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Celebrate Every Holiday With These 50 Dollar Store Crafts

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When you want to put your own spin on the holidays and special occasions affordably, your local dollar store can be a real lifeline to cheap and easy crafts. Personally, I get a little misty-eyed when I enter a dollar store because the thrill of getting both a good bargain and what I need excites me.

With a little creativity and some inexpensive supplies, you can whip up a variety of festive crafts for any event. From Valentine’s Day and DIY Christmas crafts to Halloween decorations and Dollar Tree Easter baskets, there’s no limit to what you can make. I’ve got some easy and budget-friendly craft ideas for all kinds of holidays and occasions. Get ready to unleash your inner DIY master (even if, like me, you are no Pinterest dynamo).

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Valentine’s Day Dollar Store Crafts

Taco Valentine’s Box

Diy taco valentines day box made from tissue paper and poster board sitting on a table

This Let’s Taco Bout Love Valentine’s Day Box is not only creative and affordable, but it’s easy to assemble. Some of the items you’ll need include yellow poster board, cardboard, tissue paper, a brown paper bag, and googly eyes.

Find the step-by-step instructions in our 10 DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes article.


Popcorn Valentine’s Box

a diy popcorn valentine box with a person putting in a valentine in the back

While the popcorn is inedible (it’s glued down), this Valentine’s Day craft sure does present well and is a clever vessel to hold stick candy like lollipops.

Go to our 10 DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes article for all of the steps and materials needed.


Monster Valentine’s Box

a diy monster valentine sitting on a counter

There is nothing scary about making this Valentine’s Day craft. It starts with an empty tissue box and transforms into a monster who likes to eat candy. Add colored construction paper and pipe cleaners for the eyes.

Head to the 10 DIY Valentine’s Day Boxes article for step-by-step instructions.


Frappuccino Valentine’s Box

a diy starbucks valentine sitting on a counter

If you’ve got a Starbucks Frappuccino lover in your life, they’ll get a kick out of this dollar store craft for Valentine’s Day. Starting with a small bucket, you’ll also need tissue paper pom-poms, a paper bowl, an empty paper towel holder, the free Be Mine printable, and vinyl paper or colored paper.

Find out how to construct this dollar store craft in this article.


Lollipop Flowers Valentines

diy flower valentines made from tootsie pops

​​Gift friends and family with an edible flower arrangement made out of cupcake wrappers and lollipops. Gather six regular-sized baking cups, a hole puncher, lollipops, foam paper, and hot glue.

View directions and more step-by-step pictures on our Dollar Tree DIY Valentine’s Day post.


Pencil Arrow Valentines

These DIY Cupid’s arrows are perfect for your child’s classmates or as a fun decoration for your kids. It’s easy to assemble using glittery foam hearts, pencils, red tape, and hot glue.

Follow the steps and view other ideas on our Dollar Tree DIY Valentine’s Day article.


Frog Globe

Consider creating this Valentine’s Day-inspired waterless snow globe with your kids. For this craft, buy a shatterproof craft bottle, Valentine’s Day confetti, a frog bath toy, bakeable clay, and a red Sharpie paint pen.

Need photos to follow along? Find step-by-step instructions here.


Yarn Love Monster

To make these adorable Dollar Tree DIY Valentine’s monsters, you’ll need yarn, mini red cups, cardboard, hot glue, and scissors. Use googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and foam hearts to decorate your creation and make it unique. View additional photos and directions here.


Valentine’s Day Dollar Store Wreaths

With just a few supplies you can spread the love and decorate your front door with themed wreath ideas. Find the directions and photos on our 10 Easy DIY Wreath Ideas for Valentine’s Day post, along with more ideas.

Yarn Wreath

a diy yarn pom pom wreath hanging on a door

Ideally, pink, white, and red yarn are the best colors for this wreath, but choose colors that fit your love theme. In addition to yarn, you’ll need ribbon and a wreath hoop.


