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Another month… another round of Ibotta changes. But this one stings a bit. Ibotta updated their Help pageagain… under the question, “Can I use coupons or other promotions with Ibotta offers?” And this time, the answer stinks!

In Sept. 2022, the answer at the time was a resounding, “No.” and then they back-peddled a bit. But here we are again in May 2023 with another quiet update regarding coupon stacking. Stacking Ibotta offers with additional coupons at select stores is now a thing of the past — and that includes digital rewards!

If you’re frustrated with all the Ibotta changes lately, you’re not alone. Ibotta’s automatic rebates at Target have been messed up for certain users for a while now, and Ibotta doesn’t plan to fix it. And with that last Ibotta change, it felt like it was getting even harder to compete with the rising cost of groceries. And on top of all of that, Walmart Rewards makes us choose between getting their rewards and Ibotta rebates.

So what should you know about Ibotta’s coupon policy after the latest change? We’ll explain all the details.

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You can’t stack Ibotta offers and store coupons at Target anymore — and it’s a lot more difficult just about everywhere else now, too.

Someone holding a phone with the new ibotta stacking eligibility change highlighted on a rebate offer

On May 1, 2023, Ibotta made some changes to their policy regarding coupon stacking at retailers like Target, CVS, and Kroger. It used to be that you could stack Ibotta offers with manufacturer coupons and retailer digital rewards — like Target Circle — to get even more savings. But now the fine print says that you can’t combine Ibotta offers with coupons for the same product at these stores.

Ibotta also won’t issue bonus progress or may reverse cash back if you purchase items that are combined with these restrictions.

This policy applies to all stores that offer the same Ibotta-listed product, not just Target. While some Ibotta offers may still allow coupon stacking, you’re going to have to do a lot more homework to find them. So pairing Ibotta with CVS coupons, Walgreens coupons, Dollar General coupons, and Publix coupons — just to name a few — is no longer guaranteed. Read the fine print with each offer, or at each store page on Ibotta, before making a purchase to make sure you can stack.


Check the fine print for all offers — regardless of the store.

Ibotta’s terms and conditions state that Target coupons cannot be combined with Ibotta offers. However, we’ve found exceptions to this rule. As a result, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of each offer to verify that you can stack your savings.

Even though Ibotta specifies a few rules for certain stores, as a rule of thumb, just get in the habit of looking at the terms of each offer:

  • Walmart: Paper manufacturer coupons and Ibotta offers can’t be used together.
  • Dollar General: Neither paper nor digital manufacturer coupons can be used with Ibotta offers.
  • At other retailers: The ability to combine paper manufacturer coupons with Ibotta offers may differ.

TIP: Sales run by stores or discounted items do not affect the ability to use Ibotta offers.


What changed about Ibotta’s coupon stacking policy?

A person's hand holding a phone displaying the ibotta app main page above a shopping cart with the basket filled with school supplies.

On May 1, 2023, Ibotta added some new terms and conditions to their offers. For select stores, like Target, you’ll now see “This offer can’t be combined with coupons for the same product.” Considering Target offers great coupons in the Target Circle app, this one really stinks. It’s bad enough they disabled automatic redemption at Target in 2022.

Ibotta’s anti-stacking stance isn’t new, but adding Target, Kroger, and CVS to the list of restricted stores is. In Sept. 2022, Ibotta made a few tweaks to how they address stacking coupons. While generally they say you can stack coupons and Ibotta rebates, there are some specific offers/products that don’t allow it.

Some Ibotta rebates may have restrictions that don’t allow you to pair them with other coupons. And those “other” coupons include manufacturer coupons, paper coupons, digital coupon codes, and digital retailer rewards (like CVS ExtraBucks Rewards or Ulta rewards points).

Ibotta tried to ban stacking altogether last fall, but quickly reversed their decision after an uproar. Now with the latest Ibotta changes you just have to check the fine print to make sure you can stack on your chosen offer.

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Can I still combine coupons and promotions with Ibotta offers?

A close up on an offer in the ibotta app displayed on a cellphone with a yellow box around text that reads, "Offer not eligible for cash back when combined with other coupons and/or promo codes

Yes and no. With the Ibotta changes, you need to look at each individual offer to see if the fine print allows you to use coupons or other promotions with it. You may see new terms stating, “Offer not eligible for cash back when combined with other coupons and/or promo codes,” or “This offer can’t be combined with coupons for the same product”. Not every offer says this though, so just check out each one you’re trying to use.

So what happens if you try to use coupons anyway on an offer where it says it’s forbidden? If you submit a receipt where they see you used manufacturer coupons, paper coupons, digital coupon codes, or digital retailer rewards, pending offers may get reversed before any cash back is applied.

We’ve seen this type of restriction before with Checkout 51, but it was only on select offers.


Deals like this one will only work if there’s no fine print …

In-Store Deal
Chobani Oatmilk, 52 oz
$0.74 $3.99 (81% Off)
$1.00/ 1 - Chobani Non-Dairy Oatmilk or Ultra-Filtered Milk product from SS Jan. 30
Pay $1.49, submit for $0.75 Ibotta credit
Exp 01/01/24

Does Walmart Rewards let me get around this Ibotta change?

iphone screen shot of ibotta offers and walmart rewards matching on orbit gum

Walmart and Ibotta have teamed up with the recent release of Walmart Rewards (available just for Walmart Plus members). But you can’t double-dip on the two rebates and rewards programs. This means that you have to choose whether you want your rebate to go to your Walmart account or to Ibotta.

You’ll see in the above screenshot that the Orbit gum rebate on Ibotta and Walmart Rewards is the same. If you want the cash back to go to your Ibotta earnings, you have to add the offer in Ibotta, not on Walmart. When you submit your receipt to Ibotta, that’s where your earnings will go. If you add an offer for the same product to your Walmart account and to Ibotta, the rebate will only go to your Walmart account.

You’ll only receive cash back for an offer once, even if it’s available on both Walmart and Ibotta.



Which rebate apps will allow coupon stacking?

A person holding a stick of Dove men+care deodorant next to a phone displaying a deal for that product in the Fetch Rewards app.

Ibotta and Fetch Rewards are the only rebate and cash-back apps that allow coupon stacking. (Again, as long as the fine print doesn’t forbid it, of course.)

If you’re looking to stack coupons with Fetch Rewards, bookmark The Krazy Coupon Lady’s Fetch Rewards deal page. You’ll see all the dedicated deals just for that app!

In-Store Deal
$12.90 $27.58 (53% Off)
Must buy 2
Spend $20, receive $5 ExtraBucks, limit 1
Pay $18.40, receive $5 ExtraBucks and submit for $0.50 Fetch Rewards credit
$0.005 per sq ft


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