We all know what Chapstick is made for—healing dry lips. However, Chapstick has numerous other uses that may come as quite a surprise. In fact, Chapstick can be used in so many different situations that I’m surprised that it was never featured on an episode of MacGyver! After you check out these nine unusual uses for Chapstick you may want to throw a tube into your purse. You just never know when it might come in handy!


1. Fix a stuck zipper

Has your favorite zip-up sweatshirt been relegated to the back of the closet because the zipper won’t budge? Simply rub the Chapstick on the teeth and move the zipper up and down a few times. Soon it will be unstuck and you’ll be wearing that hoodie in no time!

2. Banish hair color stains

If you color your hair at home, you’re probably no stranger to those annoying stains that end up around your hairline. It seems that no matter how careful I try to be when applying hair color I always end up with a few streaks on my skin. To counteract that color, apply the Chapstick all around your hairline and simply wipe away when you’re done.

3. Use in place of eyebrow wax

I used to spend a small fortune on a high-end brand of eyebrow wax, but a friend told me to try Chapstick. I thought for sure that it would make my brows look greasy or gross, but it actually worked just as well, if not better, than the expensive wax I was buying! Just dab a bit on your finger and stroke smoothly across your brows. This also works great on unruly mustaches.

4. Extend the life of eyeshadow

If you’ve recently run out of your favorite eyeshadow and you’ve been scraping the bottom of the container, use Chapstick to extend the life of what you have left. Using a toothpick or small tool, scrape out all of the eyeshadow that you can. Next, mix it with a small amount of Chapstick. Not only will you end up with more shadow than you had, but cream shadows require that you use less, so it will last even longer! This is a great tip if you simply prefer cream shadows to powder ones or if you have broken shadows that you were planning to throw away.

5. Tame flyaway hairs

If you’ve been burdened with unruly flyaways or frizz, tame them with Chapstick! To manage those troublesome tresses, rub a bit of the balm into your palms and work onto the problem area. I’ve actually found this to be much more effective than most hairsprays, and it actually keeps the hair in place for several hours!

6. Repair a scratched DVD

You’ve probably been there before—you go to put in the kids’ favorite DVD, only to find they’ve been playing Frisbee with it and it’s covered in scratches. The DVD starts skipping and puts a major damper on their fun! However, if you’ve got a tube of Chapstick you may be able to mend that scratched DVD. Using a small amount of Chapstick, massage the balm into the abrasion, and the DVD should start playing again. Keep in mind, this trick works on light scratches and probably won’t restore your DVD if the ding is too deep.

7. Lubricate outdoor lights

Lightbulbs that have been outdoors can be extremely difficult to remove after they’ve weathered. Sometimes they are so difficult that I worry that I may actually break the bulb trying to get it out! To avoid such situations in the future, coat the threads of the bulb in Chapstick before you put it into the socket. Next time you need to change that bulb it will come right out!

8. Remove sticky residue

If you have small children then you probably deal with sticky residue often! I find stickers (amongst other sticky things) everywhere, and they often leave behind that hard-to-clean residue that can be extremely time consuming to remove. Instead of scraping it off with a razor or using an expensive product, try coating the residue in Chapstick. Let the lip balm sit for a few minutes, and then try removing it. The balm will soften that goo and help it come up much easier.

9. Dab on nicks

It never fails—no matter how careful I am while shaving I always end up with a nick! Not only are shaving nicks painful, but it seems like the bleeding takes forever to stop. Next time you get one of those annoying nicks, simply apply a small amount of Chapstick to the affected area. The lip balm’s texture helps to seal the wound, allowing a clot to form, which quickly stops the bleeding.

9 Incredible Uses for Chapstick