Cupcake Wrapper Wreath

a diy wreath from cupcake liners hanging on a door

For this intricate and beautiful V-Day wreath, stock up on cupcake liners and a 9-inch foam wreath. This one is a bit more time-consuming, but the result is so festive.


Puzzle Heart Wreath

a heart puzzle wreath being held up

Missing puzzle pieces are a natural occurrence in my house. Use those extras to create a festive wreath with cardboard and glue. If you’re seeking a bigger set, save by buying a puzzle set from Dollar Tree for just $1.25.


Beaded Faux Flower Wreath

a fake flower and bead wreath hanging on a door

For about $3, combine a beaded wreath and faux rose bud flowers for another front door decoration for Valentine’s Day, or any time of year.


Spring Dollar Store Crafts

With warmer weather coming and home and garden season here, these dollar store crafts highlight some of the best spring holidays like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day.


Spring Hat Wreath

spring hat wreath hanging on door

Say hello to spring (and garden season) with this simple hat constructed out of a summer woven hat, ribbon, and silk flowers. Find more photos and directions on our dollar store DIY spring wreaths story.


Shamrock Garland

Someone putting together a DIY clover garland

Hang this St. Patrick’s Day garland for your next party, or just as a simple decoration for the March holiday. Crafting is easy using craft twine, mini clothespins, and shamrock cutouts.


Easter Baskets

Creating a DIY Easter basket, as opposed to buying a pre-filled ($20+), can save you money, especially when you shop at the dollar store. Hop over to these posts for more step-by-step photos and directions:


DIY Themed Easter Baskets

easter baskets on a counter

Treat the kiddos in your life to a custom Easter basket filled with their favorites. Head to Dollar Tree, grab a basket and filler, and start shopping. There’s toys, crafts, and, of course, candy. That means plenty to choose from no matter what your kid loves.


Riced Dyed Faux Eggs

Dyed plastic eggs next to easter decor and bags of colored rice on a table

With egg prices still quite high, an egg alternative like craft eggs can hit the spot for Easter dyeing. Get the speckled look with rice, along with food coloring and vinegar. Find the steps here in a post where we highlight the easy activity.


Candy Easter Basket

A trip to the dollar store makes this DIY edible Easter basket sooo easy. Gather theater boxes of candy, a candy rope, cardboard, and fake grass for a memorable basket. Bonus: there’s hardly any waste.


Egg Cacti

In seriously easy DIY Easter crafts news, apply brightly colored acrylic paint on paper mache eggs. Then, display them on mini clay pots filled with floral foam. Easy peasy.


Summer Dollar Store Crafts

Sun’s out, glue guns out (sorry, couldn’t help myself). You can find summer savings with these DIY crafts:


Clothespin 4th of July Wreath

Make a 4th of July wreath from clothepins.

For this size wreath frame, you’ll need to paint 14 blue clothespins, 24 red clothespins, and 24 white clothespins. Attach them decoratively on a 12-inch box wreath frame. Hang on your front door and welcome in the sunshine.


American Flag Candles

As a DIY 4th of July dollar store craft, use Mod Podge (found online or at the dollar store) to glue small American flags to Mason jars. Brighten them with battery-operated candles and you’re set.


Patriotic Ribbon Windsock

A person standing in a backyard, holding up a DIY windsock made of ribbon and an embroidery hoop.

Create a patriotic windsock that can be used every year. Gather a six-inch embroidery hoop, patriotic ribbon, hot glue and a glue gun, scissors, rope or cord, and a swivel lobster clasp. Head to our 4th of July decor post for detailed instructions.


Pool Noodle Lawn Games

A person's hands placing a pool noodle onto a dowel sticking out of the ground, and a child kicking a ball through DIY pool noodle obstacles on a lawn.

What’s better than running around an obstacle course in the summertime? Use pool noodles and wooden dowels to create a backyard obstacle course for kids.


Pool Noodle Sprinklers

A child playing around a DIY pool noodle sprinkler that is attached to a hose on a lawn.

A DIY backyard water game is easy using pool noodles and a hose attachment. Use waterproof tape to avoid leaks.


