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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite (cheap and easy) DIY Valentine’s Day wreath ideas that everyone is sure to love.


1. Make a heart and arrow wreath in 15 minutes.

To create this wreath, all you need is an embroidery hoop, cardstock, wooden dowels, paint and glue! And the best part is this wreath can be made in about 15 minutes.

Find the tutorial here.


2. Create a candy heart wreath with paper mache box lids.

To make this, pick up paper mache heart box lids, an embroidery hoop, your favorite color paint, alphabet stamps and tulle netting. Write sweet messages on each heart for your guests to enjoy.

Find the tutorial here.

TIP: Use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics to buy supplies.


3. Use painted coffee filters to make a heart wreath.

Repurpose coffee filters (with the help of some paint) to make a beautiful heart wreath!

Find the tutorial here.


4. Use old Christmas ornaments and tinsel to make this heart wreath.

Grab a heart-shaped wreath, wrap with your favorite color tinsel, and use old ornaments you already have lying around to make this Valentine’s Day wreath. Or, shop Christmas clearance for up to 90% off Christmas decor at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Find the tutorial here.


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5. Create a candy wreath with conversation hearts, a foam ring and ribbon.

All you need to make this adorable wreath is conversation hearts, a foam wreath and a hot glue gun! Add some ribbon if you want to fancy it up a bit.

Find the tutorial here.


6. Repurpose your kids’ old Valentine’s Day cards… or make your own.

Each year, add your kids’ Valentine’s Day cards to a wreath to make this even more special. Cue in “awww.”

You only need a wire wreath frame, ribbon, old Valentine’s Day cards (or you can make your own) and a hot glue gun.

Find the tutorial here.


7. Make this wreath with paper hearts and a willow wreath.

This is hands-down the easiest wreath to make on this list. Find any kind of wreath you like (or a willow wreath similar to the one above), and attach small paper hearts to the branches with a hot glue gun. Voila!

Find the tutorial here.



8. Create an “I Love You” wreath with paper straws and a heart shaped plaque.

Have some paper straws lying around? Pair paper straws along with a heart plaque, paint, adhesive letters, tissue paper, Mod Podge glitter and a hot glue gun, and you can make yourself a wreath that looks just like this one.

Find the tutorial here.


9. Make a floral heart wreath with faux flowers and a grapevine wreath.

Find some faux flowers on sale — say from Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby — and make these simple heart wreaths everyone will love.

Find the tutorial here.


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10. Create a pinecone wreath with a heart-shaped wire wreath, pine cones, paint and hot glue.

If you like a more rustic look, use painted pine cones to make a heart wreath.

Find the tutorial here.


11. Create a Valentine’s Day wreath with cupcake liners.

Who knew?! Buy a foam wreath from the Dollar Store and cupcake liners — then wrap the wreath in ribbon, and hot glue the cupcake liners on!

Find the tutorial here.


12. Use felt, a foam wreath and pins to make this rose wreath.

To make this gorgeous rose-looking wreath you need: a heart foam wreath, red felt and pins. How easy is that?

Find the tutorial here.


13. Create a love wreath with yarn, dowel rods, felt, a decal and a straw heart wreath.

Don’t let the details fool you into thinking this is a difficult wreath to make… it will require some patience, but we know you’ve got it in you!

Find the tutorial here.



14. Use clothespins to make a reversible wreath.

Not only can you make this a perfect Valentine’s Day wreath, but it’s reversible and you can use it the next month for St. Patty’s Day!

You need: a wire wreath, clothespins, Valentine’s Day paper, St. Patty’s Day paper, Mod Podge, embellishments of your choice and wire or string.

Find the tutorial here.


15. Save old wine corks to make a heart wreath.

Next time you uncork a bottle of vino, save the cork to make this heart wreath. Cheers!


16. Create a heart wreath with festive paper and tape.

So easy to make—your kids could each make one themselves! All you need is paper and tape to make the hearts.

Find the tutorial here.


17. Use a puzzle from the Dollar Store to make a heart-shaped puzzle piece wreath.

If you’re anything like my family, you have puzzles with missing pieces all over the house. If you don’t have an old puzzle you can use, hit up the dollar store or your local thrift store!

Paint the pieces various shades of pink, and glue them together in a heart shape.

Find the tutorial here.


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18. Make a photo wreath with your favorite family photos.

Print out your favorite family photos, cut the photos, glue them to decorative paper and then to a styrofoam wreath.

Find the tutorial here.


19. Use tulle to make a heart wreath.

A styrofoam heart wreath and tulle is all you need. Simple and easy to make!

Find the tutorial here.


20. Make a heart wreath with painted wooden hearts and an embroidery hoop.

This wreath can be made one of two ways: 1) Let your kids paint the hearts; or 2) buy decorative paper from Hobby Lobby (the easy way).

You need an embroidery hoop, wooden hearts (or paper), paint, glitter and hot glue!

Find the tutorial here.


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