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Turn a Funko Pop Advent Calendar Into DIY Countdown Ornaments

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After Halloween, everyone is on the hunt for the best advent calendar deals. Funko Pop advent calendars are trending every year and are always among the Black Friday sales.

How about transforming a Funko Pop advent calendar figure into a DIY ornament to keep the Christmas countdown going every year? The calendar’s basic function is to count down the season, but here’s what you can do with it afterwards! If you’re not an avid collector, turning Funko Pops into ornaments is a smart way to upcycle them.

So what’s a Funko Pop? They’re miniature, plastic replicas of your favorite TV, movie, cartoon, video game, and music artists and characters. They’re easily recognizable with their big heads and giant eyes. They’re highly coveted collectibles among kids and adults — so these Funk Pop ornaments will be fun for all.


Getting Started on Your Funko Pop Ornament

We purchased the 24-figure Harry Potter Funko Pop advent set on Amazon for $44.99 (regularly $59.99). You can turn any mini Funko Pop into an ornament, and there are lots to choose from.

Harry Potter funko pop advent calendar

Here’s what you need to turn the mini Funko Pop advent calendar figures into ornaments that you can use every year:

Each figure is 1.87 inches, which is just the right height to hang from your tree branches without lying too low. Each character in the Harry Potter set is slightly different and has fun details like a broom, floating feather, green Quick-Quotes Quill, and Golden Snitch.

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1. Drill a hole at the top of the Funko Pop.

Funko pop advent calendar diy ornaments

Start by drilling a hole in the top of the Funko Pop figure. Select a drill bit that’s just smaller than your hook eye screw. I used the smallest drill bit in my case, 1/16-inch.

Drill into the top of the figure, making sure the drill bit is upright and in the center of the figure. If the figure is oddly shaped or heavier on one side, you may want to adjust where you drill so it hangs upright and balanced when hung on the tree.

Make sure to reverse the drill so the bit spins out in the opposite direction it went in. This will prevent the hole from drilling larger than is needed for the hook eye screw.


2. Screw in an eye hook.

Funko pop advent calendar diy ornaments

The screw eye hook should twist right in and remain secure. If you find it’s not as secure as you’d like, add a drop of E600 glue onto the screw before twisting it into place. It won’t go anywhere once the glue dries.


3. Add a hook and hang it on your tree.

Funko pop advent calendar diy ornaments

To make this even more fun for your kids, pop the “ornaments” back into the countdown box they came in and let them pull out one per day, counting down to Christmas. At the end of the season, put them back in the box and repeat the countdown next year and every year after.

Tip: Make the figures into ornaments before the start of your 25-day countdown by opening the box from the side instead of each flap. This will preserve the box, making it a fun surprise for your kids as they open each “door” every day until Christmas. Plus, it’ll prevent peeking at the figures through already open flaps.

Cost breakdown:

  • Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar: $59.99 ($2.49 each) — or with sales price, $44.99, making each $1.87.
  • Screw eye hooks: $9.49 for 1,200 pieces (3 different sizes). This breaks down to less than a penny per eye hook. We’ve seen smaller packs at craft stores, but they cost more per hook ($.30 – $1.38 each).
  • Ornament hooks: $0.98 for a 100-count pack, which is a penny each.

Total Cost Per Ornament: $1.89

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Other Funko Pop Advent Calendars to Turn Into Christmas Ornaments:

Now that you learned how to make an Harry Potter Christmas ornament, there are hundreds of other mini Funko Pops to choose from for fans of all ages. Try these other ideas to freshen up your Christmas tree:


Star Wars Holiday 2022 Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Star Wars Funko Pop advent Calendar

The Star Wars Funko Pop Advent Calendar is very popular and keeps coming in and out of stock, so keep an eye out. Amazon has them in stock on sale for $36 (40% savings) — their lowest price in 30 days!


Marvel Holiday 2022 Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Spider-Man and other notable Marvel characters — Captain America, Groot, and Thanos — are dressed in their best holiday gear ready to bring in the Christmas spirit. Find the Marvel Funko Pop Advent Calendar on Amazon for $44.99, 25% off the regular price of $59.99.


Disney Holiday 2022 Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Disney Funko Pop advent Calendar

At only $36 on Amazon and at Sam’s Club, the Disney Funko Pop Advent Calendar is 19% cheaper than the regular price of $44.99. With this sale price, turning them into ornaments will cost about $1.50 each.


The Office Funko Pop Advent Calendar

While not a top requested item, if you’re a fan of The Office, it really doesn’t matter. We found this 24-piece The Office Funko Pop Advent Calendar set on sale at Amazon for only $35, saving you 42% on the regular price of $59.99.


Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Funko pop advent calendar

In this 24-piece Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop Advent Calendar, you’ll get Goku, Vegeta, Master Roshi, and Piccolo. Priced on Amazon at $40, it’s 32% off the regular price of $59.99.


Hallmark Mini Harry Potter Countdown Calendar Ornaments

Harry Potter mini ornaments

If the idea of making your own advent calendar ornament is a bit too daunting, Hallmark’s mini Harry Potter ornaments are pre-hooked. This makes them easy to hang without breaking out the drill. Amazon has them in stock for $29 for a set of 12, making them $2.40 per ornament. There was a deal in October 2022 for 25% off, so text DEALS to 57299 and be the first to know about the hottest sales each day.


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