Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be boring, and the gifts don’t have to be stereotypical.

Surprise your valentine with one of these fun gifts that won’t break the bank.


1. Make a “love coupon” book.

Offer anything from uninterrupted sleep to a movie night of their choice. We have some great ideas to get you started.

Cost: $1-2.00 for the paper.


2. Write down your own love story.

Buy an inexpensive notebook and write down the story of how you guys met. Cheesy? Maybe. But it’s unique and it lasts a lot longer than flowers.

Cost: $2.00 for the notebook


3. Have a Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

Have a friend snap some pics on a valentines date, print out your fave, and frame it to remind you of the best date ever.

Check out our photo deals page.

Cost: $1.00 or less for prints.



4. Personalize something they already love.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to finally personalize their wedding band, favorite coffee cup or piece of jewelry they always wear.

Cost: $10.00 or less if you just do a monogram.


5. Create a message jar for the year.

Write down 365 (or as many as you want!) reasons you love him, put the messages in a decorative mason jar, and they’ll have a daily reminder of your affections.

Cost: $3.00 ($2.00 for the jar and $1.00 for the paper).


6. Hang a homemade wreath on their door.

Make a festive valentines wreath. We even have a ton of DIY wreath ideas for you.

Cost: $5.00 if you get your supplies at Dollar Tree.


7. Surprise your valentine with their favorite coffee drink.

You’ll spend less than you would on candy and flowers, and surprise treats are the best treats.

Check out our dining deals for special deals like BOGO free drinks at Starbucks.

Cost: $5.00 or less depending on their drink. Totally FREE if you have a free drink reward at your favorite coffee shop.


8. Start the day with breakfast in bed.

This is a seriously overlooked gift. Not having to lift a finger before 8 a.m. is the best.

Cost: Free if you have groceries in the house.


9. Make a homemade treat instead of buying them.

If your valentine loves cookies or cupcakes, then go for it! If you have no idea what to make, then check out one of these ideas.

Cost: $5-10.00 depending on the ingredients you need.



10. Make a no-sew pillow cover.

These cute covers will be a cozy reminder of your feelings.

Cost: $5.00 or less for fabric.


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11. Make a homemade sugar scrub.

Homemade scrubs are super simple to make. Who doesn’t love to be pampered?

It’s one of our Easy DIY Gifts Under $5.

Cost: $5.00 for the sugar, oils, and jar.


12. Create a “date night” jar.

Write a different date idea on individual popsicle sticks and pop them in a decorative jar. He can draw one out whenever you need some time together.

Cost: $3.00 ($2.00 for the jar and $1.00 for the sticks).


13. Have a DIY massage night.

Light some candles, diffuse some essential oils, and you have your very own spa without the hefty price tag.

Cost: Free


14. Make candles with a special message written on them.

These mason jar candles are a sweet and cheap gift that they can use over and over.

Cost: $6.00+ depending on how many jars you use.


15. Make a lottery bouquet.

Attach four or five scratch-off tickets to pipe cleaners and wrap them with ribbon. It won’t cost much, and who knows? You guys might even win big!

Cost: $5.00+ depending on how many lottery tickets you buy.


16. Make your own heart-shaped bath bombs.

The name-brand bath bombs can easily run you $8.00 or more apiece. Make your own for $2.00 or less.

Get the tutorial here.

Cost: $1-2.00 per bath bomb.



17. Make your own gourmet dinner date night.

Put the kids to bed early and have a stay-at-home date. Light candles or even make a picnic on the floor. Think of how much you’ll save just on a babysitter alone!

Cost: $10.00 or less if you use our coupons page to shop.


18. Get festive with some dollar store Valentine’s Day decor.

You can get tons of Valentine’s Day decorations at the Dollar Tree. Surprise your valentine by decking out the house in a way that would make Cupid proud.

Try this tutorial for some sweetheart bunting.

Cost: $2.00 for the Dollar Tree items.


19. You can always make it a boozy Valentine’s Day!

A bottle of vino might seem just as overdone as a box of chocolates, but I promise the wine (or beer!) will be much more appreciated.

Be sure to check out our alcohol coupon page to get the best prices.

Cost: $3.00 or less if you hit up Trader Joe’s for their wine selection.


20. Make an old-school mix tape.

Flash back to high school and make a playlist of songs that make you think of your valentine. Dance to it in the living room to “up” the cheesy factor.

Cost: Sign up for a trial of Spotify Premium to do this for free.


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