Mark your calendar for the seventh annual Whole Foods Beauty Week. The event starts on Mar. 10 and runs through Mar. 16.

Beauty Week is the best time of year to stock up on rarely-discounted beauty items from Whole Foods. Plus, you can get a steal on a Whole Foods Beauty Bag — this is a chance to try out a bunch of sustainable products for dirt cheap. More on that and how to shop Beauty Week like a pro below.

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Save 25% on Whole Foods beauty products all week long.

All shoppers will receive 25% off select beauty products all week. You don’t need coupons or anything — expect to get 25% off automatically at checkout.


Amazon Prime members save an additional 10% on Whole Foods Beauty.

You thought 25% off sounded good? How does 35% off sound? Prime members get an extra 10% off beauty products during this week only.

If you aren’t a Prime member yet, sign up for Amazon Prime, stat. Next, you’ll need to download the Whole Foods app, sign in with your Amazon account and scan your QR code at the register.



Pre-shop to reserve your favorites starting today.

At my local Whole Foods store today, traffic is still light and I had a Whole Foods associate all to myself to help me fill out the pre-shop form.

Why bother with pre-shopping? First, to reserve items you want without leaving it up to chance as to whether or not they’ll still be in stock when you roll into the store the week of the sale. Second, pre-shopping helps Whole Foods estimate inventory for the sale more accurately.

Once you fill out the form and fill up your pre-shop bag, you’ll hand both over to an associate and return to the store during the sale to buy it.


And plan to grab a $20 Whole Foods beauty bag (worth $135!) on Friday, March 12.

The beauty bags are different than the pre-shop bags. While pre-shop bags allow you to lay claim on specific items from the sale, the beauty bag is an actual tote full of pre-selected trial size and full size products. Everyone can buy only one bag of each design (two designs this year) and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Similar to the Black Friday tote at Bath & Body Works, the Whole Foods beauty bag offers items well below retail price. You’ll pay $20 and receive $135 worth of products.



Shop for your Whole Foods beauty bag early — I mean it.

I’m not gonna lie — getting your hands on one of these babies may be hard unless you plan to shop early. The associate at my store told me that they have more bags than ever this year — 52 of each design — but in the past they’ve always sold out on the first day.

She also said that the store opens at 7 a.m. to the public on Fridays (noting that not everyone realizes this) and she recommended showing up early to be sure I get one. For context, 7 – 8 a.m. is usually reserved for senior shopping hours at Whole Foods.


UP NEXT: Get even more tips for saving money on beauty and all the things.

It's Here! Whole Foods Beauty Week Is the Best of the Year