Whole Foods Delivery


Whole Foods delivery is a fast and easy option for organic and fresh groceries. It's also a creative way to get items that are out of stock at Walmart or Kroger.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your Whole Foods delivery order.

How does Whole Foods delivery work?

Amazon Delivery Poster in Store

The first thing you'll notice when you go to place a Whole Foods delivery order is that the experience is very similar to placing an Amazon order. It's super easy.

  1. Start your order on the Whole Foods app or from Amazon.

  2. Add items to your cart.

  3. Choose your delivery window — if it's available, you can get same-day delivery.

  4. Place your order.

Whole Foods delivery costs $9.95, even for Prime members.

It used to be free, but as of October 2021, expect to pay $9.95 for your Whole Foods delivery, Prime member or not.

Choose your substitutions at checkout.

If Whole Foods is out of the item you selected, your shopper will reach out about possible substitutions.

Or you can choose your preferred substitution from a dropdown menu, including the option for no substitutions at all.

Select your Amazon Whole Foods delivery window at the last step.

Unlike competitors (Walmart), you can't select your delivery window as the first step. You have to fill your Whole Foods cart up before you can choose a delivery time.

I recommend making a grocery list and filling your cart with a few items, then proceeding to checkout as if you're done. After you choose a delivery window, go back and add the rest of your items quickly. This way you won't waste time shopping only to find out there's not an available delivery window.

When does Whole Foods release delivery times?

Periodically throughout the day. If you don't see a delivery time when you're ready to order, leave your items in your WholeFoods.com cart and set a timer so you remember to return and check every hour or so.

Can I use coupons with my Whole Foods order?

The only offers you can use with a Whole Foods delivery order are the coupons inside the app. They'll be applied to your order automatically.

Are prices the same online as in store?

Oranges in Whole Foods Produce Department

Yes. There's no additional markup on product prices for using Whole Foods delivery.