Fall Dollar Store Crafts

Fall is the official kickoff to pumpkin spice products, whether you like it or not. I’ve got craft ideas from a magical fairy garden for your front porch to the creepiest Halloween decor.


Fall Fairy Garden

A woman putting faux moss stones into a Halloween fairy garden.

Create this fairy garden with all of your favorite fall items, whether it’s a witch hat or real flowers. Grab all of the contents at a dollar store. Check out how to get it done in this post.


Halloween Costume Dollar Store Crafts

Bookmark this DIY Dollar Tree Halloween costumes page for step-by-step details and more photos for the costumes mentioned below.


Hot Mess Mama Halloween Costume

kid in hot mess mama costume in front of door

Inspired by a worn-out mom (or frankly, any parent), create this DIY Halloween costume with a combination of items from home. Or, stock up on inexpensive supplies from the dollar store.


Salt, Pepper, and Chef Halloween Costume

kids in costumes in front of door

With a few basic dollar store items like black paint, white paint, and two mini colanders, you’ve got a quick Halloween costume for the kids. Bigger fam? You can always get further into the spice rack, turmeric is a golden yellow and red for a spicy cayenne.


Ghost Halloween Costume

kid in ghost costume in front of door

Use an old white t-shirt, black felt, scissors, and black gloves for this ridiculously easy DIY Halloween costume.


Bee Halloween Costume

A little girl dressed as a bee standing on a front porch decorated for Halloween.

Can this Halloween costume “bee” easier? Start with a yellow t-shirt, then apply black duct tape horizontally, and add a headband with “insect antennae.” Don’t forget the costume wings!


Halloween Decor Dollar Store Crafts

Now that the costumes are out of the way, let’s move on to creepy Halloween decoration ideas and DIY Halloween crafts.


Mummy Candles

Candle holders lit and unlit with gauze wrapped around around them, googly eyes glued on to make them look like mummys

With just four items, you can give your space a festive boost on the cheap. Get it done with candleholders, googly eyes, gauze, and battery-powered tea lights.


Skull Candle Holder

Three skulls stacked on one another making a candle holder.

This DIY skull candle holder is easier than you think. Using plastic dollar store plastic skulls, E6000 glue, plant saucers, and black spray paint, you’ve got a durable centerpiece for years to come. View the steps here.


Spooky Jars

Large mason jars filled with water, food coloring, and dish soap, containing dollar tree plastic eyeballs, spider, and snake.

Glass canning jars are the perfect vessel for a creepy plastic eyeball or plastic spider specimen jar. Colored dish soap helps keep everything elevated and adds to the “eek” factor.


Ghost Candles

Ghost faces drawn onto the outside glass of a white pillar candle.

If you’re tight on time and need a quick Halloween decor item, use a black permanent marker to draw a face on a white pillar candle.


Faux Flowers Skull

A black skull vase with black and red flowers inside sitting alongside other Halloween decor.

Another use for Dollar Tree plastic skulls is as a vase. Hollow out the top, spray paint it black, insert a glass, and add a faux bouquet of flowers.


Skull Candle Holder

a skull candle holder with a candle and halloween decor on a table

As an alternative to a vase, use the top of a plastic skull as the base for a candle. Paint the skull or leave it au naturel, whichever fits your decor.


Skeleton Candy Bowl

a skeleton candy basket with candy inside sitting on an end table

Spruce up your Halloween candy display by gluing a plastic web-shaped bowl to a hanging skeleton. Add some black creepy cloth to finish the look.


Winter Dollar Store Crafts

Now is the time to get into the Christmas spirit with lots of holiday food and DIY decor that doesn’t bust your holiday spending budget.


Holiday Charcuterie Boards

three holiday grazing boxes

Take the stress off of elaborate spreads for your next party by including some of the cheapest charcuterie board ingredients that you can find at the dollar store. Discover more charcuterie board ideas that help you stay on budget year round.


