Saving at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Pickup

Whole Foods pickup is just as easy as ordering anything at Amazon. Plus, Prime members can pick up their groceries for free! Here's what you need to know about Whole Foods pickup — including ways to save.

Whole Foods Delivery

If you're an Amazon Prime member, Whole Foods delivery is one of the most convenient membership offerings. For one thing, Whole Foods delivery is free on orders over $35 for Prime members. Tempted to try it? Check this out first.

How to Coupon at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is like Disneyland for foodies and organic-everything lovers. The only problem is, it's so dang expensive! Or so I thought until I dug below the surface. Here's how to coupon at Whole Foods, including ways to save money without feeling like you just blew your whole grocery budget on a jar of pickles.

Whole Foods is a chain of natural and organic grocery stores based out of Austin, Texas and operates over 365 stores nationwide. They have store coupons available online and in Whole Deal brochures in stores. The best way to save at Whole Foods is to shop their sale prices and stack them with store and manufacturer coupons. In addition, you save 10% when you buy a case of product to make stocking up on healthy food even better! Many locations also offer a $0.05 – $0.10 discount for every reusable bag you use at checkout.