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By the time your child is a year old, you will have spent close to, if not more than, $600 on disposable diapers. Good thing Pampers has a rewards program that benefits loyal users. Who doesn’t need rewards after the 2,500 dirty diapers you’ll change in your baby’s first year?! Here are 12 legit reasons I love Pampers Rewards, and why you might, too.


1. Get 10 to 84 points for every pack of diapers or wipes you buy.


Sign up by heading to Pampers.com. Fill out the profile info (it literally takes a minute) and join! Then, purchase a Pampers product, find your exclusive code on/in the package, sign in to your account, and enter your code. As your points accrue, your options for free rewards and gifts increase.



Points collect quickly. Believe me—I was actually really surprised when I earned 800 points in six months just by buying 180-count packages on Amazon Subscribe & Save, and by reading articles on Pampers.com. Go here to see how many points you’ll earn before you buy.



For boxes of diapers containing more than one package, be sure to enter each package’s individual reward code in order to get the full amount of points. Also, you may notice there’s an app to help scan rewards codes…avoid it. Since January’s update, reviews haven’t been good, and there are some major kinks to work out. I’m hoping for a better update soon!



2. Redeem points for free toys, DVDs, personalized gifts and more.


From magazine subscriptions and nursing pads to photographs of my little one, I love getting gifts for simply buying diapers and wipes. Who wouldn’t? Plus, shipping your gift is completely free!

Smaller gifts—like a personalized magnet—start at just 400 points. I have my eyes set on Melissa & Doug toys, though—like a bowling set worth 2,300 points and valued at over $20 at Target. The ultimate gift, a Little Tikes Explorer Wagon (worth 11,700 points and valued at $70 at Walmart) is something we’re also saving up for. I swoon.


3. Sign up before your baby is born to collect points from shower gifts and baby prep.


If your mother-in-law wants to buy you diapers to have on hand before you’re due, ask for Pampers. When I registered for my baby showers, I specified Pampers, and my shower host put my preferred brands on the invitation. I was prepped with points before baby’s actual birthday.


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4. Collect points without buying a single diaper.


Beyond diapers, you can earn points by signing in at Pampers.com and watching videos or leaving reviews. Each month Pampers.com has an article for recommended reading, and all you have to do is read and click: “I’ve read it,” for 10 points. I love it because the articles I’ve read are actually really helpful, and I get points in the process.


5. Earn points when your baby hits a milestone with Grow On Rewards.


When your baby turns 6 months, a year, or hits a major milestone, Pampers wants to celebrate with you! When you sign up for Pampers Rewards, you’ll be asked for your baby’s birthday or due date. Make sure to get that info in there so you can choose from the Grow On Rewards. Those rewards can be, for example, free Shutterfly photos or 200 Pampers Rewards points!


6. Use points to sign up for giveaways and sweepstakes.


Pampers Rewards often has drawings and sweepstakes to enter as you collect your points. Right now Pampers Rewards is offering a year’s worth of free diapers and wipes, valued at over $1,000. It’s just 20 points to enter, and the offer ends June 30, 2016. Hey, someone has to win—it could be you. (Although to be honest, I hope it’s me!)


7. Gather easy points with surprise emails.

 Free toys plus 12 legit reasons Pampers Rewards might be for you.

I love it when my inbox says “From: Pampers Rewards,” because it’s often a way for me to get extra points. When you sign up, make sure to give your main email address so you don’t miss out on the extra points they send.



8. Donate your points to the causes you support.

 Free toys plus 12 legit reasons Pampers Rewards might be for you.

Maybe free gifts aren’t your thing. Instead, choose to donate your collected points to charities like March of Dimes or EveryChildSucceeds.org. Every Child Succeeds provides low-income, isolated parents house visits and in-home instruction about healthy childcare. There’s also Grahams Foundation, which helps parents of preemies. Each 10 points donated is 10 cents given to a charity when you sign up with Pampers Rewards.


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9. Be a Rewards member even if you live in Canada or Puerto Rico.

 Free toys plus 12 legit reasons Pampers Rewards might be for you.

I’m super jelly if you live in Puerto Rico…and you’re in luck, too! All 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico residents are eligible for the Rewards Program.

Note: In Puerto Rico, there’s an import tax on gifts when they’re mailed.


10. “Like” the Pampers Facebook page, and get extra points from exclusive offers.

 Free toys plus 12 legit reasons Pampers Rewards might be for you.

Today on the Pampers Facebook page, I read a thoughtful article about eating for two and earned 10 points. Pampers Facebook fans also get access to special Rewards codes on holidays like the one above for Valentine’s Day.


11. Connect with a community of parents.

 Free toys plus 12 legit reasons Pampers Rewards might be for you.

Not only are the articles on Pampers.com helpful, but they also put you in touch with other moms and dads, exposing you to some great conversations about parenting. I know when I was feeling some serious cabin fever after giving birth and on maternity leave, having a community like this felt really good.




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