Christmas Decor

Dollar stores typically have Christmas accessories about two months before the actual holiday. Explore these articles for more information about the following array of dollar store crafts:


Santa Lights

This DIY craft takes a little time, but it’s worth it once you hang it. Get the supply list and directions from our Christmas DIY projects article.


Floral Pot Ornaments

Felt flowers in a flower pot ornament

Upgrade your Christmas tree ornaments with a dangling mini flower pot. Fill a miniature flower pot with floral foam, then add different shapes of felt resembling flowers. Explore more DIY Christmas ornaments here.


Frosted Mason Jar Candle Holder

In just a few steps, you can transform Mason jars into a shimmery addition to your holiday events. Add a battery-operated candle or faux greenery. Find out how to make it happen in this post.


Christmas Gnome Wreath

a gnome wreath hanging on a door

For about $8, you can create this mini tree gnome wreath using a Santa hat and two mini Christmas trees. Get the details in our Christmas DIY projects post.


Poinsettia Three Candle Holders

a centerpiece on a table being lite by a lighter

If you want a holiday centerpiece that sits a bit lower and still has a dramatic effect on smaller tables, this craft project is it. Start with a framed rectangle sign as the base, then add votive candles, a dry foam block, and faux greens.


Snowman Candle Holder

a diy snowman candle holder on a table in front of a chrsitmas tree

This snowman candle holder is constructed with two bubble glass vases painted with Mod Podge and glitter. Add flameless candles to get that beautiful glow. Read the steps here.


Santa Cam Ornament

diy santa cam ornament with supplies to make on table

Let the kids know that Santa is always watching with a Santa Cam DIY Christmas ornament. Visit our DIY Christmas ornament page to get the scoop on how to create this genius accessory.


Paper Bag Snowflakes

a bunch of paper bag snowflakes hanging in a window

Using eight paper lunch bags, hot glue, and twine, you’ve got a unique decoration that can last all winter. Stack and cut the paper bags in different patterns, fan them out, and glue them in place. Use the twine to hang them in groups.


Mickey Mouse Ornament

Mickey Mouse ornament being held

For less than $1 each, you can bring a bit of Disney magic to your living room. Hot glue two mini and one medium ball ornaments together in the classic Mickey Mouse shape. Add a bow and a metal top. Voila! It’s ready to hang on your tree.


Dollar Store Craft Gifts

It doesn’t have to be a calendar holiday to give gifts. By using the dollar store as your go-to shopping destination, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on a simple, everyday thank you offering.


Teacher Supply Cake

a diy supply cake teacher gift

Give this teacher supply cake any time of year — they’ll certainly appreciate it. Head to our DIY teacher gifts post for more inspiration.


Apple Candy Jar Teacher Gifts

Person grabbing a small candy out of one if two small terra cotta pots painted red with a leaf and pencil end glued to the lids to resemble an apple.

Giving apples to teachers is a bit dated, so here’s a modern twist that includes a sweet surprise. Begin by painting a 4″ terra-cotta pot and saucer with red paint. Add green felt to represent the stem. Fill the pot with wrapped candy.


Kids Dollar Store Crafts

If you’ve ever tried to capture the attention of a toddler, you know that you’re in for a challenge. DIY sensory bins are doable by combining items from the dollar store. Check out these two ideas:


Ocean Sensory Bin

a beach themed diy sensory bin sitting on a counter

This sensory bin is a must-have at the beach (heck, on the way to the beach). The best part is that you can grab everything from the dollar store, sans the sand.


Garden Sensory Bins

diy garden sensory bin sitting on a counter

Keep kids busy as you prep your raised garden bed for the season. Add faux flowers, some dirt, rocks, garden tools, and anything else that would help them feel included (and keep them busy).


Home Organization

For me, I like to get crafty with my dollar store organization. No, it isn’t decked out in celebratory colors, but these are the crafts that you’ll actually use every day. We’ve got a simple craft for your spices, but check out these other organization ideas:


Spice Rack

diy spice rack on counter

Keep your spices in plain view and organized using two metal paper towel holders, three horizontal pencil holders, and one package of zip ties.



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