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These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are easy to put together and super affordable too. They’re a great alternative to buying the boxed valentines and some even offer a non-food Valentine’s Day treat.

You can pick up most of the stuff you’ll need for these Valentine’s Day crafts at the dollar store or on Amazon.

Here are a few more Valentine’s Day savings tips and crafty inspo!


How to save on your Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

There’s absolutely no reason to pay full price on any of the crafts I suggest here! Let me offer three quick ways to save money when you’re shopping for supplies.

  • Shop Dollar Tree and use coupons! You can absolutely use coupons at the dollar store! Just make sure they’re manufacturer coupons and that the quantities listed on the coupon line up with the quantities Dollar Tree offers. Sometimes dollar store sizes are smaller and fall outside the eligible range for a coupon. See all Dollar Tree deals.
  • Don’t shop craft stores like JOANN or Michaels without a coupon. You can almost always find a 20% off coupon to use at these stores. Michaels won’t take a JOANN coupon, but JOANN will accept a Michaels coupon! See all JOANN deals and Michaels deals.
  • Use your Target RedCard! If you can’t find a deal on something you need, shop Target with your RedCard to get at least 5% savings. RedCard connects to your checking account so it’s the same as using cash/debit. See all Target deals.


1. Kool-Aid Valentines

The best thing about these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids? You can almost always find Kool Aid coupons!

2. Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines

This one is a valentine, a treat, and a game — it’s like three gifts in one! If you can’t find the “Be Mine Mix” of Tic Tacs, strawberry flavor works too.

Download the Tic Tac Toe board printable.

Download the Tic Tac Toe bag label printable.



3. Extra Awesome Valentines

Kids and gum — the orthodontist might not be a fan, but what’s a holiday without a little splurge?

Plus, this is something you can absolutely find at the dollar store!


4. One in a Minion Valentines

Pudding cups dressed as minions?! That’s brilliant!


5. Paint Strip Bookmark Valentines

I love this idea, but you may want to collect your pink and red paint strips from a few different stores, so people who are actually interested in painting their homes this color have the swatches they need.


6. “Don’t Change” Valentines

If you didn’t snap it up during Christmas, you can find chocolate coin money on Amazon in bulk.


7. I’ve Got My Eyes on You Valentines

Simple, yet absolutely adorable! And imagine how much fun your child will have shaking those googly eyes!


8. Pencil Valentines

These are perfect for any classmates who have food allergies and can’t accept candy in their valentines.


9. Gum Ball Machine Valentines

How cute and colorful are these Valentine’s Day crafts for kids?! Just make sure your child is careful in the delivery process (these babies are meant to lie flat). Also, if your child’s school requires individually wrapped foods, check out these gum balls on Amazon.


10. Clementine Valentines

Another great, healthy alternative to candy, and such a cute idea!


11. Awesome Sauce Valentines

It can’t get much easier than this! Just cut and tape the free printable to the tops of applesauce cups, and voila!

I bet you could find applesauce coupons too.


12. You Light Up My Life Valentines

Glow sticks: my children’s favorite find at the dollar store. Use them to create these clever cards you know your child’s classmates will love (these are probably best for older kids).


13. So Glad We’re in the Same School Valentines

Use Swedish fish for a sweeter treat.


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13 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids