Want to get healthy or go organic but you find the high prices ridiculous? Why not become an organic products tester and get free samples with Social Nature? Yep, I’m going to show you how you can get free samples for organic products simply by filling out some information about you and your household, along with the promise you’ll leave a review upon trying your products out. Here’s the inside scoop:

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Sign up with Facebook to test organic products on SocialNature.com.

In order to be eligible to receive a voucher for free organic product samples from Social Nature, you have to sign in with your Facebook account or register with your email at their website SocialNature.com. Sorry, there’s no app.


Complete your Social Nature organic products tester profile.

To help them figure out what items are best suited for you and your household, you will need to complete your profile by answering questions about your shopping habits, like:

  • What percentage of your grocery basket is natural/organic?
  • Where do you usually buy groceries and personal care products?
  • Where do you do most of your online shopping?
  • When is your birthday?


Explore your ‘matched’ organic free samples offered on SocialNature.com

Once you’ve completed your profile you will have an opportunity to explore all the organic items they think you’ll like. My profile brought up Gluten-free bread, organic oatmeal sticks, a self-watering succulent kit, and a terrarium grow kit for kids. While the bread and grow kits were on my radar, the oatmeal sticks weren’t.


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Tap APPLY TO TRY button for a chance to get a free organic sample.

If you find an item you want to try tap the APPLY TO TRY button and again on the item description page. Now it’s time to answer some more questions that are specific to the item you selected. Click SUBMIT when finished.



Receive either a ‘confirm shipping’ for a free product voucher or a ‘waitlisted’ page.

After you submit your answers to the product questions, you will either receive a ‘confirm shipping’ or a ‘waitlisted’ page. If you get a confirmation page, yay! That means you will get a free product voucher mailed to you within three weeks. If you get a ‘waitlisted’ page, that could mean a few things:

  • They are still seeking other testers (which probably means you didn’t meet their criteria).
  • They ran out of vouchers.


Score a coupon if you aren’t selected to receive a free sample.

Brands on Social Nature often offer coupon codes if you aren’t selected to receive a free sample. Unfortunately, you don’t know which one will give you the coupon until after you’ve applied to try it.

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How does Social Nature decide who gets the free products?

As they state on their site, it’s no secret. Social Nature decides whether you get a free item based on:

  • You clicked the APPLY TO TRY button (duh!)
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your interests
  • Where you live
  • Brand partner goals
  • Your level of engagement


Connect your social media accounts to Social Nature to get priority access to new products.

If you aren’t having any luck getting picked, connect your social media accounts to Social Nature for priority access to new products. Go into your account profile, select My Social, and then toggle which account(s) (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) you want to connect.



Share items and product reviews to have a better chance of getting free samples.

Social Nature is a “social sampling community,” so they reward those who share an item or product review with their friends on social media. The more you share, the greater the chances that Social Nature will give you priority access to campaigns and entries to win monthly prizes.

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Boost products with Social Nature’s Launchpad feature to get a coupon code.

You also have the opportunity to help ‘boost’ emerging products so they can get into a store near you. You get a coupon code in exchange. All you have to do is tap the BOOST IT button under a product, answer a few questions about the item, and tap SUBMIT. Copy your coupon code and tap the link in the coupon to shop.


Shop exclusive limited-time discounts on SocialNature.com.

Social Nature has a section that allows users to shop organic items at a discount. While they aren’t ‘free,’ any discount on the price of organic items is a win!



How often does Social Nature get new products?

Every week, so check back often.

How many vouchers are available for each product?

Brands hand out 500 – 5,000 vouchers for each campaign.

Can I change what items are shown to me?

Editing your preferences can adjust what items are matched to your profile. To make changes, go into Account then My Profile.


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Become an Organic Products Tester and Get Free Samples!