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Your Ultimate Guide for How to Wash Squishmallows

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Whether we’re taking our fluffy, huggable Squishmallows plush toys on adventures or just hanging out with them at home, they can get a bit grubby over time. But with a little bit of TLC — and an understanding of how to wash Squishmallows the right way — you can keep them looking and feeling just as soft as the day you got them.

Keeping your Squishmallows clean is especially important when you start collecting rare Squishmallows. These hard-to-find characters need to stay in tip-top shape for all your snuggles and adventures. Use this quick and easy guide to give your Squishmallows the ultimate spa day.

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5 Easy Steps for How to Wash Squishmallows

A laundry basket of Squishmallows waiting to be washed

If you read the instructions on the Squishmallows tag, you’ll see it says, “To Clean: Hand-wash then air-dry.” But sometimes, hand-washing just doesn’t cut it. Follow these five easy steps if your Squishy needs some TLC!


1. Give your Squishmallows a quick spot clean if they aren’t too dirty.

Someone dabbing a cloth on a Squishmallow in the laundry room

If your Squishmallows don’t need a full bath, consider just spot-cleaning them. You can take a wet washcloth and gently blot the spot. Make sure you don’t rub too vigorously.


For pesky stains, use a stain remover pen!

Someone using a Tide pen on a Squishmallow next to a laundry basket full of Squishmallows

Don’t panic if you get a stain on your Squishmallow. Stain remover pens can come to the rescue. Try using one like a Tide-to-Go Stain Removing Pen. The best part? These pens don’t have bleach, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the material or the color.


2. If your Squishmallows need a full bath, always remove the tag before you wash them.

Someone taking the tag off of a Squishmallow

Never wash your Squishmallows with the tag on. Trust us, it’ll be a disaster for the tag. But the cool part is, the Squishmallows tags are designed to be easy peasy to remove. You don’t even have to cut anything!

The tag has little “teeth” that can be gently pried back and then, voila! The tag comes right off. You don’t have to pry the teeth back too far, so you can keep the tag intact and even put it back on after washing if needed. Cool, right? Let’s get those Squishmallows cleaned up!


3. Use a mesh bag to protect your Squishmallows when washing.

Someone putting a Squishmallow into a mesh bag above the washing machine

Before you throw your Squishmallows into the washing machine, protect them with a mesh bag.

With a mesh washing bag, you can keep your Squishmallows from snagging, stretching, or losing their shape during the wash cycle. It’s like giving your delicates a protective hug during the wash. Don’t have a mesh bag? You can use a pillowcase, too.



4. For added protection, throw towels into the washer along with your Squishmallows.

A Squishmallow in a mesh bag in a washing machine with towels

Just tossing your Squishmallows into the washer on their own isn’t the way to go. Instead, throw in a few towels to give them a soft cushion during the wash. That way, they won’t get squished or flattened.

When you start the wash cycle, make sure you use the delicate setting if your washer has one. And remember, hot water is a major no-no, as it could melt and ruin the material of your Squishmallows. As for soap, it’s best to use a gentle and mild option. Nothing too harsh for our Squishmallow friends, right?

TIP: No delicate setting? No problem! Just set the washer to cold and low spin, instead.


5. Tumble dry on low heat to dry your Squishmallows.

Someone putting a Squishmallow into the dryer

Now that the wash cycle is done, it’s time to dry those Squishmallows. You have two options: air-drying or tumble drying on low or delicate. If you go for air-drying, just remember to give them a little rotation every few hours so all sides can get dry. Keep in mind, the bigger the Squishmallow, the longer it’ll take to air-dry.

If you opt for the dryer, always choose the low or delicate heat setting so you don’t harm them.

TIP: After washing, your Squishmallow might lose their shape and become deformed. But don’t worry — a little love goes a long way. Give it some gentle squishes and hugs to help bring back the shape. This will break up the stuffing and restore the fluff inside.


Beware: High heat can harm your Squishmallows.

A Squishmallow that has been through the drier with a burn on its tummy

Above all, don’t turn up the heat! When it comes to the dryer, it’s crucial to avoid using high heat. This can cause the material of your Squishmallows to burn, and we definitely don’t want that. Always keep it low and gentle.


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