Duct tape is a handy tool to have around the house, but it turns into a gold mine when you’re out camping and have none of the conveniences of home.

Did you know it was invented in 1942 to keep moisture out of the ammunition boxes during WWII? Who knew?! Today, duct tape is available in 20 different colors and even glows in the dark. As a handywoman, I keep duct tape in the house, but I have found it SO invaluable when I’m camping—I can’t leave home without it!

1. Protect your wounds by using it as a temporary bandage.

If you’re on the trail and sustain an injury, use duct tape until you can get to your first aid kit.

2. Keep the critters and water out by repairing your tent.

A ripped tent makes for a wet camper. Use duct tape on both sides of a tear for better security.

3. Use glow-in-the-dark duct tape so you don’t trip over your dog.

In the light of a campfire, it’s difficult to see low hanging awnings, rope tie-downs, or your pet. Use glow-in-the-dark duct tape wrapped around ropes, awnings, and your pet’s collar to prevent injury.

4. Keep your feet dry by waterproofing your shoes.

Putting duct tape on the soles and mesh parts of your shoes can keep your feet drier longer.

5. Braid or knot strips of tape to create rope.

If you’re in a pinch and need some rope, use duct tape to make temporary rope for light coverage. Twist 2-3 pieces of duct tape together and make knots at intervals to give added strength, or braid three pieces together.

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6. Avoid being bitten or annoyed by catching flying insects.

There’s nothing more annoying than flies at the campsite. Tear duct tape into 12-inch strips and hang around your camp, or simply wrap a nearby tree. Add honey for extra attraction and adhesive—it’s an instant fly catcher that’s easily disposable!

Note: If you’re in bear country, be sure to remove any honey-covered tape before bed. Believe me, it won’t be Winnie the Pooh you encounter should you forget!

7. Don’t get lost by marking your trail.

I have no sense of direction. A simple hike can turn into an all-day trip if I’m leading the way. An easy solution is to mark your trail with duct tape so you can easily find your way back to the campsite.

8. Keep your feet pretty by covering blisters.

Whether you’re breaking in new boots, or have sustained a blister from walking too much while camping and hiking, cover the irritated area with duct tape. This is a quick fix until you can get to a first aid kit!

9. Be prepared by wrapping your lighter.

To keep duct tape readily available. Wrap extra duct tape around your camp lighter so it’s always in your pocket!



9 Clever Duct Tape Camping Hacks