oz 2 pk
  • Neosporin: Plus Pain Cream
  • Nervive: Nerve Health 14ct, Nerve Relief 14ct
  • NyQuil: Cherry Cold and Flu Liquid, Kids Honey
  • Oral B: Mouth Sore Rinse 237ml
  • Orajel: Toothache Rinse Mint 8floz
  • Otix: Ear Relief Drops
  • Pepto Bismol: Various forms like liquid, caplet, chewable tablets
  • Quality Plus: Various over-the-counter meds like allergy tablets, PMS formula
  • Refenesen: Mucus Relief DM tablet 30ct
  • Salonpas: Various pain reliever patches
  • Swan: Various mouthwashes and chest rub
  • TN Dickinson: Witch Hazel
  • Tylenol: Various caplets and tablets
  • VeriQuick: Pregnancy Test
  • Vita Globe: Various vitamins and supplements in gummy form
  • Zarbees: Natural Child Sleep 1mg tabs 30ct
  • ZzzQuil: Night Pain Berry, Warming Berry 12fl oz


If you have a recalled item, take it back to a Family Dollar store for a full refund.

people walking into a Family Dollar store

If you bought any of the affected products between June 1, 2023 and Oct. 4, 2023, stop using them right away. You don’t even need a receipt to get a full refund when you return recalled items to the store.

Also, if you or anyone in your home got sick using any recalled products, then fill out their online form or download the form to mail it.



This massive recall follows one in 2022 where 1,100 dead rats were found in a distribution center.

a laptop showing a recall press release from Family Dollar

Family Dollar isn’t having a great 2022. They’re still recovering from a February recall that happened after they discovered more than 1,100 dead rats at one of their distribution centers.

This resulted in a massive recall and over 400 store closures — plus the state of Arkansas filed a lawsuit over it.

Government inspectors found more than 1,100 dead rodents at the facility, but thousands more had been found over the preceding year. Ew.


There’s now a class-action lawsuit related to the rodent recall.

We’ve compiled a list of class-action lawsuits, and now Family Dollar is among them. Customers banded together and sued the company for negligence, and how Family Dollar is settling the case (while admitting no wrongdoing).

If you shopped at qualifying Family Dollar Stores, you could receive a $25 gift card. No proof needed, but you’ll need to give details about the store where you shopped. The deadline to file a claim is Jan. 9. Learn more about the class action settlement here.


Although Dollar Tree is technically the same company as Family Dollar, the recalls don’t affect them.

dollar tree basket

No worries, Dollar Tree fans — it doesn’t appear that the recalls at Family Dollar affect their sister store. To get all of our best tips for shopping there, check out how to save money shopping at Dollar Tree.


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