Camping is the most inexpensive way for a family to vacation away from home.

But there are some costs up front like purchasing a tent, sleeping bags and other camping gear.

Once you have the gear though, you’re set for many years of cheap vacations! Ready to get all the camping savings possible?


1. Get camping & hiking gear for at least 50% less.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to camp but the key is knowing where to get camping & hiking gear for less than regular price.

For example, buy your propane stove at Walmart and save 50% over similar stoves at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

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2. Find out the secrets to saving money at REI.

REI isn’t the cheapest place to shop for camping gear, but you can save money if you know when to shop.

Every year during mid-May, REI’s Anniversary Sale provides markdowns of 30% off, which is a good discount for new REI merch!

Look for sales on backpacks specifically since you typically can’t get these at cheaper stores like Walmart.

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3. Camping in a National Park? Learn how to get discounts.

Yellowstone, Glacier, The Smoky Mountains and more can be free to get into!

One way is through the Every Kid in a Park program where kids going into (or just finishing) fourth grade can get free entrance into any national park in the country!

This means the entire vehicle gets in for free.

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4. Shop DICK’S Sporting Goods like a professional.

If you can save at least 50%, DICK’S Sporting Goods is a good option for camping gear.

Join Scorecard, DICK’S Sporting Goods loyalty program because it offers 3% cash back on every purchase.

Also, be sure to compare prices against stores like Walmart and Target because if you can find identical items for cheaper at these stores, DICK’S will price match and you’ll rack up those Scorecard points!

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5. Bookmark KCL couponing pages for the best camping deals.

Of course, you’ll want all the savings you can get, so coupons are a no-brainer.

Download the KCL app or bookmark KCL couponing pages on your computer in order to print these coupons:

Sleeping bag coupons

Hot dog coupons

Hamburger coupons

Bacon coupons

Eggs coupons

Dixie coupons

Sunscreen coupons

OFF! coupons


6. Find out the best places to buy everything for summer.

In addition to actual camping gear, you’ll probably need summer clothes, flip flops, beach towels and more for your camping trip.

Follow our tips for summer savings and you’ll save up to 79%!

Like, don’t pay more than $1.00 for flips flops (shop at Old Navy to get this deal). And Amazon is hands-down the best place to buy a swimsuit — Amazon wins on price and selection.

The Best Places to Buy Everything This Summer


7. Shop Cabela’s without paying full price.

OK, I admit Cabela’s doesn’t have the lowest prices overall on camping gear. However, there may be a few reasons to shop there for camping savings.

For example, if you find a Bass Pro Shops gift card on Raise for 9-15% off, you can use it at Cabela’s and your item may be cheaper than it would be at REI.

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8. Try out different camping hacks to save time and money.

via Onstar

People have come up with a million little shortcuts, tricks and hacks to make camping cheaper and more comfortable.

Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge like strapping a headlamp to a jug of water to make a lantern instead of buying a lantern.

Or putting dryer sheets in your pockets to keep bugs away.

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9. If you’re camping in a remote area, learn a few survival hacks.

You may as well know how to survive if the worst happens while you’re outdoors.

Just be sure you’ve got plenty of aspirin and tampons! You can jump start your car with aspirin and a tampon will act as a water filter in a pinch. Who knew, right?!

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